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News from the Syrian battlefront

Sep 30, 2016

The US government decided in 2002 to destabilize the Mideast by overthrowing seven countries in five years. This has been reported by General Wesley Clark for more than a decade. Syria was one of those countries slated to be destabilized and broken up into smaller entities ruled by various warlords.

Russia, however, has stood in the way of US ambitions to destroy Syria. This has led us into a very dangerous situation now. The latest ceasefire fell apart when the US covertly bombed the UN aid convoy in order to blame Russia and have an excuse to continue their aid to al Nusra (an al-qaeda group). The US know that the longer they can prolong the Syrian civil war, the more the nation will be destroyed, regardless of who wins in the end.

The US claims that its goal is simply to replace Assad as president of Syria. Their real goal, however, is destabilization, not regime change—unless one defines regime change as replacing the single government with splintering Syria into multiple pieces. We have now reached the place where Russia knows the US is determined to do whatever it takes to arm the opposition and to extend the war indefinitely. So the war of words has reached a point not seen since 1985.

Here is a good 11-minute news video of the situation.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones