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Post-election comments

Nov 09, 2016

It appears that Donald Trump has won the election for US president. All the newscasters are offering their reasons, explanations, and excuses. One thing is certain: It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

Normally, the Babylonians control both sides of an election, so the campaign disagreements are not so bitter. This time, however, regardless of the actual campaign issues, it was really about whether the politician of the established Babylonian system would win, or an outsider.

Either way, of course, the fight has just begun. The USA has been split 50/50 for quite a long time, at least dating back to the 2000 election with Bush and Gore. But Bush and Gore were both establishment candidates. That is what makes this present election different.

If Clinton had won this election, she would have been faced with impeachment almost immediately, and chaos would have continued throughout her entire term of office. Now that Trump has won, we will see chaos of a different kind, as it is likely that many will protest any bill restricting immigration or renegotiation of trade agreements.

Pastor Lindsay Williams tells us that his “elite” friends are very alarmed and disturbed, because Trump was not the candidate of Big Oil and Big Banks. It is ironic that billionaire Trump is not supported by any other billionaires. In other words, he does not represent the rich and powerful. The Republican Party itself is said to represent the rich—at least, according to charges made by the Democrats—but Trump hardly represents the Republican Party either. Trump’s Party spent nothing to get him elected, so Trump has no reason to go along with their choices for cabinet members that are normally imposed on a newly-elected president.

Williams has been telling us that if Trump is elected, the “elites” will crash the system in order to blame Trump for wrecking the economy. Actually, they planned to crash the system anyway, but their original reason was to gain more power through martial law and executive orders. That is what would have occurred under Clinton. But now it will be an excuse to make war on Trump.

Even more important is that the Babylonian plans for World War III have now suffered a huge setback. Hillary’s rhetoric against Russia, along with Obama’s sanctions and sabre-rattling along Russia’s border, has been to prepare the way for a coming war. Putin has recognized this and has been saying that if Hillary wins the presidential race, there will almost certainly be war. But the immediate danger is now past, and the news of a Trump victory brought applause from the Russian parliament.


Apparently Russia does not want war with the US. It is ironic, of course, that some people voted for Hillary because they think Trump would have brought us into World War III. Actually, the opposite is true, but people have been misinformed by the mainstream news media. Here is Putin’s warning from last July:


Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to the mainstream media during a press conference where he claimed that the world is being pushed irreversibly towards war….

Putin went on to say,
“It’s only you (the media) that they (the government) tell tall-tales to and you buy it and spread it to the citizens of your countries. Your people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger. This is what worries me. How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? While they pretend that nothing’s going on. I don’t know how to get through to you anymore…”

While Vladimir Putin certainly isn’t a saint and for us voluntaryist AnCap types, he’s certainly not someone who stands for our beliefs, all the same he appears to be the adult on the block while kids like Justin Trudeau, Obama, Hillary Clinton and Merkel decide on how to fire the first shots of World War 3.

Now that Trump has been elected, the case for World War III has been damaged—hopefully, beyond repair. All of this is quite strange, considering that the Republican Party has been the War Party for the past few decades (since the Vietnam War). But now that mantle has been passed down to the Democratic Party.

The irony is that Putin has been the peacemaker, though vilified as a warmonger. It is not Russia but the US and other Western nations that have been pushing for a war. Recall General Wesley Clark’s reports that the US decided in 2001 to destabilize the Middle East and to “overthrow seven countries in five years” in order to cause chaos in the region. I believe that the underlying motive was to implement the Pike Plan for World War III that was conceived more than a century ago, along with the first two world wars.

At any rate, when the US plan began to destabilize Syria, Putin put his foot down and said, “NO MORE.” That made him the warmonger in the eyes of the media, according to the old principle that “Joe started it when he hit me back.” But we need to face the fact that our own government is not always on the right side of international issues. But if the people can be induced to support its evil plots, then we all suffer the consequences.

I believe we have entered into a time of increased chaos, which is evidence of an intense battle for regime change in America. Babylon is trying to retain its grip on power in the West. But the time of Babylon’s mandate has expired (2014-2017), so the Babylonians will certainly lose this battle. It is only a matter of time. Yet I see at least another year of struggle and possible chaos.

Lazarus Wins

An interesting coincidence from New Zealand is that a horse named Lazarus has won the “Trotting Cup.” This was in the news for November 8, 2016.


Lazarus produced one of greatest performances in New Zealand horse racing history to destroy his opponents in today's $750,000 New Zealand Trotting Cup.

The four-year-old hot favourite thrashed New Zealand's best pacers by 10 lengths, rewriting the record book in the process.

Not only was his margin the biggest in the modern history of the race but his time of 3:53.1 took a staggering 1.5 seconds off the national record set just two years ago by his champion stablemate Adore Me.

Lazarus was last season's freakish three-year-old but few four-year-olds are asked to contest the Cup let alone win it. None have won it so emphatically.

The horse is also called as “Freakish Lazarus” and a “Freakish Pacer.”


FREAKISH pacer Lazarus smashed the world record with his demolition job of today’s New Zealand Cup.

As the Good Book says, “The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death” (1 Corinthians 15:26 KJV). Lazarus represents the resurrected ones, and his name carries a numeric value of 144. Perhaps he is somehow associated with Donald Trump, who is America’s own Demolition Man.

But considering the fact that this election has connections with our prayer campaign from 15 years ago (Nov. 1-14, 2001), called “Entering the Millennium of Rest,” along with the divine court case that overlaid that prayer campaign (Nov. 1-8, 2001), known as “You Shall Surely Perish,” the raising of Lazarus seems hardly coincidental. The Millennium, as described in Revelation 20, begins properly with the first resurrection—the “Lazarus” company.

Years ago Ron heard the Father say, “Wait till I play My Donald Trump card.” “Well, it appears that He has now plaid His Trump card. Back then, the meaning of this was unclear. Did that mean Trump would run for president? Did it mean that Trump would win? We could not say for sure.

The Jezebel Factor

Now that Hillary Clinton has lost the presidential race, it seems clear that Jezebel has been thrown out the window by her eunuchs (2 Kings 9:32, 33). Trump has been playing the part of Jehu, the demolition man in his time, who was anointed to avenge the death of Naboth when Jezebel arranged to execute him on “trumped up charges.” Elijah anointed Jehu to do this dirty work, even though Jehu’s character was questionable. Certainly, Jehu was not Mr. Nice Guy, nor was he spiritually minded. Nonetheless, God found use for him.

As I wrote in the past, I could not say for sure if Jezebel would be thrown out the window before the election, during, or afterward. It was hidden from me, and prophecies from others were contradictory, so they were not really helpful. There was nothing to do but wait and see. Well, we have now waited and seed. It appears that the Ahab factor lasted from 1993-2001, and the Jezebel factor lasted from 2001-2016.

Since Jezebel is pictured in the book of Revelation as the “great harlot” of Babylon, we can see Hillary’s fall as a precursor to the fall of Babylon itself. Since her rise began with the final end of Bill’s story on September 11, 2001, we can view the Twin Towers demolition as a prophetic precursor to the fall of both Hillary-Jezebel and Babylon as a whole. The Twin Towers of Pride and Greed were demolished on 911, which is the numeric value of “Grace” (Greek: charis). We recognized in 2001 that the Twin Towers demolition was a hidden prophecy of grace, even in the midst of chaos and destruction. That is how we should view the results of this election as well.

Janet Reno dies November 7, 2016

Back in January 2001, as we were preparing for a year of spiritual warfare to overthrow the seven spiritual princes over America, we received revelation that Janet Reno represented one of the major demonic entities that we were to deal with. She did not manifest one of the seven princes themselves, but rather one of the lesser entities.

Recall that these 2001 battles are surfacing in the world now in 2016, and that that the series of battles finally came to an end on November 8, 2001. Significantly, then, Janet Reno died the day before the election on November 7, 2016.


There is hardly any point in discussing her corrupt life style or her destructive policies. But this seems to be a noteworthy event in the progression of the great war in the heavens and how it plays out here on earth.

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