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Light from the Crack—Chapter 4: The Rainbows, Part 2

Sep 29, 2016

The Voice shattered the cool stillness like thunder, and both Joshua and I jumped with momentary terror. “The rainbow speaks!” Joshua exclaimed after regaining his composure.

“Yes, it appears that this is another revelatory moment,” I replied. Though the Voice in the cave had come more softly and with a warm glow, I recognized that it was the same Voice. But this time it was as if a powerful bolt of lightning had struck the spot next to us.

“What do you mean, covenant?” I asked, turning toward the rainbow.

“I have made a covenant with the whole earth. It is My promise to every living creature on its face. This rainbow is my signature for all to see whenever there is rain, for My glory will be poured out upon all flesh as the former and latter rain.”

“Why, then, are there two rainbows?” I asked curiously.

“I have made two covenants with all flesh,” the Voice replied. “The first was a covenant based on men’s promise to conform to My image and My standard of behavior. Time has proven, as all men can now see, that all flesh has failed. So I have made a second covenant, this one based on My promise alone, in order to ensure its success. And I will not fail to set My glory in the whole earth, even as water fully covers the sea.”

“So the rainbow above this one represents Your promise and is greater than the lower one?” I asked with hesitation, not wanting to be offensive to the Voice.

“Both have been necessary, but the first was given to prove men incapable, while the second was given to prove that I am able.”

“Yet both rainbows have the same colors and look very much alike,” I replied.

“The goal of each is the same; the responsible parties are different. In the first, man must try to fulfill his vow by his own strength of will. When it is clear that no man can succeed, then all must accept the truth that only I can conform them to My image. Failure is not an option.”

The power of the deep Voice was irresistible, and I knew the day would come, however long it might take, when the Voice would have the right, the power, and the will to draw all men into His Kingdom in spite of their current resistance.

“Do the seven colors of the rainbow represent the diversity of creation itself?” I asked.

“Yes, and each was created in its turn. Stretch forth your hand, touch the colors one by one, and they will reveal themselves,” the Voice said with a commanding tone.

I reached out once again and touched the violet light, and it spoke: “Light!” That single word, however, was pregnant with a whole brood of offspring. Revelation is like a key that opens the door of a huge mansion packed with nuggets of truth and torrents of understanding. So light implied darkness, yet asserted its authority. Wherever light set its foot, darkness ceased to exist.

Further, I saw children of light and children of darkness.  I saw that the darkness within men, though enclosed and protected on all sides, would finally be discovered and swallowed up by this primal light. That is the nature of light and the power of its will, and the Voice spoke a second time with a satisfied tone, saying, “It is good.”

Joshua brought the basket higher, and I thrust my hand into the blue light. Immediately, the thunderous Voice of the blue light spoke: “Dual Waters!” I saw original waters separate, one flowing into the earth and the other into the heavens. I knew that these were layers of truth, separated by the second heaven, the place of all spiritual warfare. It was the great battleground of the cosmic soul that stood between the body of the earth and the spirit of the heavens.

I saw also far into the future, as if it were in the timeless present, when the long dualistic war would end in a complete one-sided victory. I saw the time of water separation ending, when all would converge and again flow as one. Satisfied, the voice spoke again, saying, “It is good.”

As the basket steadily moved higher, I thrust my hand into the green light, and the Voice of power spoke: “Land and Sea!” I saw the earth sprout with lush vegetation, seeds being planted, and fruit produced after its kind according to the laws of the green Voice. “It is good,” proclaimed the Voice again.

We continued higher, and I again thrust out my hand, this time into the bright yellow light. With a clap of thunder that shook the basket in which we stood, the yellow Voice spoke: “Let the Lights Rule!” I saw an explosion of light shatter the empty void and fill it with greater and lesser lights, each given jurisdiction in measure according to its glory. Once again, the Voice spoke with increasing pleasure, saying, “It is good.”

Still higher we climbed, and when I thrust my hand into the orange light, the Voice thundered, “Creatures!” His command immediately brought forth countless brightly-colored birds in the heavens, and the oceans heaved with a host of living creatures, great and small. The Voice again confirmed that Creation had obeyed His will: “It is good.”

As we neared the top of the rainbow, I thrust my hand into the deep red light, and its powerful Voice proclaimed: “Beasts and Men!” I saw the reddish earth bring forth creatures having many legs, others with four, and still others with two. Deep red blood ran through their veins to identify them with the earth which had brought them forth. I saw the souls of men in the blood and knew that its red color was given to identify them with the ground from which they had been taken. And the Voice said, “It is good.”

As Joshua and I reached the top of the rainbow, the balloon reached the limit to which it could ascend, and it stopped, hovering near the purple light that formed the apex of the rainbow. I again reached my hand into the serene color, and its Voice spoke with a calmness that was unexpected: “Rest!”

I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, as if I had participated in the creative work and had returned home full of joy and fulfillment. I understood that the Creator loved to work. His dominion, also represented by the purple color at the top of the rainbow, was rooted in perfect and complete love for all that He had created. It was all good at the beginning, each fitting perfectly as a piece of a universal puzzle of dazzling colors and shapes.

Then I heard a great sound as the Voice of seven colors speaking in agreement: “It is very good!” With that, the Voices withdrew and they fell silent, but not before revealing that creation was good, not evil, and that all evil, disharmony, and disobedience upon the earth was temporary, for it was not originally or inherently part of this creation.

Even so, I saw that the very existence of light gave meaning to darkness, not by empowering it but by defining its limits, its authority, and ultimately its duration. Light not only came into being with the first Voice, but it also was alive, expanding ever further, searching for and swallowing up all traces of darkness wherever light had not been.

Following the light came revelation, which set the boundaries of ignorance. Reality replaced illusion. Nothing began to be replaced by Something in all the voids that the light filled.

Even the separation of the waters was good, because it was not permanent. Separation merely allowed the creative process to continue beyond its momentary formation. Such is life itself, ever growing and increasing, destroying all nothingness in its path at the speed of light. But all of this goodness was unknown at the beginning, unknown to all but the Creator Himself, for good can be understood by men only through its contrast.

Man, having poor eyesight, knows only by experience, and he is unable to recognize reality apart from its opposite. It is not that good needs evil to exist, or even that good needs evil to give it definition, for the goodness of the Creator, whether recognized or not by men, is ever present. Evil fully depends upon good to exist, even as darkness derives its existence by light—or rather, by its absence.

In all cosmic paradoxes that give meaning by contrast, the divine purpose of such arrangements is to set forth a display of goodness dominating its evil opponent. At no time was darkness given the power to overcome light. Neither was disharmony given power equal to that of harmony. Though the middle ground of the second heaven is a scene of mortal combat between the two, the outcome is never in question. Disharmony, disobedience, ignorance, chaos, and pride are all temporary conditions, food for the growing light. Such negatives exist only to give glory to the Conqueror, that His Kingdom might grow with each new creative project beyond the limits of time and space.

The victory of the light was never in doubt, for the infinite must always endure, even as the finite is swallowed up in defeat.

Joshua and I basked in the light of the word for a long time, discussing the revelation we had been given through the goodness of the Creator. At length, another Voice, gentle but firm, descended upon us from above: “Come up here.”

With that, our Faith balloon was drawn by unseen hands through an invisible, impenetrable, razor-thin veil that distinguished the realm of the first rainbow with that of the second. We were powerless to resist it, even if we wished to do so. But we did not want to resist it, for the Power was as irresistible to our hearts as it was to our bodies. The desire of the Drawing One became one with the desire of the drawn ones, two hearts beating as one, having the same expectations, the same goals, and identical love.

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