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Winds of change are blowing

Jul 16, 2016

The events of the past few days have been game changers.

First, the murder of five Dallas police officers by a Muslim terrorist has served to deflate the planned “Day of Rage” that was supposed to happen today. Nationwide protests were largely a dud. No doubt some potential protesters wanted to stay away for fear of more violence. Others simply did not wish to be associated with the shooter or the shooting in any way.

After the incidents in Minnesota and Louisiana where police shot and killed black men, a lot of sympathy was generated for the “Black Lives Matter” movement that was birthed in Ferguson, MO last year. That sympathy has now been squandered and lost forever on account of the actions of the sniper who killed Dallas policemen to avenge the actions of the Minnesota police.

The Nice Massacre

The truck massacre in Nice, France by a French Tunisian Muslim screaming Allahu akbar as he ran over men, women, and children has all but doomed political careers of the current pro-immigration leaders of the European nations. If anyone still had sympathies for Muslim immigrants, they are hunkering down now, dead in the water. No one dares to express such sympathy in public any more, lest it cause a riotous backlash.

France is on the verge of a second French Revolution. After the Nice attack, France’s Hollande was quoted as saying, “France must learn to live with terrorism.”


Really? If the French are not offended by such a statement, then they truly have lost the ability to think properly. But Hollande’s approval rating is about 10%, so there is yet hope for at least 90% of the French. The other 10% are probably recent immigrants.

Germans are getting tired of Angela Merkel, especially after 2000 rapes last New Year’s Day jarred the consciences of a lot of people. Anyone not wearing a burka appears to be fair game, and it is their own fault if they are raped.

Swedes have burned a lot of mosques to the ground. The attitudes of Europeans began to shift last November 13, 2015 with the Paris attacks, but this latest attack has garnered millions of new support for opposition parties who are opposed to any further Muslim immigrants.

This shift will likely also be felt here in America, once people realize that a steady stream of immigrants has been coming to America covertly, with little or no news coverage. Every new Muslim shooting incident increases the anger, fear, and suspicion and convinces a new batch of previously-uninformed Americans that danger is approaching.

We are moving quickly toward civil war unless something changes. In my view, someone up at the top of the Babylonian food chain is deliberately trying to foment trouble in order to justify a declaration of martial law. Don’t get caught up in hatred or fear-based reactions, as this will only serve their devious purpose. Someone is deliberately trying to make both sides angry enough to fight each other, so that the police and military can be seen as the “solution” to the problem which they have caused.

It is important to recognize that the Muslim immigrants are not the underlying problem. They, like everyone else, are being used for nefarious purposes by our own (hidden) Babylonian rulers who give orders to proxies—the visible world leaders. It became US policy to disrupt the Middle East back in 2003, in order to create millions of Muslim refugees so that they could be induced to move to Europe and America where they could be used in a clash of civilizations.

We are being given a choice between Babylon and the Kingdom of Christ. Choose wisely.

The Attempted Coup in Turkey

The attempted military coup in Turkey on July 15 (our main watch date) has the potential for a huge geopolitical shift of alliances. Turkish president Erdoğan is blaming his former ally Fethullah Gulen, now his arch enemy, who had turned against him and now lives in Pennsylvania. Gulen has ties with the Clinton Foundation and to President Obama, who is currently giving him protection and asylum.

A newly-released email and lobbying documents filed with Congress reveals new ties between Clintonworld and members of a network operated by a mysterious Islamic cleric from Turkey.

Connections between Clinton and acolytes of the imam, Fethullah Gulen, could muddle the complex relationship between the U.S. and Turkey, a key NATO ally, if the former secretary of state wins the White House.

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has mounted an aggressive crackdown against Gulen and his followers, known as Gulenists. Erdoğan, who was once allied with Gulen, has even personally asked President Obama to extradite the 74-year-old guru, who has lived in self-exile in Pennsylvania’s Pocono mountains since 1999.


In another article, we read,

It is unclear who is leading the movement. However, Mr Erdogan insisted some in the military have been taking orders from Fethullah Gulen, a US-based Turkish cleric who the president has repeatedly accused of fomenting unrest.

He said the attempted uprising was the work of a "parallel state" and "Pensylvania" - a reference to the state where the cleric is based.


Erdoğan smells a US plot to overthrow him, in spite of Obama’s grand pledges of support.

“At this time, Turkish authorities are not permitting aircraft to depart Incirlik,” an American military official said on Saturday morning.

The American official said the United States was seeking an explanation for the decision and other details. As the NYT adds, the move may reflect a desire by Turkey to control its airspace for a time today, as opposed to any shift on its policy toward ISIS, although that remains to be seen especially with Kerry and Lavrov concluding their agreement on how to extend the "long-term ceasefire" in Syria…

 Some have speculated that the airbase may be held "hostage" by Ankara as a bargaining chip ahead of demands for the extradition of Erdogan's arch enemy, Fethullah Gulen, currently a resident of the state of Pennsylvania.


Today Erdoğan is demanding the extradition of Gulen, causing a diplomatic storm. It is difficult to believe that Obama would back down in this dispute, as this might be seen as a sign of weakness. We need to watch the situation closely.

Erdoğan may have reason to suspect a US plot. In recent weeks, Erdoğan has been patching up his relations with Russia after last year’s shoot down of a Russian fighter jet. The US government does not look kindly on anyone who makes peace with Russia, because it interferes with their plans to instigate World War III. Now Turkey’s relations with the US are souring, and this is bound to push Turkey toward a Russian orbit.

The US airbase in Incirlik, Turkey, which is reputedly where the main Afghani drug traffic into Europe and America is coordinated, is now on lockdown, and the (external) power has been cut. Turkey is not allowing any flights in or out of Incirlik, not even against ISIS. For all practical purposes, the US is no longer a serious factor in the fight against ISIS. This leaves Russia and Iran in nearly full control of the battlefield.

US Secretary of State John Kerry hastily flew to Moscow for direct talks with President Putin. This was apparently done without the approval or authorization of the White House, which has many people wondering who’s in charge. The White House spokesman had nothing to say about it (as of yesterday), but it is clear that the US attempt to isolate Russia has failed, along with the US attempt to be the leader in the fight against ISIS.

Two factions seem to be emerging within the US State Department, one trying to establish peace, the other trying to foment war. The same can be seen within the Pentagon. This lack of unity is bringing about conflicting policies in the fight against ISIS as well as in relations with Russia and other nations. This conflict first became apparent last year when the US began bombing ISIS groups that were being sponsored and funded by the CIA. But it has also been apparent by watching the different directions taken by Obama and Kerry in the past two years.

All of this is part of the internal front in the war between Babylon and the kings from the east. We know from Scripture which side will win this war. We simply do not know how far it will go before the clear winner emerges.

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