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Is Hillary dead?

Sep 13, 2016

WABC News New York television reporter Joe Torres stated, “We begin with the breaking news of Hillary Clinton’s death:” The fact that this video was cut off immediately after he reporter her “death” suggests that the reporter immediately corrected himself. However, another report tells us that the reporter did not correct himself.

A TV anchor started his broadcast Sunday with a startling statement.

“Good evening,” said WABC weekend anchor Joe Torres. “We begin with Hillary Clinton’s death.”

Torres didn’t correct himself, but the broadcast continued on to report Clinton’s health troubles at Sunday’s 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York.


Even so, to make such a “Freudian slip” is remarkable. The reporter obviously had been discussing this off camera, or perhaps he knew something but was not supposed to report it. Listen to it here:


After Hillary’s collapse in front of the SUV, she was not taken to the hospital but to Chelsea’s apartment. Is that how a patient with pneumonia is treated? Is the fact that Chelsea’s apartment used to be a state hospital part of the story? Hillary seems to have very private doctors in order to avoid news reports of her true state of health, and when she went there instead of the emergency room, it suggests that a hospital of sorts still exists in that building.

Then two hours later she supposedly leaves the apartment looking quite fit. Apparently, pneumonia isn’t that big a deal for a 68-year old who had just collapsed from heat exhaustion. In fact, looking fully healed and ten years younger, she tells the cameras, “It’s a beautiful day in New York.” Yes, it was—and there was no reason for her to get “overheated” on such a beautiful day, unless it was caused by an underlying health issue.

Furthermore, Hillary apparently has no concern about spreading her pneumonia to the crowds or even to the little girl that comes up to her while leaving Chelsea’s apartment. Pneumonia is a very serious disease. Those who get it usually stay in bed for a long time, wheezing and breathing hard. But now, apparently, it is not even as bad as the flu. Just a coughing fit now and then. Move on, everyone. Nothing to report here.

Divine healing, perhaps??

Like all presidents and many high-level politicians, Hillary has a few doubles as part of her security team. Years ago in the wake of the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, I saw an NBC report, telling how all presidents have doubles. They remain visible and circulate among the reporters before news conferences in order to draw fire from anyone who might want to shoot them. Why would Hillary be any different? There are certainly a few Obama doubles.

It seems quite obvious that one of Hillary’s doubles walked out of Chelsea’s apartment looking perfectly healthy in order to reassure the world that she has no health problem. The problem is, however, that this double did not seem to have pneumonia at all.

A Replacement for Hillary

MSNBC reporter, David Schuster, who is well known to those who watch the news, tweeted about Hillary: Expect emergency DNC meeting to CONSIDER replacement.” Considering how well Hillary looked coming out of Chelsea’s apartment, why would the DNC even consider replacing her? Here is the story:


“Early this evening, SuperStation95 received information from sources inside the Democratic National Committee (DNC) saying we should expect an emergency DNC Meeting to replace Hillary Clinton.  MSNBC's David Shuster now CONFIRMS this information.  We held the story because our credibility demands we verify reports with at least two sources before we publish things to you.

“In an utterly stunning leak of even more stunning news, Shuster has now Tweeted this information to the public.  Having this second credible source confirm what we had already been told, allows us to bring this information public….

 “A respected and trusted source within the DNC has told SuperStation95 "She will be out by September 17."  --- We are presently unable to confirm this.  Check back.”

Speculation is that Joe Torres was correct in reporting her death. Dead people are replaced, not presidential candidates with pneumonia.

The Shift in Perceptions

September 11, 2016 will not be remembered on account of the memorial to the Twin Towers disaster 15 years ago. It will be remembered as the day the mainstream media finally acknowledged Hillary Clinton’s alarming health problem—and perhaps even her death. Once the mainstream media acknowledges something, it is no longer a “conspiracy theory.”

Operation Jericho (September 11-17, 2011) linked the 11th to the 17th. So Hillary’s collapse on the 11th confirms that we should watch the 17th. The report that “She will be out by September 17” only adds weight to this watch date.

Fulford reported today:

“The people behind Hillary Clinton contacted the White Dragon Society again to say their new plan is to have Hillary drop out of the Presidential race for health reasons and then run a Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama ticket against Donald Trump.”

If this is true, then this may signal who the DNC is planning as a replacement for Hillary. We will find out soon enough, perhaps as early as September 17.

History of Ahab and Jezebel

In May 1987 I first received revelation that Bill Clinton would become president, but even before this, we understood that Bill and Hillary were playing the roles of Ahab and Jezebel. We lived in Arkansas at the time, so we were able to observe their actions better than most others. Because of this, after Bill became president, we knew that he would humble himself at some point in his presidency, because this is what King Ahab did in 1 Kings 21:27-29.

Bill Clinton did this on September 11, 1998, when he attended the Congressional Prayer Breakfast and read Psalm 51, “Create in me a clean heart, O God.” That evening, news anchor, Tom Brokaw, opened the news by stating, “Today President Clinton turned the White House into a confession booth.” Like King Ahab, Bill Clinton did not repent, but both humbled themselves and were given a three-year reprieve. If they had truly repented, judgment might have been averted entirely.

The result of Ahab’s humbling was that war was averted for three years (1 Kings 22:1), and that the war would come in the time of his successor (“son”). So we knew that we should watch September 11, 2001, since that was precisely 3 years later. The biblical pattern implied that a war would begin on this date.

That is now a matter of history and cannot be denied. It also confirmed positively that Bill Clinton was a type of King Ahab. This also proves that Hillary Clinton is following a Jezebel pattern, if, for no other reason, because Bill is married to Hillary.

Following the pattern of King Ahab, it appears that Bill Clinton’s actions brought divine judgment upon the nation, but that judgment was deferred for three years from 1998-2001. But here is where it gets confusing to most people, because it involves…

The Hezekiah Factor

King Hezekiah was granted a 15-year extension of life (2 Kings 20:6), and the sign given to him was that the clock (sun dial) would be turned back ten degrees (“steps” on the dial). We learned in 1994 that we could do things ten years late and make it retroactive to a missed appointment. For this reason, we were able to declare the 120th Jubilee in 1996, even though the actual Jubilee was in September of 1986. In other words, the Jubilee declaration was effective in 1986, even though we did not declare it until 1996.

At the same time, we must look at a 15-year “extension of life” from 1986-2001, ending with the new phase of world history known as the Never-ending War on Terror, which changed our entire way of life.

In other words, start with 1996 and the Jubilee Declaration. Go back ten years to 1986 where it was effective. Then go ahead 15 years to 2001, where everything changed. Get the picture?

OK, now look at another pattern.

On September 11-17, 2011 Christians in the Twin Cities here got the revelation to do “Operation Jericho.” They drove on the loop around the cities once for six days and then seven times on the seventh day (Sept. 17). Then at noon they met at the state capitol in St. Paul for the final declaration that the walls were coming down with a great shout.

The shout was made from 3:14 to 3:18 pm on September 17, 2011. During that shout, I heard the voice of God say, “Jezebel has been cast down.” At the same time, on the capitol steps behind me, a woman fell down the steps. I did not see it, but the security guard told us afterward. I do not know who she was, but she was the sign of Jezebel at the time.

So the decree was made Sept. 11-17, 2011, but it was effective ten years earlier on Sept. 11, 2001 when the walls of defense around America came down, and we suddenly became vulnerable to attack. Yet we were also granted a 15-year extension from 2001-2016, and this time is ending from Sept. 11-17, 2016.

What are we now seeing? Hillary fell on Sept. 11, as she was being half carried to the SUV. Now she is being reported dead (whether true or not), and it is also being reported that she will be replaced by Sept. 17. Is this all a massive coincidence? I think not.

Nonetheless, we will still just have to watch and see what transpires this week end during our conference Sept. 16-18. The story is not yet complete, because we are only in the beginning stages of whatever “Jezebel” events are happening.

The point is that Bill Clinton’s actions took us to Sept. 11, 2001, and Hillary’s actions picked up the story from there. There is a tight link between the two people and the two stories. It all began on Sept. 11, 1998 and now seems to be coming to a climax in 2016.

So be watchful. Things are getting interesting.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones