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Year End Report

Dec 31, 2016

The year 2016 has been very eventful, as we expected, and it is now coming to a close. Much has been accomplished in the progression of the Kingdom, so I want to give you a progress report.

The past prophetic year began November 13, 2015 with the Paris attacks, foreshadowing a year of death and destruction. It ended with the election of Donald Trump, the “Demolition Man” that God has raised up to overthrow the Babylonian system. As I have said for the past few years, the transfer of authority to the saints of the Most High is occurring progressively from October 2014 to December 2017.

The 99-year plan of the New World Order, which was begun in June 1919 with the Treaty of Versailles, will end in June of 2018. So that is another end-point as well, or perhaps a deadline for the next New World Order. It appears to me that the next NWO will transition us from Babylon to the Kings of the East, with “Cyrus the Messiah” at the helm (Isaiah 45:1), seen in various manifestations.

Few things happen instantaneously, but from a historical standpoint, the world is rapidly changing. The Babylonians are crying foul, terrified as they see their world crumbling around them, desperately trying to find a way to prevent Trump from taking office. Obama is seeking new ways to start a war with Russia, but Putin is not taking the bait. When Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats, Putin responded by inviting US diplomats and their families to a Christmas party! Such responses are unheard of in the history of world diplomacy. Trump tweeted that Putin is a smart man. Obama claimed that his tweet was nearly treasonous!

The head of the CIA claims that Russia was trying to influence the US elections. The CIA has directly influenced at least 81 elections worldwide since World War 2. The CIA’s job description is to “protect American interests abroad,” which includes influencing elections, and, if that fails, they organize coups against existing regimes by supporting local revolutions, such as we see in Syria and in the Ukraine.

If such influence was cause for war or expulsion of diplomats, and if there had been equal accountability, most US diplomats would now be unemployed. But of course, the USA is “exceptional,” which means we hold ourselves to a different standard. Why? Because we can. Might makes right is the principle. We are not a nation of laws. We are a nation of power politics. That is the heart of Babylon.

The US government is angry with Russia for countering these US-led revolutions. They blame Russia for all the casualties of war, when, in fact, the US government itself is largely responsible for those casualties. Most of the trouble in the Mideast has been the result of US foreign policy, but the US blames those nations when they fight back and people get killed.

It is the height of Babylonian hypocrisy, a propaganda war, fed by the mainstream media. The media has lost so much credibility in recent years that the US government now finds it necessary to outlaw those not under Babylonian control—so called “fake news sites.” There is indeed a lot of fake news, and most of it is coming from the mainstream media. But also, realize that the CIA plants many fake news stories in alternate sites that they have created, in order to create confusion whenever their deeds are exposed. So there are indeed fake news articles in the alternate media online. Most of those fake articles are planted by the CIA itself, so that the government can claim with some credibility that such fake news must be stopped.

So we are now embroiled in the final battle that runs parallel to the original war between Babylon and Medo-Persia (the original “Kings of the East”). Don’t expect today’s “Cyrus” to know God as we do, any more than the original Cyrus did (Isaiah 45:4). Nonetheless, with all the fleshly conflict and carnal methods being used on both sides, understand that God is behind this conflict, and that God is backing the Kings of the East, even as He did in the days of Daniel.

In the original pattern of the four beast nations prophesied in Daniel 2 and 7, the second beast was the bear of Medo-Persia. Isaiah 45:1 prophesied that Persia would be led by Cyrus, “My Messiah,” in that he would do everything God told him to do. However, in the big picture, Medo-Persia was just the second beast nation, so that was the dominant prophecy that had to be fulfilled. The fact that he issued a decree to rebuild Jerusalem was subordinate to that dominate pattern.

Today, however, this is reversed. The four beasts (Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome) have already run their courses. Their time has ended. We are now re-running the pattern, because in 1913-1914 Babylon was repeated as Mystery Babylon, centered in the Federal Reserve Bank, which has put the world into an extension of bondage. But Mystery Babylon’s time is now ending, and God has raised up the Kings of the East to overthrow Mystery Babylon. This time, “Cyrus and Darius” are being raised up in a post-beast era, so the outcome will be reversed from what was seen in round one. This time, the Messiah pattern is the dominant pattern that will prevail in the end, because the 2,520-year (“seven times”) judgment is ending from 2014-2017.

So we should be encouraged, because no matter how carnal the players are in this present conflict, we know that God uses faith-filled believers and carnal non-believers alike in His plan. That, in fact, is the main point of Isaiah 45, which sets forth the sovereignty of God. We do not need to fight this battle, nor do we need to be stressed over it. Our warfare is spiritual in nature, which, in fact, has established the victors and losers in this earthly conflict.

Our Kingdom Work

On a more local level, this past year we have made a lot of progress as well. The 8-book commentary on the Book of Revelation was completed, and book 8 went to the printers yesterday. We should get those books next Wednesday, shortly after the New Year. The back orders will be sent out at that time.

Because of some generous year-end donations, we are now also able to put the rest of the spiral-bound books into a form suitable to send into the prisons. Last summer we put about two-thirds of them into print, bound by one-inch plastic posts, and many inmates have now been able to start studying the commentaries. We have now told the print shop to do the same with the Deuteronomy series (10 books), the Daniel series (3 books), and the Revelation series (8 books), along with Creation’s Jubilee. These are the last 22 books now being made available to inmates.

Of course, most of you know that I send inmates free books, because I cannot expect them to have the money to pay for them. They work for a pittance, and most of their money is used to buy necessities such as toothpaste, because the prison system sells these basic necessities to the inmates at an exorbitant price. Hence, the inmates really have no money at all, because the prison system uses them as slave labor to make money for their owners, the judges, who as stock-holders, own the private prisons. It is a wretched system, full of conflict of interest.

The bottom line is that if we are to be of help to these inmates, we have to shoulder the cost ourselves and invest in them. They have more time to read than most people do on the outside, and they pass the books around to their friends in prison. Every book we send carries double value, so it is a worthy investment in the Kingdom that pays dividends in men’s lives.

So thank-you for making this possible. Jesus thanks you as well!

The big project is yet ahead, printing books in other countries so that we can distribute them free of charge to millions who cannot afford to buy books. Right now we send a few to various countries. One church pastor in Africa recently requested 164 copies of everything to give to his congregation. Well, between printing costs and postage, that request was impossible. But there is a growing demand for solid Bible teaching, and I pray that someday we will be able to saturate every nation with a real understanding of the Scriptures.

At the present time, we have posted all the books online for people to read. That works for most of us in the Western countries, but not so well in third-world countries. Many there cannot afford a computer, or if they do have one, they cannot afford the high cost of being online. They have internet cafés, where they pay by the hour to go online, so if they were to read my books online, it would cost them a lot of money. They could print out the books, but again that costs money. The only way we are really going to make a difference is by printing books in each country and using the local people to distribute them. That will be a very big project in the future, but that is my vision of what I believe will soon be possible.

 Meanwhile, I continue to write. I have now completed the ninth chapter of Hosea. Only five chapters to go before I can get it ready for printing. Haggai is now done, except for a final proofing that will be finished in the next week or two. It is a 49-page book, so it will be stapled, not spiral-bound.

I am also about half way through my second novel, Through Timeless Mountains. It is a sequel to the first one, Light from the Crack, which is now in print. In my second novel, my wife and I get to go through a cave and end up in ancient Israel. The time is just before the Philistine captivity, and we attend the Council of Tribal Chiefs as they decide what to do about the growing Philistine threat. Samson is about to be born and will begin to judge Israel during the final 20 years of this 40-year captivity. Ibzan of Bethlehem is the current Judge, and Boaz, who is yet unmarried, has been his best friend since childhood. Eli has just become high priest and will serve 40 years before dying toward the end of the captivity. Eli has two young delinquent sons, and there is a problem in the priesthood itself that began with Eli’s father, Ozi. (I found Eli’s genealogy listed in Josephus, going all the way back to Aaron.)

This book will help people get to know these characters, and it is especially interesting that they were all contemporaries. This is really a historical novel, designed to teach principles of truth by telling a story. Perhaps the main teaching theme is How does a nation maintain freedom? Or, to put it another way, how does a nation avoid captivity?

Personal Note

Last week my sister sent me copies of the letters that my parents wrote to their parents during the 1950’s and early 1960’s while they were on the mission field in the Philippines. I remember most of the events that they wrote about, but now I have the precise dates of those events, and I can now see those events through their eyes. These letters are much like a journal of my early life. My older brother found these letters recently and retyped them into a usable form for us.

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