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Healing the Breaches of the Civil War

Oct 12, 2016

Yesterday I posted a headline about the GOP “civil war” within the party. If we check what happened ten years earlier in 2006, we recall that the theme of our conferences shifted to the American Civil War 144 years earlier. The revelation of those conferences, along with the prophetic decrees, were about repairing the breach between north and south. It all began with the conference in October of 2006, when we met at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Reading, PA, shortly after concluding our work at Babylon, NY.

In fact, one of the couples who witnessed the seventh bowl poured out in Babylon, NY, was led afterward to go to the famous battlefield at Gettysburg, PA and to pray there.

So it is my assumption that, since 2016 is bringing up a new “civil war” of sorts, the ultimate purpose of all this is to resolve the division and bring in the real solution—Jesus Christ. How that will take place is not clear yet, nor can we set forth any particular time line.

We only know that October 7, 2016 is the tenth anniversary of the seventh bowls of water and wine that were poured out in Babylon, NY. The wine was to judge Babylon; the water was to bring forth the outpouring of the Holy Spirit—two sides of the divine plan.

Another event that happened October 7 (10/7) was that the eye of Hurricane Matthew came ashore in South Carolina. It is perhaps significant that Matthew 10:7 reads, “And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The Kingdom of heaven is at hand’.”

Perhaps this hurricane is telling us something and that the eye of God is leading us.

Then a few days later, Tim Tebow, the Christian football quarterback, who is now playing baseball, was back in the news. While signing autographs after a game, one fan had a seizure. Tebow laid hands on him. The reporter understandably is reluctant to say the “H” word, but the fan apparently came out of his seizure.


Tim Tebow continued his baseball dreams in the Arizona Fall League on Tuesday, but his highlights from the day actually happened after the game was over.

While the team was hosting a post-game autograph session, one fan stopped moving and began having a seizure. That's when Tebow placed his hand on him -- and what happened next left everyone in shock.

Tebow reportedly waited with the fan at the ballpark at until paramedics arrived.

This isn't the first time Tebow has reportedly healed the sick. This past summer, Delta passengers witnessed him heroically running to another passenger's aid in the middle of a flight.

When we put the Civil War side by side with a healing miracle, it is hard to escape the conclusion that the Civil War in America is about to be healed.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones