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How spiritual warfare works with time

Dec 06, 2016

We are now well into the prophetic cycle that began November 14 and ends January 27-30. The cycle was established by the Net of Prayer in their first prayer campaign in 1981. I was unaware of this prayer campaign at the time, but it affected me profoundly, because I was caught up in this battle without knowing how or why. Whether one knows it or not, we are all participants in the heavenly wars. Some, of course, function simply as prisoners of war.

The moment the NOP engaged the enemy in warfare, November 12, 1981, I found myself accused of fighting another pastor. I thought he was crazy, but 18 months later, when I finally was able to receive the battle reports, I discovered that he was technically correct. I had joined the NOP without realizing it, and he was part of the opposition!

This was a battle against a demonic invasion of the USA that came through San Francisco and was heading toward Corpus Christi, TX, and its purpose was to destroy the Body of Christ. The prayer wall for America had been breached, because the church had condemned San Francisco and had abandoned the walls of defense there. It took the NOP 76 days to close up the gap and to win the first battle.

The NOP broke up the demonic formation into pieces, but the enemy had already come in, and much damage was already done. We spent many years in spiritual warfare to overcome the effects of this invasion. The overall goal was to free God’s chosen elect from the broken cross system. Phase 1 of the warfare ended December 4, 1981, and this was the day that I was set free. In other words, on this day in 1981, I resigned as pastor of the church in Las Cruces. It is what I have often called “my crucifixion day.” Actually, it was the date that God set me free from building my own little kingdom (church).

At the time, it was hard to see this event as a good thing. It was very painful, and a few weeks later, on December 30, 1981 my family left town to begin our “wilderness training” for the next 390 days. It would be some time before I could see how it was God’s way of delivering me both internally and externally, and how it was well worth the temporary pain and loss. It was the big turning point in my life, changing me from a “normal” believer to an obviously “abnormal” person that I am today.

The first 12 months of this wilderness was a time of death, followed by resurrection on the same dates that had been important a year earlier. From October 26 to December 4, 1982 was the climax of my death period. Conditions were so bad (with no way out) that I did not think I would survive, and I wished I were dead. I recall telling God that I wouldn’t treat my dog like this, much less a son.

At that point I came to the end of my faith, and the only thread of hope I had left was Romans 8:28. “All things work together for good.” I did not have the faith to believe this, but yet deep down, I knew it was true. My soulish (natural) mind had reached the end of its ability to believe, but my spirit knew things that my soul did not. My natural faith failed, but true faith lodged in my spirit remained. In the end, that discrepancy taught me the difference between soul and spirit, and I discovered that each had a distinct mind and consciousness. But it took the death of the soulish mind to discover the difference—and also to make me change my identity from the old man (soul) to the new creation man (spirit). I was “born again” and became a new creature in Christ.

That final death period lasted 42 days, ending on December 4, 1982. On this day I received a 3-inch stack of newsletters from the Net of Prayer. Someone had asked them to send these to me. Because they arrived precisely a year after my resignation from the Las Cruces church, I knew immediately that this was very significant, and so I read them all by noon the next day. Perhaps the most important revelation in those newsletters was the word from the Lord: “Let it go round a year.”

The context was that God had told them that a certain event would happen on a particular date. The date came and went, but the event did not happen. He complained, and the Lord said, “Let it go round a year.” The event happened on the right date, but a year later. That was the foundational revelation about the way time works in the heavens. All time is one in the spiritual dimension. The year of fulfillment seems to be less important than the date itself, because time is not linear, but cyclical.

The way I imagine it is like this… Picture yourself on a carousel. Each time you go around, you see the same people standing there watching. But some have moved a bit, so the scene is never precisely the same. There are similarities with each cycle, but there is also a progression. It is not really a cycle, but a spiral. So we are on a great carousel as the earth goes around the sun. We are in the midst of a great cosmic battle in a heavenly war that has been going on for thousands of years. We fight the same war that Daniel fought in Daniel 10:13, 20, 21. The only difference is that by now the battle has progressed, so there are new faces, new conditions, and new events to be observed.

I have been an active participant in this war since November 12, 1981. I can tell you that the war is almost completed, and we won. The body of Christ will NOT be wiped out. The earth will not be destroyed. Jesus does not have to come to save us from the brink of disaster. In fact, He has raised up intercessors and spiritual warriors and has empowered them to overcome the enemy. He works through us, and the more we are trained in these matters, the more effective we are, the greater the responsibilities we are given, and the greater the load that we can carry.

Ignorance of the divine plan and of the laws of God causes many to support the enemy inadvertently in some way. We are all involved in this battle, though most are blind to it, and many do not even believe it is happening. They believe only what they can see or hear, and they do not have eyes to see or ears to hear spiritual things. My eyes began to be opened on June 5-7, 1982 in the midst of my wilderness training period. That is when I first knew that I had broken through the carnal barrier and was able to hear His voice. The next ten years was spent in dealing with heart idolatry (strong opinions or desires and wrong beliefs), so that I could understand what I was hearing and not misapply it or try to fulfill the word at the wrong time.

Finally, in November of 1993 my wilderness training was completed. The first 12 months (1981-1982) had been a dying period, but the full training would take 12 years. (This was one of the first revelations I received in June 1982.) When completed, my first assignment was to take the lead in the Jubilee Prayer Campaign (November 21-29, 1993).

We conducted many prayer campaigns in the 8 years from 1993-2001, but the most intense was the year 2001, ending on November 14, 2001. We won, but we did not yet know when the results of that victory would emerge into the world as historical events. We now know, because that victory is being seen in 2016. So I am expecting great things to unfold in 2017 and beyond. I believe that we are about to enter a whole new phase of Kingdom history, and that this will really begin with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that so many have been expecting.

This brings me to the present time. Once again, we just passed the important date of December 4. In 1981 it was the date of my resignation in Las Cruces and the start of my time of death. In 1982 it was the start of my resurrection from the dead that would end with our move to Batesville, Arkansas (January 22/23, 1983) and my trip to New Mexico and back (January 27-30, 1983).

These dates had been set by the original Net of Prayer warfare a year earlier. The prayer campaign ended January 27, 1982 and it was followed by a 3-day “celebration” to January 30.

Three years later, the same cycle was repeated in the context of Pastor Thomas, who was filled with the Spirit on January 27, 1986. The problem (as I explained in yesterday’s weblog) was that he had “died” spiritually a few weeks earlier and was in need of the Holy Spirit to raise him from the dead before he actually died.

At the time, we understood that God was teaching us the principles of resurrection and the laws of the spirit of life in Christ (Romans 8:2), so that we would know how to raise the dead on a greater scale in the time ahead. But we were learning more than just how to speak a command. We were being taught the foundational principles of resurrection so that we would understand what we were doing. God was showing us not only His acts, but also His ways (Psalm 103:7). Prayer warriors who can follow orders do not need to know much about the overall plan, but those in leadership positions ought to know the mind of God and understand His ways.

It appears that next month we should see the start of this time of “resurrection” taking the form of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It is hard to know for sure, of course, because the cycles of time mean that events could happen in a later year. But I have an inner feeling that we have arrived at the time to see this happen. So be watchful.

One evidence that we are “on schedule” and are seeing this original pattern emerging once again was seen this past week end. Recall that December 4 was my resignation from the church in 1981. So what happened this past week end?

First of all, the referendum in Italy was defeated, and Prime Minister Renzi said he would resign.


Then 45 minutes later, New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key also resigned abruptly. Because of the different time zones, John Key resigned on December 5, but Renzi resigned December 4.


Two resignations, one from Italy, the other from New Zealand. Both countries have been rocked by earthquakes lately. Rome and Christchurch were both hit. Both cities represent the church. Hence, we can see the signs that both prime ministers have resigned from the church. While neither consciously resigned their church memberships, they have done so on a prophetic level.

Coincidence? What are the odds of this?

We will be watching other dates this month which may be associated with events in 1981 and 1982, when these patterns began. But the main date to watch will be December 30. It is a “leave” date. We left Las Cruces on that date in 1981. A year later it was the date that I received a telephone call offering me a job in Batesville, Arkansas, and we decided to leave the wilderness.

I will give updates as events unfold. We are not quite “there” yet, and so we must be patient to see how things unfold.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones