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Looking ahead in a post-Jezebel era

Nov 10, 2016

When overseas markets discovered that Trump was the projected winner of the US elections, their stock markets crashed, and the Dow futures market was down 800 points. But by morning, when the sun came up as usual, and the earth had not yet been destroyed, the Dow recovered and closed the day up 257 points.

That is an unbelievable swing, and it reminds me of what happened after the Brexit. In both cases there was a knee-jerk reaction of fear and panic, followed by the discovery that stocks were suddenly under-valued! Call it greed, I suppose. The markets function on fear and greed.

Today the markets are already into record-high territory. Perhaps the traders on the floor of the US Stock Exchange are feeling much more positive about the results of the election than the oligarchs. Few of them dared to say much prior to the Trump win, but while Hillary was giving her concession speech, the traders on the floor on Wall Street came out of the closet and gave her a good send-off. The CNN, which many refer to as the Clinton News Network, ran the headline:

Wall Street traders boo Hillary Clinton, chant “Lock her up!”


Loud booing rocked the floor of the storied New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday during Hillary Clinton's concession speech to President-elect Donald Trump.

Some of the Wall Street traders began chanting "lock her up!," as Clinton appeared on television screens, urging her millions of disappointed supporters to accept the stunning defeat.

"Ding-dong, the witch is dead," shouted another floor trader.

The harsh reception for Clinton is the latest chapter in the bitter campaign for the White House.

I suppose that the rest of the world, which receives only the news from the controlled press, does not truly understand why so many in America would vote for Trump, considering his policy of confrontation, rather than diplomacy and compromise. But most Americans are Clinton-fatigued, regardless of who they voted for.

Many Americans remember the continuous scandals in the 1990’s during Bill Clinton’s presidency, beginning with his first week in office back in 1993. That scandal was called Travelgate. After four years of continuous corruption scandals, many could not figure out why anyone would vote for the man. But he was elected to a second scandal-ridden term.

George Bush was elected in November of 2000 more as a reaction to the Clinton immorality scandals than anything. Yet even then the country was evenly divided. Unfortunately, Bush turned out to be the warmongering president, and so after eight years of continuous war, the people became war-fatigued as well. Hence, Obama was elected by his promises to close Guantanamo and get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I commented at the time: “It’s easier to get into a war than to get out of it.” Sure enough, it took a long time to get out, and even then, it was messy. You cannot destroy a country and then leave immediately without leaving devastation that will last at least a generation.

But instead of getting us out of war, the Obama administration presided over the remaining parts of the US plan to “overthrow seven countries in five years.” He did manage to resist efforts to send troops openly to Syria, but there have been many covert operations that the government would not comment about.

These war policies are bigger than the presidency, of course. In fact, presidents are expected to follow such orders from those oligarchs who are far more powerful than any US president. So I do not place much responsibility upon any president for his own actions—at least, not the really important actions and policies.

Even so, the result of the Syrian war, sparked by US support for the rebels (and even for ISIS), has brought absolute chaos to Syria. In contemplating the motive for this war plan, I wondered at first if it was done to destabilize all potential enemies of the Israeli state. But the huge wave of refugee immigration into Europe and America shows that this was the real agenda. We saw this in the 1990’s with the disaster in Somalia, which brought many refugees to America. It is ironic that the very countries that destabilize other nations are the places where refugees flee.

The real question is WHY? What do these Babylonian oligarchs hope to achieve?

The bottom line is that they want money and power. Of course, they know it must be done through “humanitarian” methods in order to sell their policy to the world. If you cause a war, then you can use other people’s money (taxpayers) to fix the problem by welcoming millions of refugees. The refugees themselves, most of whom just want to reach safety and rebuild a new life for themselves, do not understand how they are being used by ruthless oligarchs in the West.

But how does a huge influx of refugees help them achieve that goal?

First, their long-term goal is to dilute the “Christian” culture and reduce the political power of Christian voters. Here they simply followed the Pope’s “humanitarian” policy of encouraging refugees from Central America and Mexico to move north. Within a generation, this would add millions of voters to the Catholic voting bloc.

The Jews used this tactic to gain control of Palestine decades ago, and even today they do not allow anyone else in as refugees. In fact, they use stringent laws to encourage them to leave. They understand the Power of Population and having a unified culture, and they are willing to oppress others and deny them basic human rights in order to achieve the goal of a truly “Jewish state.”

We could take this back two or three centuries and see how America itself was founded by immigrants. The continent was conquered by immigration, and the Native Americans lost, because they had no immigration source of their own to draw upon. When you lack the Power of Population, your days are numbered.

The Babylonian oligarchs know all of this and use it strategically in power politics.

Second, they know that Islam and Christianity are inherently incompatible as far as culture and religion are concerned. They know that to bring large quantities of Islamic people into Christian cultures will eventually replace Christian culture with Islamic culture. Currently, the laws of the Western countries are based upon the Justinian Codex (529-534 A.D.), or “Church law.” To be sure, that law system is flawed in many ways, because it brought Europe the Feudal System of serfs and lords. (Today we call them citizens and oligarchs.) However, in spite of its flawed and oppressive governmental system, it does provide a moral code that is (or was) based on biblical law. But as Islamic people become voters, this is sure to shift toward Sharia law.

The irony is that the Democratic Party, which heartily supports the influx of all immigrants in order to register them as voting Democrats, does not seem to understand that at some point the Islamic voters will have sufficient weight to put Sharia law on the Party Platform. That would mean an end to gay rights, women’s rights, along with an end to Christian rights. Democrats are tricked into believing that Islamic people will blend into American society and peacefully accept the so-called American way of life and democracy in general. In other words, missionaries of the Democratic Party think that they can convert Islamic people to accept the principles of sexual freedom and women’s equality.

I believe they are dead wrong. They will accept the fact that others abide by these principles until they have established citizenship, organized into voting blocs, and have gained control of certain cities by the Power of Population. But at some point they will be confident enough to begin changing the laws, morals, and political system to their view of things. After all, our system gives that right to every citizen.

Third, the Babylonian oligarchs know that a certain percentage of peaceful immigrants will cause trouble. Or their children will be radicalized by those appealing to medieval Islamic views in much the same way that Christians appeal to the doctrines and practices of apostolic Christianity. That is a powerful appeal to both Christians and Muslims, because it can be argued that the current religions have been corrupted and no longer resemble the vision of their founders.

It only takes a few radicals to provide the government with an excuse to clamp down and remove freedoms from EVERYONE equally. Take, for example, the so-called Patriot Act that was passed in the wake of the Twin Towers demolition. In the name of “security,” we lost a lot of basic freedoms, putting us on the path of a Police State. The Patriot Act was signed into law on October 26, 2001, about six weeks after the Twin Towers demolition. Does anyone seriously believe that it was written after September 11, 2001? How could such a bill be written so quickly? And who wrote it?

It is obvious to me that it was pre-written in anticipation of 911. It was written by lawyers hired by the oligarchs who planned and implemented 911. These oligarchs did not mind killing thousands of people in order to accomplish their goal of tightening security and thereby gaining more dictatorial power. The bill was not even introduced until October 23, and yet it was passed within two days and signed on the third day. Did anyone actually read the bill before passing it?

When we look at the big picture, it is clear that the Babylonian oligarchs ruling the west have moved toward achieving total power, but they have done so slowly so that the people are not alarmed or awakened from their sleep. The Christians have largely accepted Socialism as a “normal” way of life. Catholics specifically accept the idea of a pope (oligarch) who lays claim to both spiritual and civil power over the earth. Islamic people are easily ruled by oligarchs as well, as long as the visible oligarchs claim to be Muslim.

Both groups can be ruled by the same Babylonian oligarchs, as long as they hold secret power over the visible leaders. This, I believe, is their goal. They believe that their power will not be affected, no matter if America and Europe are Christian or Muslim. The culture and religion may change, along with the laws, but power remains in the hands of the same oligarchs.

The problem is that all of the earlier empires have used this model and have failed in the end. A “king of kings” ruled over vassal kings. Caesars ruled over regular kings. It is no different today, except that they have learned to add the secrecy factor to the mix. Hence, it is no longer Babylon, but Mystery (secret) Babylon. Secrecy works only as long as it remains a secret. Exposure to the light brings the whole structure crashing to the ground.

We are living in a time where the “mystery” is being removed from Babylon. The veil is being lifted largely through the internet, where every truth and falsehood is disseminated. But Scripture tells us that the current Babylonian structure will fall to “the kings from the east” (Revelation 16:12). This is evidently China and Russia, whose power is rising in this century, even as Media and Persia rose up east of Babylon more than 2,500 years ago.

This geopolitical situation alone is causing a great shift in the world’s center of gravity, to say nothing of the economic shift. But the final great shift will come with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This will change everything and will take all nations by surprise. Without it, we would see only a shift of power from west to east, but with the Spirit’s presence, the hearts of the people will be changed on a massive scale. That door is now beginning to open.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones