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The Tekel sign (UPDATED)

Jun 15, 2016

First we saw the Mina, Mina sign at the time of the Orlando shooting. Justice Mina was the mother of one of the victims, and Police Chief Mina is a Justice of the Peace. I explained this “Mina” sign here:


UPDATE: Mina Justice called her son, who is an ACCOUNTANT. Mina/Mene signifies that Babylon's account was being audited by the Great Accountant.

Now we see “Tekel banknotes” at the Dundee Design Festival.


Perhaps we should watch for the third sign: Peretz, Peres, upharsin (the plural form), or even Paris? (See Daniel 5:25-28.)

Are we seeing the handwriting on the wall for Mystery Babylon? Is Justice coming?

UPDATE: The Brexit vote is to be held on June 23, in which the British are deciding whether to DIVIDE themselves from the EU. Perhaps this will prove to be the third step in the handwriting on the wall, but we could also see other signs.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones