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Nervous Democrats whispering about replacing Hillary

Sep 12, 2016

The “conspiracy theory” about Hillary’s failing health is being proven more and more each day as Hillary’s health continues to deteriorate. At the 911 memorial in New York yesterday, she had to leave early and the video shows her almost collapsing near the black SUV as she was helped into the van. The “spin” is that she was “overheated,” although the temperature in New York that day was in the low 80’s (or 25o C). If true, she was the only one who got overheated, and even this would indicate that she has some serious health problem.


Journalist and author Cokie Roberts said Democrats are "nervously beginning to whisper" about needing to replace Hillary Clinton as the presidential nominee because of her health issues.

Clinton was forced to leave a Sept. 11 memorial service early on Sunday after she felt overheated and wobbled while entering a van. It was later revealed that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

"It has them very nervously beginning to whisper about her stepping aside and finding another candidate," Roberts said Monday on NPR's "Morning Edition."

Pneumonia? Why would anyone remain out in public if they had pneumonia? She has been coughing for a long time. This sounds like a typical cover story to hide the truth. It is obvious that a lot of Democratic Party leaders don't believe the cover story, because they wouldn't talk about replacing her as the presidential candidate just because she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

Her anonymous doctor can be seen helping her. Here he is again close up on the stage. Take note that he is not a secret service agent, because they are instructed never to touch the one that they are guarding, except in emergencies. This doctor puts his arm around her all the time.


He is seen on many other videos assisting Hillary and holding a drug “pen” (diazepam) in case she needs a shot to help her through a crisis.


Here again she is seen becoming confused during a speech.


The fact that this latest collapse occurred on September 11 suggests that this story may reach a culmination point on September 17, five years to the day when I saw Jezebel fall from power (Sept. 17, 2011). Hillary is obviously a type of Jezebel, and now that nervous Democrats are whispering about the need to replace Hillary as the presidential nominee, as reported on the mainstream news, it appears that September 17, 2016 is a prime date to watch, along with September 23, which is the 20th anniversary of our Jubilee declaration in 1996.

At some point, we expect to see Hillary prophetically thrown out the window (2 Kings 9:33). Up to now it was unclear whether this would happen before or after the election. With the new whispers among the Democrats themselves, it seems that this will happen prior to the election and not afterward.

The most likely date to watch is September 17.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones