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The unfolding scandals, silent coup, and the overthrow of Babylon-Jezebel

Nov 02, 2016

The FBI’s decision on October 28 to reopen the investigation of the Clinton email scandal is setting of a huge chain of events that is greatly affecting the electoral process. This scandal is far bigger than most people realize, but it is continuing to build, and it can only get worse for Hillary Clinton.

I make it a policy not to endorse political candidates, but I do issue calls for prayer campaigns and spiritual warfare, and then I follow through with explanations about how those battles are affecting world events. Since our prayer campaign Nov. 1-14, 2001 appears to be affecting events 15 years later in 2016, it is appropriate for me to comment on recent news events.

Congressman Anthony Weiner’s “sexting” scandals with prostitutes and underage girls caused his wife, Huma Abedin, to separate from him last summer. But because Abedin has been a close friend (lover, actually, if the reports are true) of Hillary Clinton for the past 21 years, the backwash is now inundating Hillary and even Bill Clinton. Every time one lead is investigated, it seems to lead to something else.

Abedin’s use of a private server to send classified material to her husband’s laptop computer is the main topic of discussion. It seems that Hillary sent Abedin thousands of emails from her private server (clintonemail.com) to another (yahoo.com), including hundreds of classified documents (which are currently being investigated). Abedin, in turn, forwarded some of those emails to herself on her husband’s laptop.

Why she felt the need to keep them on a non-government email server is one of the main issues that the FBI is investigating. Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan to Muslim parents, who then took her to Saudi Arabia when she was just two years old. She was raised there until she returned to the USA for college, and then at the age of 19 fell in love with Hillary Clinton.

In 2010 Abedin married Anthony Weiner, and Bill Clinton performed the wedding ceremony. I believe this marriage was one of convenience, much like Bill and Hillary’s marriage. Surely both Bill and Huma herself must have known what kind of person Weiner was. Weiner and Bill are two of a kind and, I suspect, have a lot of seedy friends in common.

Reports say that it was Weiner’s illicit email to a 15-year old girl that opened up this latest FBI investigation. In seizing the laptop, the FBI discovered a much larger scandal, because Abedin’s emails suggested espionage. She is now being investigated as a possible spy for Saudi Arabia. The reason why government officials are not allowed to use private servers is because every government in the world is trying to learn US government secrets and would pay a lot of money to obtain such inside information.

So both Hillary and Huma Abedin have been using private servers, a crime which has jailed a number of people in the past. I should emphasize that whether or not classified material was being used is a secondary issue. Hillary’s “mistake” was a crime in itself, as for former CIA officer, Charles Faddis, tells us.


I have worked in national security my entire life. Most of that has been in the intelligence community surrounded by classified information. For twenty years, I worked undercover in the Central Intelligence Agency, recruiting sources, producing intelligence and running operations. I have a pretty concrete understanding of how classified information is handled and how government communications systems work.

Nobody uses a private email server for official business. Period. Full stop. 

The entire notion is, to borrow a phrase from a Clinton campaign official, “insane.” That anyone would presume to be allowed to do so is mind-boggling. That government officials allowed Hillary Clinton to do so is nauseating. 

Classified and unclassified information do not mix. They don’t travel in the same streams through the same pipes. They move in clearly well defined channels so that never the twain shall meet. Mixing them together is unheard of and a major criminal offense.

The fact that the FBI refused earlier to prosecute her has completely demoralized the FBI itself. Director Comey was faced with a hundred resignations from agents, and even his own wife was angry with him.


FBI Director James Comey reopened the agency's investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails last week because "almost 100" agents threatened to resign before next week's election, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay told Newsmax TV.

"A few weeks ago, almost 100 agents were threatening Comey that they were going to resign — and that kind of pressure is what turned him around," DeLay, 69, the majority leader from 2003 to 2005, said on Tuesday's “The Steve Malzberg Show.”

FBI agents and departments continued to investigate Clinton even after Director Comey decided not to prosecute her last July. Many of those agents recall the chaos of the Clinton White House in the 1990’s under President Bill Clinton. They have concluded that a Hillary White House would be exponentially worse and would have the potential of destroying the entire country.

Further, the NYC police department continued investigating, led by Preet Bharara, the U.S. Prosecuting Attorney for the Southern District of New York. They threatened to go public with the information if the FBI continued to do nothing. Comey had little choice but to turn against his client and reopen the investigation.

This brought an immediate backlash, as US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, another Clinton friend, began to threaten Director Comey with the crime of breaking the Hatch Act. The FBI shot back by releasing emails pertaining to the mysterious death of Vince Foster during the Clinton presidency.


So now there is a war going on between the FBI and the Justice Department.

The Clintons must be getting worried, because a few weeks ago the Clinton Foundation sent $1.8 billion to a bank in Qatar, a country that has no extradition treaty with the United States.


President Obama still publicly supports Hillary, but he is taking steps to dissociate himself from her in case she goes down in flames. Hillary’s gestapo has gathered dirt on many powerful people in Washington, and this gives her leverage to demand that they protect her. The FBI knows this, due to their own intelligence files, so this adds to the intrigue behind this war.

Abedin herself agreed to testify and was given immunity as long as she told the truth. However, she apparently was caught lying, and this voided her immunity agreement. She is now in serious trouble, not only with the FBI, but also with Hillary herself.

Cheryl Mills, who is the Clinton Foundation director, has been given partial immunity in exchange for her testimony against the influence peddling, or “pay for play” scandal that is also being investigated. She was the one responsible for deleting Hillary’s emails. One of her own leaked emails has her suggesting this email dump in order to keep them out of the hands of the intelligence agencies.


We first learned how the Clintons were monetizing the White House back in the 1990’s when they were selling state secrets to China.


Cheryl Mills is unusual among Clinton insiders; she has already cut a deal with the FBI.

She exchanged partial immunity from prosecution in return for opening her laptop to FBI review during the Clinton email investigation.

There is so much happening right now that it is impossible to report on all of it. But the most significant story right now is coming from Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who tells us that on November 1st the Clintons initiated a “silent coup” against the US government. He says that the “good guys” have also initiated a silent counter-coup through Julian Assange of Wikileaks to prevent this from happening. The CIA and FBI and perhaps even the NSA apparently have finally had enough.

Essentially, he is admitting that the email leaks, which Hillary is attributing to Russian president Putin, are actually being leaked by our own intelligence organizations.

So who is Steve Pieczenik? He is trained as a psychiatrist but worked for the US State Department and became a “specialist on hostage taking,” presumably, to profile terrorists. He has served under five presidents.


Pieczenik is a Harvard University-trained psychiatrist and has a doctorate in international relations from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).[3]

Pie.[3] According to Pieczenik, he received a BA degree in Pre-Medicine and Psychology from Cornell in 1964, and later attended Cornell University Medical College. He attained his PhD in international relations from MIT while studying at Harvard Medical School.[4] Pieczenik claims to be the first psychiatrist ever to receive a PhD focusing on international relations.[5]

Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry KissingerCyrus Vance and James Baker.[3] His expertise includes foreign policy, international crisis management and psychological warfare.[7] He served the presidential administrations of Gerald FordJimmy CarterRonald Reagan and George H.W. Bush in the capacity of deputy assistant secretary.[8]

In 1974, Pieczenik joined the US State Department as a consultant to help in the restructuring of its Office for the Prevention of Terrorism.[2]

In 1976, Pieczenik was made Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for management.[2][5][9][10]

At the US State Department, he served as a "specialist on hostage taking".[11]

To hear what Pieczenik has to say, here are some short videos of him explaining this quiet coup and other things.

Part 1: (4:11)


Part 2: (2:43)


So if Dr. Pieczenik is telling the truth, his testimony is quite literally describing the divine court case of Nov. 1-8, 2001, which we called “You shall surely perish.” We could literally be seeing an entire change of government behind the scenes. Other reports claim that the original American Republic is being reconstituted, replacing the US Democracy that took over many years ago in the first big silent coup.

Most people are unaware of these things, because the schools do not teach the real history of America, nor do the newspapers reveal what is really going on secretly behind the scenes. But we know from our own study of history and prophecy that we have entered into the time (2014-2017) when Mystery Babylon’s time to rule has run out, and that Babylon (pictured as Jezebel) is falling. So we ought to expect to see major changes during this time frame, and the elections of 2016 appear to be a very significant event during this time.

Other than that, not much is happening.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones