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The second American Revolution

Nov 03, 2016

Dr. Steve Pieczenik was interviewed for about a half hour on Info Wars by Alex Jones. I personally don’t care for his bombastic style, and I wish he would just let Pieczenik talk without interrupting him and changing the subject. But it is what it is. Here is the interview.


He talks more about the “civil coup” that Hillary Clinton and her allies have initiated to try to take over the agencies of the US government. He also makes it clear that certain elements in the 16 different intelligence communities have initiated a “counter coup” and will not accept her presidency, even if she wins the election.

If you listen closely, you will notice that there are opposing factions within the intelligence communities themselves—in particular, the CIA, which he calls the “Catholics In Action.”

He also says toward the end, “We will not accept Tim Kaine” as president. “He is part of the CIA, part of the nonsensical collusion… He works for Terry McAuliffe.” McAuliffe was a co-chairman of Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign in 1996 and became one of the directors of the Clinton Foundation in 2004.


The way Pieczenik talked gave me the impression that Tim Kaine works for the bad faction within the CIA.

He also says, “Obama came in through the CIA.” Again, he says, “He was a product of the CIA.” Pieczenik does not tell us if this was a good thing or a bad thing, but he advises Obama not to pardon Hillary or obstruct justice. Those who have instigated this “counter-coup” want to indict Hillary on charges of “bribery, corruption obstruction of justice, lying under oath, and most important, RICO,” or racketeering charges.

Huma Abedin, he says quite clearly, is a Saudi agent, recruited shortly after 1996 when she came back to the USA as a college student. His main concern is how she received top security clearance just two years after she returned to the United States. But he says that she is not the only foreign agent that has penetrated the government. Israel has also done the same, and Pieczenik identifies Michael Chertoff as one of their agents. Chertoff was the first one appointed to lead Homeland Security.

Alex Jones pushes the idea that the “Communist Chinese” are behind Hillary’s civil coup, because “Hillary is a Chinese agent.” Pieczenik affirms this, but it is clear that there is more than one Chinese faction as well. Hillary is an agent for the “Communist Chinese,” not the Chinese elders. Even so, he makes it clear that China as a nation is more interested in peaceful development of the world economy and its infrastructure. Their model is what the Dutch did in the 16th century (draining swampland with canals and windmills).

It is also of interest that Pieczenik has great respect for Chelsea Clinton. He says she tipped them off on the death of 10,000 Haitians that somehow were the responsibility of her parents. He says that she has had concerns about the Clinton Foundation. I have some read other reports about this as well, indicating that she has had a hand in the overthrow of her own mother’s political career, even though she publicly campaigns on her behalf. Pieczenik does not explain this further.

Overall, I think it is important to understand that in every organization and in every government, there are good people and bad people. When bad people are in power, the good suffer along with everyone else. Fortunately, the good people in the intelligence community did not resign. Instead, they worked behind the scenes and made plans for the future.

Pieczenik says that he wrote about the coup more than 20 years ago in his 1992 book, Maximum Vigilence. You can buy a used copy here for just 99 cents plus postage.


For him to bring this up in this interview shows that he had been thinking about a counter-coup for a long time. Writing novels is a good way to express ideas and even to formulate plans. Alex Jones tells us that Pieczenik co-wrote the Tom Clancy novels as well.

The bottom line is that we have to take what Dr. Steve Pieczenik says very seriously. He is not a conspiracy theorist wannabe trying to make a name for himself. He is an educated professional who has worked for decades in government circles and with the intelligence agencies. If he says that Hillary Clinton (and her backers) have initiated a “civil coup,” I have no right to dispute this. If he says that certain factions in the intelligence community have initiated a “counter coup,” I have no choice but to believe this as well.

This is not just bluster and bravado. This is a second American Revolution, which he says is the most important event in American history since the original American Revolution in 1776.

Would such an important event come upon us unexpectedly? Is there no prophecy about this? Is there no revelation about it that might give us warning ahead of time to confirm it? I cannot speak for others, but I can say that we got revelation about it in 2001, though we did not know exactly what we were seeing or doing. The divine court decree on October 28, 2001, which resulted in the court battle from Nov. 1-8, 2001, has surfaced 15 years later in 2016, according to the pattern of Hezekiah. We have suspected this and have been watching and wondering about this since the beginning of the year.

Full proof of this should be seen by watching events on November 5 and 8. If I am reading this correctly, Hillary Clinton should either resign or drop out of the race for some reason on November 5. That should be the most important date in this current situation. There is always a certain level of uncertainty as to how to interpret spiritual events that were established in the past, because until we arrive at the moment of truth. Until the spiritual events begin to emerge into the world, we don’t know how the story will play out or even who the players will be.

But now it seems clear that the Ahab/Bill Clinton events ended on September 11, 2001, and then the scene shifted to Jezebel/Hillary Clinton, beginning with our prayer campaign and the divine court case, "You shall surely perish," on November 1-8, 2001. It appears that we are now at the culmination of her career, and that she will soon be tossed out of the political window, following the Jezebel pattern in Scripture.

All of this is the next (interim) step in the progression of history leading to the rise of the Stone Kingdom.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones