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Chaos at the Democratic National Convention

Jul 27, 2016

Months ago I wrote how both of the main political parties had taken sides in their political races. The Republican Party establishment had backed Ted Cruz and put up as many roadblocks as possible against Donald Trump. The Democratic Party establishment had back Hillary Clinton and put up as many roadblocks as possible against Bernie Sanders. Neither party, apparently, really believes in democracy or even fairness. But they put on a good show.

The difference is that Trump beat the system and embarrassed the Republican party leaders, whereas Sanders lost. So even though there was some dissention at the Republican convention last week, the leaders concluded that Trump won “fair and square.” That was not particularly accurate, because Trump won even though it was anything but fair. Yet having won, he had no need to protest at the convention.

It was quite different at the Democratic convention, where Sanders’ delegates felt cheated by the dirty tricks of party leaders. Polls indicate that (as of now) 35% of Sanders’ supporters do not intend to vote at all in the coming election, and 11% will actually vote for Trump.


When Hillary was formally nominated for president yesterday, most of Sanders’ delegates walked out.

“A crowd of delegates walked out of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday in protest, storming the media tent and staging a sit-in moments after Hillary Clinton was officially declared the party's presidential nominee.”


The chaos was ensured last Friday, July 22, when Wikileaks published thousands of DNC emails showing how party leaders had taken steps to block Sanders and to cheat him out of delegates in the state primaries. The leaders could not deny their own emails, so they had no choice but to apologize to Sanders.


Of course, an apology without restitution is meaningless if the election is already stolen. The only way to truly repent would be to redo the whole thing, and this is virtually impossible. So it is plain that crime pays, if the people themselves support it with their votes.

The Democratic leaders then tried to shift the blame to Russia for the leaks, insinuating that Russia was trying to influence the US elections. That, of course, not only sidesteps the obvious truth, but it is highly hypocritical, since the US government tries to influence most foreign elections and has actively overthrown entire governments. Even so, the party chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had no choice but to resign her post.

“PHILADELPHIA, July 25 (Reuters) -- Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said on Monday she will not open the party's national convention in Philadelphia, the Sun Sentinel newspaper reported.”


She was immediately hired by Hillary Clinton to reward her for her loyalty.

“Hillary Clinton has hired soon-to-be-former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. DWS will resign from her position effective at the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention. It was revealed that the DNC was effectively working to sabotage Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) during the Democratic primary, prompting calls for her to resign.”


Other speakers at the convention were booed and jeered when they endorsed Clinton. Elizabeth Warren and Sanders himself were booed for endorsing her. These delegates are really angry and disillusioned with the Democratic Party itself.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was repeatedly heckled Monday night as she delivered a speech endorsing Hillary Clinton to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

"We trusted you! We trusted you!" chanted factions of the audience comprised of individuals who were apparent supporters of Bernie Sanders and were seemingly upset with Warren's endorsement of Clinton.

Loud boos and jeers came soon after, when the Massachusetts senator said it was imperative that Clinton and Tim Kaine, her running mate, were elected to the White House.


So now as we enter the main presidential election season, it will be interesting to watch what happens. The “Crooked Hillary” label that Trump has given her has been given a lot more credibility this past week, but one never knows how this will go. More Wikileaks emails might yet surface.

The Jezebel Factor

In May 1987, while living in Arkansas, I received a word from God that Arkansas governor Bill Clinton was going to become president of the United States and that he represented a “beast.” I was also told at the same time that the Clintons would manifest the pattern of Ahab and Jezebel.

I understood at the time that this meant we would see a very immoral presidency, but later I came to realize that King Ahab “humbled himself” after the prophet Elijah exposed his sin (1 Kings 21:29). As a result, God postponed “war” (divine judgment) upon Israel for three years (1 Kings 22:1). We wondered how this might play out.

Bill Clinton confessed an inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky on national television the evening of August 17, 1998, but he did so as an angry man. Later, at the Congressional Prayer Breakfast on September 11, 1998, he humbled himself and even read Psalm 51:10, “Create in me a clean heart, O God.” (King David wrote this psalm after his affair with Bathsheba.)

That same evening, on the evening news, news anchor Tom Brokaw began by saying, “Today President Bill Clinton turned the east wing of the White House into a confession booth.” That was one of the few times in all of history that a reporter could make such a statement truthfully. This event told us that divine judgment upon America (in the form of war) would be postponed for three years, following the pattern in the story of King Ahab.

That divine judgment began three years later to the day—September 11, 2001. We have been at war ever since that time. King Ahab was told that the judgment would not come during his lifetime, but in the time of his “son” or successor. So also the so-called “war on terror” began during the presidency of George W. Bush in 2001.

Historical events have proven that Bill Clinton was a type of Ahab. Today, however, we are seeing the Jezebel pattern emerging in the saga of Hillary Clinton’s run for president. Jezebel did not fare as well as King Ahab, for she was ultimately overthrown by Jehu, thrown out the window by eunuchs, and eaten by dogs (2 Kings 9:10, 36).

As I showed in yesterday’s weblog…


Jezebel serves as a prophetic type of the great harlot in Revelation 17:1, 3, who rides a beast, and eventually, the beast turns against her and eats her (Revelation 17:16). Because Hillary is married to Bill—who has proven by actual events to be Ahab—she is Jezebel today, a type of “harlot” (biblical term) who will soon be thrown out the window, so to speak.

Since the beast system, which began with King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon in 607 B.C., was destined to rule at least until October of 2014, we could not have expected the beast to eat Jezebel prior to that time. There is also a three-year phase from 2014-2017 that must be considered, since Nebuchadnezzar did not take Jerusalem until 604 B.C. The important thing to notice is that the Jezebel pattern could not have emerged prior to 2014-2017, even though the Ahab pattern was fulfilled in 1998. (Incidentally, Jezebel outlived Ahab.)

The only real question is whether Hillary’s political demise will come sooner or later. Perhaps she will be cast out before the election, but it may be afterward. At this point, it is not clear. There are prophecies about her becoming president and prophecies about Trump becoming president. At the present time, these appear to be contradictory, but God has ways of making both come true. We must wait to see how this plays out.

The leaked emails from Wikileaks may forecast Jezebel’s fall. The beast that she rides in Revelation 17 represents the kings of the earth (Revelation 17:18). We have to ask ourselves how and why they would turn against Hillary. Will Wikileaks publish her deleted emails? Will those emails cause other world leaders to turn against her? What about the Kaine factor? (Cain?)

Time will tell. Let us be watchful as these prophetic events unfold.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones