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A new series

Sep 23, 2016

Yesterday I finished the Revelation series. The timing was curious, since September 22 is (in one sense) the eighth day of Tabernacles. September is our 9th month, but its Latin name means the 7th month. A long time ago, the Romans changed their first month from March to January, but they did not change the names of the last four months.

So September 22 is a type of the eighth day of the feast of Tabernacles (7/22, or 22/7), and this is also the pi factor, because 22/7 is also 3.14.

Today is September 23, 2016, the 20th anniversary of our Jubilee declaration in 1996. On this day I am beginning a new series of weblogs, and this one will be quite different from those of the past. I had anticipated writing a commentary on Jonah and Hosea, but it seems that these will have to be done in the Foundation For Intercession bulletins. About four days ago the Father surprised me with this new assignment. He said to entitle it: “Light from the Crack.” The meaning will be apparent in the first weblog.

I have always wanted to do “creative writing,” and back in my University days I even started writing a novel. The problem was that in those days I seldom finished what I had started, and at one point I had about six unfinished projects. This accomplished nothing, of course, other than to reveal an inner desire to write novels that are instructive.

The Father knew of this desire but waited until I had received more revelation of the word before surprising me with this new project. As you read, most of you will notice biblical quotations or paraphrases, because it involves conversations with God. It is a work of fiction, but I suspect that to some extent it will present a biblical philosophy designed to impart a greater understanding of God’s nature and ways, along with our relationship to Him.

This book (if eventually published) could be a never-ending story, as the revelation of God never comes to an end. I do not know how it will end, so I am launching out into the deep purely by faith. In all past weblogs, God has led me each day, often with new revelation. But this time I am going in uncharted territory, full of uncertainty as to where this will lead, yet knowing also that God will lead me each day in the path that I should take.

I hope you will enjoy my journal.

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