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Watch dates between now and January 30, 2017

Nov 18, 2016

We have already seen from the election results how 2016 is reflecting patterns from 2001, in particular, the prayer campaign (Nov. 1-14, 2001) and the divine court case (Nov. 1-8, 2001).

Back in 2001 the prayer campaign ended on November 14 with the Angel of Working Miracles being called back from “exile.” He was later “activated” (i.e., commissioned) on December 3, 2001. We are now seeing this angel emerging into the world in 2016 after a 15-year “Hezekiah” extension.

(This angel is the one commissioned to fulfill God's covenant of miracles, which He made in Exodus 34:10. When the people worshiped the golden calf, this angel was de-commissioned, or "exiled" until we overthrew the golden calves in 2001.)

That means there is good news ahead, insofar as God’s people are concerned. Only Babylonians have reason to fear, although they will benefit greatly from the work of this angel. Men fear the light until they become the children of light. Once enlightened, they ride the wave.

If Kim Clement’s prophecies are correct (posted yesterday), then it appears we are on the verge of a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will affect our political leaders. Clement specifically named Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as turning to Christ, with Trump becoming a “praying president” as he comes into office. He says Trump will be filled with the Holy Spirit after his inauguration, which I understand to mean very shortly after his inauguration.

I do bear witness to what he is saying. For this reason, I checked previous prophetic patterns to see how they align with such events.

First, I see the Angel of Working Miracles being released. On November 14, 2016 we did take note of a miracle that took place that day. It took the form of an earthly court case (indirectly affecting our ministry) that was won in an unexpected and miraculous manner in California. It was probably as surprising as Trump’s election victory. A final ruling is expected “in a few weeks,” which I believe will be rendered about December 3 on our watch date.

Time will tell.

Those of you who have read my teachings and weblogs over the years will understand how my own life has established prophetic patterns since 1981. These patterns have been repeated over the years in various ways on or about the same dates as the original pattern. For example, from November 12, 1981 until January 30, 1982 I descended into “the dungeon” in a series of steps (dates). I ascended from “the dungeon” in another series of steps on the same dates a year later, as my wilderness experience ended. These main steps took place on these dates:

Nov. 12, 1981/1982

November 29/30, 1981/1982

Dec. 4/5, 1981/1982

Dec. 29/30, 1981/1982

January 22/23, 1982/1983

January 26/27, 1982/1983

January 30, 1982/1983

It is likely that we will see other dates emerge as important between now and January 30. If these other dates become important, I will say more about them as I can.

These dates are not absolute, of course. Occasionally, I have seen them reappear a day or two before or after the original pattern. I have also seen partial patterns emerge when prophetic events were restricted to certain specific issues. Nonetheless, when a pattern begins to reappear in November of some year, it is not hard for me to see it. After all, I know these dates as if they were part of me. Well, they are.

My experience in 1981 was negative, because I was entering a wilderness training period, which was not fun. But its counterpart in 1982 was positive, and over a period of two months I came out of it a step at a time. By the time this ended on January 30, 1982, I was ecstatic, and I had settled into a new life (in Arkansas). The training continued for another 11 years, of course, but it was much more enjoyable, and I made many new friends who walked with me along this path of learning to hear His voice and to be led by the Spirit.

Each time a new pattern emerges, based on the original in 1981, we get new details to overlay on the overall prophetic “story.” It is like each new pattern adds to the picture.

One impressive repeat pattern occurred from November 10, 1985 to January 30, 1986. I wrote about this in my book, The Wars of the Lord. This particular pattern is significant, because it showed how a pastor resisted the Holy Spirit until God finally zapped him on January 27, 1986 (one of the watch dates). He told us afterward that he was so drunk on the Spirit that it reminded him of the old days when he was an alcoholic.

With Kim Clement’s prophecy about Donald Trump and how he will be filled with the Spirit after his inauguration, I suspect that this will be fulfilled on January 26/27, 2017, which is a week after his inauguration. At least, that seems to be the most obvious date from our present perspective. But at the same time, I think there will be a series of experiences that he will have leading up to that date, even as I did (and saw) in all the previous prophetic patterns.

Clement’s inclusion of Hillary Clinton in this move of the Spirit suggests that there will be others as well, for it is hardly possible that it would be limited to them. What about President Obama? We have long believed (since he came into office in 2009) that President Obama would have such an experience before he left office. Well, he is about to leave office. There isn’t much time left for this to be fulfilled. It won’t take long to prove whether we were right or wrong in our discernment. Our discernment was not based on Kim Clement’s prophecies (which were not known to us), but now that they have come to our attention, our discernment is more plausible.

Last Wednesday evening, as I met with a group of 14 prayer warriors near the University of Minnesota, it was discerned that President Obama would be led to a critical experience with the Lord through his daughters. This brought back to mind the Free the Children prayer campaign, which we held on November 6, 2016. It probably ties into the Clement prophecy from January 14, 2006 about Hillary Clinton: “She will have a testimony second to none and will eventually come out with it and make declaration that Christ Jesus saved her marriage, saved her child, and saved her life.”

He did not explain “saved her child,” but we know that her child is Chelsea.

When I received the word from the Lord to call for the prayer campaign, Free the Children, the Lord specifically mentioned Chelsea and also George Bush, Jr. For this reason, I suspect that both were dedicated to Satan as children in order that their parents might gain more power, wealth, and fame. That is far more common than people realize.

The point is that the children of the politicians seem to be the avenue through which their parents will find Jesus. That is something to watch in the coming months.

Meanwhile, November 19, 2016 is also a date to watch. On the same date in 2001 prayer was made to “release the white horse.” I do not know what that means, but it must have to do with the white horse of Revelation 19:11 and also the white horse company (Revelation 19:14).

Also, on November 23-25, 2001 we were instructed by our heavenly Father to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Certainly, this must tie into the prophesied events that we have already discussed. It appears that we will see this prayer begin to be answered in 2016-2017.

I am writing these things so that you can begin to prepare your hearts for great changes that could take place shortly. Our Tabernacles conferences in September and October opened the door (daleth, or Duluth), and it appears that Donald Trump has walked through that open door, as Kim Clement prophesied. I had not seen the open door in a political context, because I had been looking only at the role of the overcomers would play in this. But the two views are a match made in heaven.

So be encouraged. It is getting interesting.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones