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Free the Children prayer campaign

Nov 05, 2016

Last night I received revelation that we were to lay claim to the children that have been dedicated to Satan by their parents.

Background: On October 28, 2001 we issued a decree against "human sacrifice." On October 31, 2001 they did this anyway, ignoring our decree. This gave us legal cause to take them to the divine court, beginning November 1, 2001. We bound Satan on November 5, 2001. The last of the princes were bound on November 8, 2001.

Now, 15 years later, we are seeing that this court case from 2001 applied to 2016. In other words, the enemy was given a 15-year Hezekiah extension of life. So now we are to take the next step, which is to claim all the children that have been dedicated to Satan, and we are to claim them for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

I understand now that the "human sacrifice" that was performed at Halloween of 2001 was more than just a human sacrifice. It represented all those children dedicated to Satan, a common practice among Satanists and Luciferians, who do this as a type of "sacrifice" in order to gain power. Many politicians have done this, and this is why the prince of the power of the air has had legal cause to blind the eyes of the people (voters) in order to maintain the power of his people in politics.

Of course, this goes beyond politics. It is rampant in the music industry as well, because many seek fame and wealth as well as power. All of these things are purchased by the sacrifice of their children.

I have some experience along this line, because I have talked to two people who were dedicated to Satan when they were young, and they told me how this had adversely affected their lives over the years. It was not until they were set free from the curse that they found rest and peace in Christ.

So now we are being called to set the children free on a larger scale. Think of it as if the binding of Satan in 2001 occurred today on November 5, 2016. What would the next logical step be? Yes, of course. We are to claim His children, especially those who had no choice when their parents dedicated them to Satan and, in effect, made them legally his children.

Hence, binding Satan today gives us legal rights before the divine court to claim his children tomorrow, and ultimately to claim all that he has usurped. So here is a model prayer for you to pray November 6, 2016.

Model Prayer:

Heavenly Father, I come before your divine court with my brethren, the children of God, to join my voice in petitioning to claim all the children that have been usurped and dedicated to Satan. We ask that his claim upon their lives be made null and void, on the grounds that their parents violated Your law in doing this. As stewards entrusted with Your children, they usurped them for their own use in order to gain power, fame, or wealth. We now reclaim them for the Kingdom of God and ask that You make them legally Your children.

We acknowledge the right of Jesus Christ, as Heir of the world, to own all that He has created, and we bear witness to the fact that all men are mere stewards of that which You own by right of creation. We base our claim upon this law of Your ownership and man's stewardship, as well as the present leading of the Holy Spirit.

Thank-you, heavenly Father for answering this petition and for setting the children free according to Your laws.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones