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Watch dates November 1-14

Oct 26, 2016

One of the main prophetic patterns that we are watching in 2016 was established in 2001, a year of intense spiritual warfare. This is the 15-year cycle, which we know as the Hezekiah Extension. Recall that Operation Jericho (Sept. 11-17, 2011) was the prayer campaign that turned the clock back ten years to September 11, 2001, but also gave an extension for another 15 years (2001-2016).

The series of prayer campaigns in 2001 culminated with a divine court case on November 1-8, 2001. It was called “You shall surely perish,” based on Deuteronomy 30:17, 18. Overlaid on this court case was a more general prayer campaign from November 1-14 called “Entering the Millennium of Rest.”

The court case was the negative side of the work, designed to bind Satan on account of a human sacrifice that some of his human henchmen performed on Halloween (Oct. 31, 2001). The prayer campaign was the positive side of the work, because once Satan was bound, we were able to break through into Kingdom work and to proclaim the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the crowning of the ovecomers, etc.

Of course, at the time, we did not know how or when to apply what we were seeing and doing. It is probable that this has a major application in 2016, since this is 15 years later. So I thought I would give you a report on the events of 2001, so you could help me watch the events in 2016.

The first thing to notice is that November 8, 2016 is the date of the election. It is interesting that it coincides with the end of the court case: “You shall surely perish.” It makes me wonder who or what will be affected by that court case.

Briefly, the court case has some background. In early October 2001 the Father told us that October 28 was a watch date. Being given about 3 weeks’ advance notice, we were given time to pray about it and gain insight. We learned that a young woman had been kidnapped and was being prepared as a Halloween human sacrifice by certain Satanists. So on October 28 we were led to make a decree in the divine court outlawing human sacrifice in the earth.

The Father told us that they would not comply with this decree/law, so we were given instructions to take them to the divine court from November 1-8. This was the court case called “You shall surely perish.” The Halloween sacrifice gave us legal cause against Satan himself, 3 of his archprinces, and also against those doing his direct bidding on earth.

The complaint was filed on November 1, 2001, and we received a favorable verdict immediately. Nonetheless, it took longer, because Satan appealed the verdict on various grounds (spurious and frivolous objections) for the next few days. These appeals were overruled one by one, and Satan was then bound on November 5, 2001. On that day the Aurora Borealis lit up the skies as far south as California on the west coast and North Carolina on the east coast.

On November 8 Abaddon and 3 other archprinces, along with the unclean spirits under them, were bound and removed. This ended the court case.

We then prayed for the sons of God (153 company) to be obedient and to learn to judge righteously and to be unafraid to judge as led by the Spirit. In the next few days we also prayed for the Holy Spirit and a new anointing upon this company. It ended with the revelation of the Coronation of the Overcomers on November 14 and the release of the Angel of Working Miracles. (This angel was “activated,” or “commissioned” a few weeks later on Dec. 3.)

There are other details, but I am unsure about which ones might apply this year. I will give more explanation if and when we observe corresponding events this next month.

Meanwhile, the immediate time to watch will be November 1-8, which is essentially the last week before the US presidential elections. It will be interesting to see if there are any major disruptions or changes that take place during this time.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones