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A brief analysis

Nov 06, 2016

We have long believed that 2016 would be an important pivotal year, not merely in US history, but in the history of the Kingdom itself. As the time approached, we saw the buildup of events throughout the year leading toward the election in November and realized that this could well take us to the climax of whatever God was doing in the year 2016.

The political season in 2016 has been extremely volatile and caustic, almost like a mud fight. We have not seen this kind of fighting since the Babylonians took control of both parties and gave us a simulated democracy.

With Dr. Steve Pieczenik's recent announcement this week that we are entering into a second American Revolution, it appears that the boil has now popped, and we are now able to see the precise nature of what we have been looking for. The various agencies of government intelligence have long been controlled at the top by presidential appointees, who have managed to keep the agencies working to protect the Babylonians from being exposed. Yet over the years, I often heard rumblings from the good people within those same agencies who were discontented with such protection. I even heard rumors of good guys, or "white hats" forming their own friendships, making plans someday to overthrow the secret organizations that had taken over the reins of government.

As early as the mid-1970's, I heard it said that if we ever had another revolution, it would come at the hands of the military. In the early 1980's I heard that many of the generals are working for the Babylonian government, but at the level of Colonel, which controls much of the day-to-day operation of military bases, there was a high degree of patriotism and discontent.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik is a colonel.

In the past few years I began to hear that the Pentagon had two main factions within it. One faction served the Babylonian order, while the other hoped someday to gain power and reestablish Constitutional government, particularly the original Republic that was founded in 1789 when the Constitution was signed. Then I began to hear that same split was being seen in other agencies, particularly the intelligence community. It looked to me like a cold war was going on within the agencies, and that things were building up toward a climax soon.

Then Dr. Pieczenik burst on the scene with his announcement of the second American Revolution. I was not taken by surprise, but suddenly, all that I had heard in past decades was suddenly confirmed. His credentials are impeccable, insofar as his connections to the intelligence community is concerned. In that sense, his announcement is on par with a presidential proclamation. I have to believe that what he is saying is true.

This does not mean that I have no reservations about what is actually happening. These intelligence people are well trained in saying just enough to serve whatever purpose they have, while hiding the majority of the facts behind it. Furthermore, since he is a psychiatrist trained in psychological operations/warfare, and is an expert in intrigue (as shown in his books), he is too intelligent and too capable to be trusted completely. I could never be absolutely sure of his motives or of those he represents.

The problem is that there is no way for the average person to be anything but a pawn in a very large and dangerous game. This is ultimately an internal battle within the ranks of the intelligence community, and both sides will solicit our support. Most people do not have enough facts to make proper decisions, and in the end, most people have been dumbed down by the educational system and the mainstream media so that they are not equipped to analyse what they are hearing.

Just look at the political process. I rest my case.

Dr. Pieczenik, I believe, is a patriot, but as a Jew (probably secular), he is probably not well informed on Scripture or prophecy. It is doubtful if he understands the concept of the Kingdom of God. His concern is to reestablish the Republic and to get rid of those who usurped power over us. Insofar as that goes, we have much in common, though we define the usurpers in prophetic terms (Mystery Babylon).

This Revolution is not being led by those who want to establish Christ's Kingdom, but what they are doing (however inadvertently) is to take out the old order of Babylon in order to prepare for the Kingdom. The downfall of Babylon will involve an interim step before the Kingdom is established. It is timed precisely according to our understanding of prophecy. I have written in recent years about the time from 2014-2017, in which we ought to see the collapse of Mystery Babylon. I don't think that Dr. Pieczenik has read any of my material, nor would he give it credence. However, these events, which he is part of, are part of the divine plan, whether he believes it or not.

It appears that we have entered into a year of change, possibly with some chaos and trouble as the Babylonians fight for their lives to keep control of the earth. This particular prophetic season does not end for at least another year, and possibly as late as 2018, which is the 70th anniversary of the Israeli state (May 1948) and the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War 1 (November 11, 1918).

Another time cycle that I am watching dates back to October 31, 1517, when Martin Luther sparked the Protestant Reformation by nailing his "95 Theses" on the church door in Wittenberg. We just passed the 499th anniversary of that event. Next year will be 500 years. Nine years ago, on October 31, 2007 a group of us met in Oklahoma City and took note that this was the 490th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Next year will be 500 years.

So much points to 2017 as a climax of something, and this tells me that from now until then we could be entering into a power struggle at the top. We should all be very watchful and take prudent steps to prepare ourselves for this. I do not anticipate open war, nuclear or otherwise, nor do I think we will see great physical destruction take place. I believe that this is a prophetic repeat of Cyrus' takeover of Babylon. He took the city intact, and only the king was killed. The government officials simply changed bosses and were required to do things differently, and the people went on with their lives.

The problem is that while Scripture gives us a broad picture, we do not have many details. We know the outcome, but little of the process. So there is always a level of uncertainty when preparing for prophetic events--even when we understand prophecy. This is why it is so important to be led by the Spirit. The safest place is where the Holy Spirit tells you to be. Let us not react to outside appearances, but to the Spirit of God, who knows the reality of all things. If you have learned to live such a life of faith, you can trust Him with your life.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones