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First 911 lawsuit filed against Saudi Arabia

Oct 02, 2016

Now that the House and Senate have overridden the Obama veto of the JASTA bill, allowing individuals to sue other countries, the first lawsuit has been filed against Saudi Arabia for its material support for al-qaeda and Osama bin Laden which allegedly resulted in 911.


The consequences of this bill could be enormous, having both political and economic fallout. The Saudis have threatened to dump US treasuries, which would be an economic disaster. But this also gives the Saudis an opportunity to deny the charges in court and to shift the blame to the US government itself for its role in demolishing the Twin Towers with explosive. No doubt the Saudis know the whole story, and it is doubtful that they will want to be the scapegoat any longer. They know that bin Laden was a CIA agent with the code name Tim Osman and that he was a long-time business partner with Bush, Sr. The question is whether they will use it to defend themselves. Would such testimony even be allowed?

This could get interesting.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones