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The Transition of the Ages

Jan 14, 2017

Remember when newly-elected president Barack Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaign promise to get the US out of Iraq? It was the first time the Peace Prize had been given to someone who had not yet done anything.

Well, we did leave Iraq, though such a pull back was inevitable and overdue anyway, regardless of who had won the war. Even the warmonger and long-time Mafia agent, John McCain, could not have kept us in Iraq for much longer.

More recently, it has become Babylonian policy to create World War III by attacking Russia, and our hidden masters are using the US military and government to do its bidding. The latest move is to bring US troops and military hardware into Poland to try to provoke Russia into attacking first, so we can say that they started the war. Putin, however, is smarter than that.


The motive of our Babylonian rulers is to try to stay in power, because they are fast losing power as the kings of the east close in on them. War is the ultimate power broker, and our Nobel Laureate president is complicit in this plan as well.

The plan was to make Hillary president and let her do it, so in the past couple of years Obama has issued Executive Orders laying the foundations for this war, and the two main warmongers in government, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, have worked hard to make it happen. But then the unthinkable happened. Hillary lost the election, and suddenly the Babylonians realized that all the power that they thought was going to be wielded by Hillary was going to be given to Trump instead.

Panic has ensued, and the entire Babylonian establishment has attempted to find a way to prevent Trump from taking office. First they tried recounts, which failed. Then they tried to pressure the members of the Electoral College from voting for Trump. Trump lost 2 votes, Hillary lost 5. Their final tactic has been to charge Russia with tampering with US elections, which is quite laughable, since the US government has tampered with nearly every other country’s election since World War II.

The “tampering” charge is based on Russia’s supposed leaks about Hillary Clinton and her illegal activities. They don’t even bother trying to refute or deny the clear evidence of Hillary’s illegal activities. How can they? The emails speak for themselves. If Russia actually did help Americans get the truth behind the scenes, they ought to be thanked. The Babylonians are the ones who ought to be brought to justice, because they are the ones trying to hide the crimes of their agents.

If the shoe had been on the other foot, and if Trump had done the things that Hillary had done, it is hard to imagine the decibel level of protest that would be sounding right now. Trump would have been impeached even before stepping foot in office.

I watch the BBC News (Babylonian Broadcasting Company) more than the others, because in recent years the US news media has watered down the news and has reported more entertainment than news. But the BBC has been quite appalling in their bias. They never fail to report something negative about Trump and then they interview the usual Babylonian talking heads, so-called experts, to bolster their views.

The BBC has outdone NBC, ABC, and CBS in its bias. I see this as evidence that our country is really ruled by Babylonians from Britain, namely, the Rothschild clan and its agents. In fact, if you study the early treaties, you discover that from the beginning, the new US government continued to recognize King George III of Britain as its king. We got a level of autonomy, but not true independence. The same model of background control was later seen in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other former British colonies.

President Obama met with Donald Trump shortly after the election to negotiate a “smooth transition,” but then Obama immediately began to take steps to make that transition as difficult as possible. The latest move is so blatant that it almost defies imagination. Every inauguration requires a lot of security, and this time it is being coordinated by Major General Errol R. Schwartz, the black general who is the Chief of the National Guard. This week President Obama decided to fire him, effective at 12:01 pm in the middle of the inauguration on January 20.


The memo firing Maj. Gen. Schwartz was obtained by the Washington Post. Schwartz said his orders came from the Pentagon but that he doesn’t know who made the decision, nor is he told why he was asked to step down.

Schwartz said he would “never plan to leave a mission in the middle of battle” and that “My troops will be on the street. I’ll see them off but I won’t be able to welcome them back to the armory.” But since “I’m a soldier” and follows orders, he has no regrets — “I’m a presidential appointee, therefore the president has the power to remove me.”

This is probably the most juvenile action that Obama has taken so far. It resembles a child’s temper tantrum. It makes no sense from a professional standpoint to replace the head of security in the middle of his mission. But this shows just how acrimonious this transition is becoming, and it is likely that President Donald Trump will not forget it. Obama’s legacy will be in danger. Old issues will be raised, such as his fake birth certificate and certain other immoral activities that many know but which have never been reported in the mainstream media up to now.

I have to be careful about what I say as well, because God’s law commands us not to malign our leaders, no matter how bad they might be. But I believe that in the next year much is going to be shouted from the housetops, and we are going to see the cold war between Trump and Hillary turn into a very hot war. As Babylon falls, it will be hard to avoid some chaos.

Yet out of this, I believe, is going to come the final great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Hopefully, it will affect many Babylonian agents as well, for as they repent, they will uncover many more crimes that have been covered up to now. Men will either repent or they will be brought to justice. The age is closing. A new world is ahead. The great shaking accompanies the great awakening.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones