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Tabernacles Conference Report

Oct 25, 2016

The 8-day Tabernacles conference in Hayward, Wisconsin has concluded, and I am back at the office staring at a huge backlog of emails. A friend followed me home yesterday from the conference and spent the night with us, leaving this morning after breakfast.

I had thought the conference was scheduled from Sunday to Sunday, but discovered that it was actually to be held from Monday to Monday. So I am a day late.

About two dozen people attended the conference. I taught every morning for close to an hour, and these were all recorded on video. As soon as we are able, we will post them on the web site so that you all may listen to a complete study on the feast of Tabernacles. There was good response from the audience, and there were also good questions as well. Some of the people attending did not know much about the feast of Tabernacles and did not understand its prophetic significance, so it was good to be able to start with the basics and then build upon those foundations one step at a time.

The local churches in Hayward boycotted the meetings, although they were invited. I was not really surprised, but it is sad to see so little interest in the Scriptures among churches—at least among the leaders of the organizations. But those who did come were greatly blessed, and we made new friends and had the time to get to know them during the week.

I also had a full week to get further revelation on the current weblog series. I hope to continue that series tomorrow. I just brought the November FFI to the printshop for printing. I had written it early, knowing that I would be gone this past week. It will be posted shortly online as well.

Book 6 of The Revelation is now available and is posted online also.

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