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ISIS granted safe passage to Syria

Oct 14, 2016

Earlier this week, on October 11, 2016, Wikileaks released a set of emails which included one from Hillary Clinton to Obama’s counselor, John Podesta, saying,

"the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistical support to ISIL..."


It shows that the US government, and Hillary Clinton in particular, knew that Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been backing ISIL or ISIS financially and supplying them with weapons. Meanwhile, instead of condemning these countries for their “state-sponsored terrorism,” the US government, at best, has chosen to overlook it. At worst, the US itself is using Qatar and Saudi Arabia to funnel money and arms to ISIS in order to make good on its promise to “overthrow seven countries in five years,” as General Wesley Clark tells us.

Clark talked about this openly as early as 2005, which was years before the creation of ISIS. Furthermore, he specified Syria as one of the targets of US aggression.

Something smells rotten, and it is not coming from Denmark.

This is related to the US government’s support for the Saudi bombing campaign that is currently destroying Yemen, the poorest of nations in the Arabian peninsula. The Saudis have been accused of multiple war crimes, including the bombing of hospitals and homes of civilians. But a year ago, when a Dutch-led initiative was launched at the UN to investigate these claims, the Saudi government fought fiercely against it and succeeded with US help.

“A Dutch-led effort to create a human rights mission for Yemen was abandoned Wednesday amid intense Saudi opposition at the UN, but human rights experts are laying blame in part at the feet of the United States, which failed to vigorously back the Netherlands — and may have worked behind the scenes to head off the independent investigation.”


The US military has been supplying the Saudis with satellite intel for greater effectiveness in their bombing of Yemen. This makes the US complicit in whatever war crimes are being committed in Yemen. But the western news media focuses most of its attention on Syria, rather than on Yemen.

Such close cooperation between the US and Saudi Arabia continues unhindered by the latter’s clandestine financial support and military hardware for ISIS. Perhaps that is why the US and the Saudis have now granted safe passage for ISIS to leave Mosul (in Iraq) and to Syria in order to fight the Russians. This would not have happened if the US military were seriously fighting ISIS in Syria. I mean, if the US government were fighting a serious war against ISIS in Syria, it would make no sense to send more ISIS militants to Syria. Who makes these decisions?

The news article says this:

The US is said to have agreed for the safe transfer of  terrorists from Iraq to Eastern Syria on the premise ISIS militants fight Russian troops when they get there, a news agency has claimed.

The agreement is said to involve 9,000 extremists who will leave Mosul for eastern areas of the country to capture the cities of Dier ez-Zouer and Palmyra.

Its purpose, it is claimed by Russian news agency RIA Novosti, is that the White House hopes the ISIS militants will fight Russian troops in war-torn Syria.

The news agency reported that America and Saudi Arabia had come to an agreement to create a peaceful passage for ISIS fighters to leave Mosul for Syria before Iraqi government security forces begin their liberation of the city, according to Iraqi News.  

'The United States and Saudi Arabia reached the agreement to provide safe havens for the ISIS militants and their families before Iraqi government security forces storm into the city of Mosul,' RIA Novosti said.


This agreement with ISIS also has another side effect. It shows that the US government is conceding that it is losing the proxy war with Russia in Syria and that the US-supported rebel factions need replacement troops. In other words, the Russian bombing campaign that started September 30, 2015 has been so effective that more ISIS fighters are needed.

Meanwhile, the US news media, along with the BBC weeps over the Syrian children being killed or wounded in Aleppo. They don’t care about the children in Yemen, of course. But neither do they care about the children in Aleppo. If they cared, they would not have started this war in the first place. The solution is not for Russia to stop its bombing, but for the US government, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia to stop trying to overthrow President Assad and to destabilize Syria.

It is very hypocritical for us to support a rebel takeover of Aleppo and then cry over the children when Syria moves to take back the city. The rebels in Aleppo could put an end to the bombing campaign immediately, simply by leaving Aleppo. But instead, they choose to remain there, using the children as human shields, and when the Syrian government fights back to regain its own territory, the casualties are used as propaganda tools.

Truth is the first casualty of war, it is said. The sooner we understand that the news media is the main agent of the Department of Propaganda, the better prepared we will be to see through the lies, assumptions, and half-truths. The bottom line is still the same. In 2002, General Wesley Clark was told by his friends in the Pentagon that the US government had decided to go to war in the Mideast, not only against Iraq, but also against Syria. Their purpose was to destabilize and overthrow seven countries in five years.


The current Syrian war is a direct result of US aggression that was planned at least as far back as 2002. It has nothing to do with Assad being “a brutal dictator” or that he was “killing his own people.” There is another agenda that is hidden from those who gets their news only from the mainstream media.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones