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Philippines ready to divorce USA

Oct 04, 2016

The Philippines has declared a War on Drugs. Not the sort of war that is being waged in the USA, full of lame slogans like “Just say no.” No, the Philippines has been had a drug problem for a long time, and western solutions have been inadequate. The new president, Duterte, has declared open season on drug dealers, and many of them have been killed by civilians in drive-by executions.

That is a heavy-handed approach, to be sure, rooted in Old Covenant thinking, but a hundred thousand drug addicted men have already turned themselves in to authorities, preferring get off drugs in jail than to risk being killed on the street.

President Obama has criticized Duterte publicly from the moment of his election. But Duterte is not backing down, but is instead telling him to “go to hell.” It appears that Obama is succeeding only in pushing the Philippines into a closer alliance with Russia and China. News accounts are comparing this to a marital breakup, presumably on the grounds of spousal abuse.


Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday told U.S. President Barack Obama to "go to hell" and said the United States had refused to sell some weapons to his country but he did not care because Russia and China were willing suppliers.

In his latest salvo, Duterte said he was realigning his foreign policy because the United States had failed the Philippines and added that at some point, "I will break up with America". It was not clear what he meant by "break up".

During three tangential and fiercely worded speeches in Manila, Duterte said the United States did not want to sell missiles and other weapons, but Russia and China had told him they could provide them easily….

His comments were the latest in a near-daily barrage of hostility towards the United States, during which Duterte has started to contrast the former colonial power with its geopolitical rivals Russia and China….

"This is what happens now, I will be reconfiguring my foreign policy. Eventually, I might in my time I will break up with America."

No doubt Duterte remembers the US coordination of the coup in Indonesia back in 1965, when President Soekarno was overthrown for conspiring with President Kennedy to do away with the Federal Reserve Bank and to issue US Notes in place of Federal Reserve Notes. No doubt he recalls that Obama’s mother and stepfather worked for the CIA during that time, which is why Obama (known then as Barry Soetoro) spent his grade school years in Indonesia, registered as an Indonesian citizen and as a Muslim, according to the public records.

I suspect that Duterte mistrusts Obama for this and other reasons and is therefore looking for reasons to divorce the Philippines from US hegemony and to join the Eastern Alliance led by China and Russia. Considering the fact that there is enormous wealth (gold) hidden in the Philippines, this new shift in alliances is far more significant than most people realize.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones