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News events preceding the Kingdom of God

Dec 13, 2016

The downfall of South Korean president, Ms. Park Geun-hye, is the latest government leader to be overthrown in the popular uprising against the past “New World Order,” which we know prophetically as Mystery Babylon.

In the past few months we have seen the election of Duterte in the Philippines, the Brexit vote in Britain, and the election of Donald Trump in the USA. In the past week we saw the resignations of prime ministers John Key in New Zealand and Renzi in Italy. Now we see the impeachment of the South Korean president, which is perhaps of greater interest to us, since the cause of this is her involvement in satanic rituals that are eerily similar to our own “Pizzagate.”


According to LivingResistance, South Korean people are up in arms, after finding out the President is part of a satanic cult and is divulging top secret information to her lover, in exchange for favors and money.

According to sources, the female President of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, was having a relationship with another female named Choi Soon-sil.  Choi Soon-sil is apparently from a billionaire satanic cultist family and has ties to the Clintons, as most other billionaire cultists do.  As their relationship grew, Choi Soon-sil was given top clearance state secrets and million-dollar deals were made with her, at the expense of the South Korean people…

The people of South Korea became enraged when they found out all of this information.  They began rioting, protesting, they filed for an impeachment and have demanded Park step down, to which she has agreed…

Following six weeks of street protests, South Korean President Park Geun-hye was impeached Friday, by the nation’s National Assembly…The final vote was 234 to 56 in favor of impeachment, according to Time.

To me, this is significant in light of our own discernment in regard to the Free the Children prayer campaign on November 6, 2016. That in itself was a supplement to what we did from November 1-8, 2001 in the divine court case called Ye Shall Surely Perish, which was applicable 15 years later in 2016.

In praying to free the children of satanic ritual abuse, we supported efforts to end the Satanic child sex slavery rings in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and other cities around the world. Alarmed politicians, many of whom have participated in these things for decades, are now trying to shut down so-called “fake news sites,” in a vain attempt to cover up these crimes once again.

This time, however, their cover-ups will not work. We have come too far in the overthrow of Mystery Babylon to be defeated again. They will try, but this time they will fail. There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and this is just beginning.

Aleppo Recaptured by Syrian Government Troops

ISIS is now defeated decisively. Syrian troops have been laying siege to Aleppo for months, and the battle finally ended yesterday, December 12, 2016. The BBC propaganda site mourned its loss and interviewed Babylonian leaders, who threatened to hold Russia accountable.

However, the fact is that the US covert government itself instigated all the death and destruction by its policy to “overthrow seven Mideast governments in five years,” as General Wesley Clark has told us as early as 2005. All of that mayhem in the Middle East, then, traces its origin back to Washington D.C. Someday real people will be held accountable for war crimes, as they should.

When the US policy finally turned its attention to Syria and fomented the civil war there, the US-backed rebels, allied with ISIS, took control of Aleppo. They fully expected to overthrow president Assad until Russia stepped in and began bombing ISIS on September 30, 2015. That was the beginning of the end, and the US government and mainstream media has been screaming ever since. They imply that virtually all casualties are the fault of the Syrian government and Russia, when in fact the Syrian government has every right to take back its territory from armed rebels—even when those rebels are hired by the US government.

If there are casualties, it is not because of Russia’s bombs. It is because the rebels were trying to overthrow the government and refused to leave strongholds like the city of Aleppo.

There is a strange contradiction in this propaganda war between Syria and Yemen. In Yemen, Iranian backed rebels took over the government, and so Saudi Arabia (with the help of the US) is bombing Yemen into the stone age. Casualties mount as hospitals, schools, and even funeral processions are bombed by planes being refueled by American tankers.

So the Saudi-US coalition is fighting to regain control of Yemen, and who is to blame for the casualties? The rebels, of course, who took over the government.

But in Syria the Saudi-US coalition is backing the rebels, and the Syrian government is trying to regain control of the country. Who is to blame there? The government, of course! If that is not a double standard, I don’t know what is.

There is no way to fight a war without killing innocent people, especially when the two sides fight for control of a city. The only way to prevent casualties is to tell both sides to “take it outside.” But it is foolish to think that the US-backed rebels in Aleppo would move their troops to the countryside. So the government of Syria has no choice but to fight for every square foot within the city itself. Will there be casualties? Without a doubt. Who is at fault? Well, if we go by the standard of Yemen, as the mainstream media presents it, then it is the Saudi and US-backed rebels who are responsible for these “war crimes.”

The real solution is for the US government to stop trying to maintain its world empire. Of course, it is not just Washington that is involved in this. Washington is only the military branch of Mystery Babylon. The financial branch is the City of London, and the spiritual branch is the Vatican City. It is a three-headed monster, run by internationalists who stand above nationality.

But their time is completed, and by the end of 2017, or perhaps as late as June 28, 2018, I expect to see the full collapse of Mystery Babylon and the transfer of authority to the saints of the Most High. Why June 28, 2018? Because it is the 99th anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles, which was the original agreement to establish the New World Order in the 20th century. It was a 99-year plan by the “Big Three” nations (Britain, USA, and Russia) to bring in the NWO.

Before that, the 99-year treaty was the signed at the Congress of Vienna, something known to historians as “The Holy Alliance” in 1815. The “Big Three” in those days was Russia, Prussia, and Austria, with the Vatican in the background to make it “holy.”

Today, we have a new situation. The “Big Three” now are Russia, China, and the USA. The former NWO employees in the USA are losing power steadily, and a new US government is emerging. We are yet in transition, but it is winning. This coming year will see this new government emerging into view, and they are trying to do this with the least amount of turmoil. But the old NWO is still fighting back, so it is not known just how much damage they will cause before they are rounded up and eliminated one way or another.

We live in momentous times of change. Yes, there is turmoil, as the earth has always seen in such times of transition from one age to another. However, the outcome is good. The new players do not yet understand that the Kingdom of God will come out on top. They do not see it yet, because the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit is still waiting in the wings. When that begins, everything will begin to move steadily toward the Kingdom of God.

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