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Past revelations about Jezebel

Aug 09, 2016

Here is my weblog from September 18, 2011, the day after Operation Jericho ended at the state capital in St. Paul, Minnesota.


In the weblog, I referred to seeing Jezebel fall from power, but did not mention that during the long shout of victory, a woman literally fell down on the capital steps just behind me. I did not see it happen personally, but others told me afterward. My own discernment during the shout was that I saw Jezebel cast down, having no idea that this was literally being pictured behind me at the same moment.

At the time back in 2011, I thought it would be unkind to her to mention this, as she probably did not know or understand that she was representing Jezebel as a prophetic type. But now that 5 years have passed, and we are now seeing a greater type of Jezebel being cast down, I think it is important to let you know what happened, in order to support our present discernment.

It seems that the time to watch will be September 17, 2016, which is the anniversary of the woman’s fall in 2011. The whole Operation Jericho itself was a 7-day “Jericho” march that began on September 11 and culminated on September 17, 2011. This was done 10 years after the Twin Towers demolition, although those who organized this were unaware of the connection.

The weblog above also gives a summary of the Seven Churches and the connection between them and the seven churches of the Old Covenant.

With the recent revelations coming out about Hillary Clinton’s illegal activities, I think it is likely that she will have to withdraw her candidacy at some point, perhaps in September. There are so many witnesses now surfacing, many of whom are suddenly being suicided, it seems that we are seeing another outbreak of the Arkansas Flu which afflicted witnesses back in the 1990’s. Such extreme measures are taken by panic-stricken people, but they cannot kill everyone. The flood of witnesses will soon overwhelm them.

The US elections this year are unusual, and I am not sure if either of the major political candidates will actually be elected. Trump is being opposed by 50 members of the Republican Party, which is still trying to kick him off the ticket.


Clinton is supported by her party, but there is a groundswell of opposition with witnesses coming forward implicating her of very serious crimes including treason and murder. If the Republican Party "dumps Trump," he will likely be replaced by Paul Ryan. If the Democrats are forced to dump Hillary, it is certain that she will be replaced by Bernie Sanders. We will have to watch events as they unfold.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones