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Peace on Earth

Dec 24, 2016

We are soon coming into a time of peace on earth. We have been seeing birth pangs in recent years, but that age is being birthed even now, as the overcomers are “crowned” and empowered in a new way.

Peace on earth was the essential message of the angels who announced Jesus’ birth on the night of September 28/29, 2 B.C. Their word was true, but the time was delayed. The magi arrived three months later on the night of December 24/25, 2 B.C., giving gifts to child and funding their flight to Egypt. This was also the one-year anniversary of Gabriel’s announcement to Mary (in 3 B.C.) that she was being impregnated by the Holy Spirit. You might say that this was when Christ became mass and began to grow as an embryo.

Living at the end of this age, we are blessed to understand more than our forefathers knew and to witness the transition into the time of the Stone Kingdom as it arises to fill the whole earth in this era of peace. My message today is the same as last year’s message, so you may want to be reminded of it here:


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones