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The October 7 watch date

Oct 11, 2016

October 7, 2016 was the tenth anniversary of the day we poured out the 7th bowl of water and wine at Babylon, New York. The “seven bowls” work began in October of 2000 at Champaign, Illinois, and it was based on Revelation 16, where the seven bowls culminated with a great earthquake and hail, collapsing Mystery Babylon.

The ten-year cycle is very important in our way of thinking. So what happened?

It was the day the “naughty word” tape was published, causing a firestorm in the political arena directed against Donald Trump. The tape certainly was vulgar, but in a typical political ploy, it was edited to make it sound worse than it was. In the tape Trump talks about wanting to seduce a married woman prior to his marriage to Melania. But it was edited to make it appear that he wanted to seduce the woman at the time he was speaking, which was three months after married Melania.

When tapes like this are edited to enhance a negative impression, one has to wonder about the twisted motives of those who did the editing.


The point is that October 7, 2016 was the start of the “GOP civil war,” as it is now being called.


It appears that the Republican Party is about to break up, with the party politicians siding with their so-called Democratic rivals for the first time in history. This is exposing what most of us have known for years, that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties. No matter who we vote for, we end up with the same policies, though dressed up in new garments.

Every election the incumbent party advocates more of the same, while the rival party calls for “change.” But nothing ever seems to really change, except to make things worse.

In the past, when Democrats took office, immorality was normalized into the culture, and when Republicans took office, we went to war. For this reason, I have referred to the two parties as the Whore Party and the War Party. But in this election, things really are different. The Democratic Party is the one beating the war drums against Russia, and the Republican establishment is supporting it. However, Trump has consistently advocated peace and cooperation with Russia, something that the western world rulers of Babylon obviously do not want to happen. They would much rather depopulate most of the earth, since they are able to hide in their own underground bunkers while the rest of the world get fried.

When Bill Clinton was caught with his pants down on numerous occasions, the spin was that his lack of moral standards had nothing to do with his ability to be president. But when Trump gets caught speaking about adultery, it is spun as part of Trump’s “temperament” that shows his inability to be president. Such is the political arena here in America, complete with its dual standards, in the race to capture the hearts and minds of the people. The main difference between Bill Clinton and Trump, other than actions vs. words, is that Clinton was a “nice guy,” whereas Trump is confrontational. Most of the people wanted to forgive Clinton, whereas most of the people have no such warm and fuzzy feelings toward Trump. So it does not matter how much Trump apologizes for his words, in politics, forgiveness is out of the question. The Democrats don’t want the public to forgive Trump, because that would defeat the purpose of their political strategy.

I doubt if Trump really understands this. He appeals to people on the grounds of being right, which is a valid argument for only a few people. He does not seem to understand that public opinion is not a court room, but a beauty pageant. Trump did not even state his case very well in the most recent debate. His strong suit was about Hillary’s deleted emails and illegal servers, but at least half of the American people hardly care about this. He should have explained the actual laws that were broken and named some people who are currently in prison for violating those laws. He should have pointed out the double standard when the FBI director refused to indict HIllary.

In failing to make this point clear, he remained on the defensive throughout the debate.

At any rate, it is now clear that this election is different from all other elections. I am still not convinced that we will have an election in November. It may be postponed until January, or it may be cancelled altogether. There are a number of reasons for this, but if there is no surprise, I will be surprised.

The long-term outcome of this election could well be that the Republican Party will split. Close to half of the party members are very angry with their own leadership for supporting Hillary. Trump is in a position to start a third party and cut the Republican membership in half. I do not know what will happen, but October 7 certainly turned out to be an important watch date. Connecting it with the 2006 decree to overthrow Babylon should give us some clue as to its importance. This edited tape, which may have been leaked by Republican insiders themselves, may have set off a chain of events that will topple the whole two-party political monopoly.

We can only wonder what might emerge in its place.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones