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The Nehemiah Project in 2017

Jan 02, 2017

A few months ago I began to attend Wednesday night prayer meetings with a local group led by a man named Sean. The group understands about prophetic things and knows also how to utilize the divine court. There are about a dozen people in this group, many of whom have local ministries of their own, including a man named John.

John lives in nearby Anoka, Minnesota, known as the Halloween Capital of the World. As you might guess, Anoka is full of witchcraft. Some time ago God moved John to Anoka to claim Anoka for the Kingdom. After I met John at Sean’s meeting, he began attending our local monthly meetings, so I have gotten to know him in the past few months.

John gathers a group together at the Pizza Man (restaurant) in Anoka on Thursday noon for a few hours, and I began to meet with them last month as well. This has given me opportunity to meet some new people, to share the Scriptures, and to begin building relationships. I’m not used to being accepted in other local groups, since my teaching can be quite different, but both Sean and John know what I teach and still welcome me back!

As for me, I really appreciate being able to work with others, especially local leaders. It is often easier to be friendly from afar than from up close.

Anyway, between these two meetings (Wednesday evening and Thursday midday), this has provided me with an opportunity to support their prayer projects as well as to make new friends outside of our normal circle. Recently, John began a new project called the Nehemiah Project, which is designed to repair/build/take control of the gates. The idea is to do one gate per month, and the first was the Sheep Gate in Anoka last Tuesday evening.

This will be a long-term project for the year 2017, so I thought I should keep you informed on the progress of the Nehemiah Project.

The 1981 Sheep Gate

If you read the first chapter of my book, The Wars of the Lord, you will notice that my life changed completely when the Net of Prayer engaged in spiritual warfare over the Sheep Gate at San Francisco. The church had abandoned the gate there, and the spiritual enemies of America had just walked in unopposed in a broken cross formation heading toward Corpus Christi (“Body of Christ”). The Net of Prayer was called to seal off that gate and to break up the broken cross so that it could not destroy the Body of Christ.

I joined the NOP on the first day of that prayer campaign, though I did not know it at the time. My participation caused my whole life to change, and this was the start of my “wilderness” journey for the next year. It also began my 12-year training period, ending November 12, 1993.

I had joined the Nehemiah prayer group, one of the battalions in the Net of Prayer, and this group was assigned to seal up the Sheep Gate. This was done during that original prayer campaign by the end of January 1982, but I was called again to that Sheep Gate in July of 2000 to inspect the gate with 8 fellow believers. (We walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and back.) We then saw that the work was finished and declared the project to be finished on July 16, 2000.

With this new Sheep Gate being uncovered in Anoka, which is next door to where we have lived since moving to Minneapolis in 1996, it is now apparent that the opposition has established a new (alternate) Sheep Gate here. In some ways, this is comparable to San Francisco in 1981, and it is no coincidence that this is another “Nehemiah” project.

The Wall Project (2001-2016)

After the Sheep Gate was inspected on July 16, 2000 and found to be sealed up, it was not long before the next long-term project began on September 11, 2001.

The demolition of the Twin Towers on 911 represented the start of divine judgment upon America, or really, upon the Babylonian rulers over America. It was certainly an inside job, accomplished by certain neocons in government, such as Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, working with certain people in various intelligence communities. Even so, much like the battle of Gideon, God caused them to do this on 911, which is the numeric value of Grace (charis in Greek). Their demolition sparked a massive call in America, where millions of people prayed, “God bless America.”

Most of them did not know the significance of that prayer, but nonetheless, it was a prayer that God understood very well. His definition of “bless” was to “turn every one of you from your wicked ways” (Acts 3:26). The events of 911, though horrific, turned out to be the prayer that was needed to begin divine intervention and to overthrow the Babylonian leaders and their system. Hence, the demolition of the two towers was the start of “grace, grace.”

What we did not know in 2001 was that God was going to set up another prayer campaign ten years later on September 11, 2011, known as Operation Jericho, to destroy the denominational walls separating Christians in the church. This was a prayer campaign from September 11-17, ending at the steps of the Minnesota state capital on September 17, where victory was proclaimed. (I took part in this Operation.)

This ten-year cycle was based on the Hezekiah Factor, where King Hezekiah was given an extension of 15 years to live, and the sign given to him was that the clock was turned back 10 degrees (or 10 steps on the sun dial), representing 10 years prophetically speaking. The way we understand it is that Operation Jericho destroyed the walls of Jericho, a prophetic type of Mystery Babylon, in 2011. It was applicable 10 years earlier by turning the clock back 10 years to September 11, 2001.

So 2001 is the point where the Babylonians were given a 15-year extension of life, to give them time to repent and to come into compliance with the ruling in the divine court. This ruling was for Babylon to release their captives at the end of their 2,520-year contract to rule the earth (a period of “seven times”). This contract was ending from 2014-2017, so God was giving them 15 years in which to repent and to bring those under their authority into compliance with the rule of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

You see, when God gives authority, He also establishes an equal level of responsibility and accountability. Babylon (the “beast” systems in Daniel 7) was given 2,520 years to rule the earth, taking the Dominion Mandate from Judah and giving it to Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, because Judah had refused to repent in the days of Jeremiah. Judah did not fulfill the terms of the Dominion Mandate, for this was to be used to establish the Fruitfulness Mandate, bringing forth the Sons of God and righteous government into the earth.

But Babylon certainly has not fulfilled these terms either. They have had 2,520 years in which to fulfill their responsibility, but as of 2001 they had failed. So God gave them a final warning in 2001, with a 15-year extension of life to see if they would comply. Of course, none of us expected them to comply, because Babylon is not “chosen” to do this job. Babylon is a fleshly organization of carnally-minded rulers having a “beast” mentality of “might makes right.”

The point is that by the end of 2016 their time to repent expired, and so now we are entering into the year 2017, which appears to be the final year in which Babylon is replaced by the Sons of God. Spiritual authority was already decreed in October 2014, and history has been moving in that direction since then. We knew that this would be a 3 or 4-year transition that would not be completed until at least the end of 2017. We are now heading down the home stretch.

The “Gates” Project

After Operation Jericho in 2011 to demolish the Babylonian gates, in 2012 we began to receive revelation about a more positive work of rebuilding the gates of the New Jerusalem. To this end, a few of us went back to the state capital in St. Paul in July of 2012, and then two months later (September 11, 2012) we went to Bemidji, MN to do more prayer work. In 2013 a prophetic voice from outside our group issued a “Call to the Wall.” We have been seeing various signs of wall-building and gate-building in the past 5 years, mostly foundational in nature, but it now appears that the Nehemiah Project in 2017 is the final push to complete this work.

I find it interesting and significant that the Nehemiah Project will conclude at the end of 2017 just as Babylon reaches the final end of its 2,520-year mandate. The coincidence of timing suggests that this is really the end of the transition. Of course, there will be more work to be done in 2018 and beyond. The work will be ongoing to the end of time. The completion of each project only brings us to the next one. So don’t plan on prophetic retirement yet.

The election of Donald Trump, whatever we may think of him, is truly disrupting and demolishing the corrupt Babylonian system, perhaps in ways that will surprise us. I anticipate also an outpouring of the Holy Spirit through the Sons of God to begin the enormous work of bringing righteousness into the earth. As the Dominion Mandate is given to the overcomers, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit will allow them to fulfill the Fruitfulness Mandate, something which Judah failed to do long ago, and which the four beasts failed to do as well.

In the end, only those truly “chosen” by God, that is, the “elect,” or the “remnant of grace,” will be able to fulfill the divine mandates. So let us continue to seek God’s face and get to know His character and His plan for the earth, so that our minds may be renewed in conformity to His image. As I see it, the news is all good from our perspective. Only the Babylonians have reason to fear, because Kingdom Good News (“gospel”) will seem like bad news to Babylonians. But in the end, even the Babylonians will find themselves “blessed,” because God will cause even them to turn from their wicked ways. At the present time, they do not want to repent, but the love of God never fails in the end. Rejoice, for your redemption draweth nigh.

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