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Coincidences (two incidents coming together)

Jun 06, 2016

83 years ago yesterday President Roosevelt took us off the gold standard.


I often see a strange coincidence between the topic of the weblogs and correlating events either at the same time or on the same date in history.

Yesterday I did not write a weblog, as it was Sunday, but today’s weblog talked about the US government’s confiscation of gold. The Executive Order forbids “hoarding” gold, which of course is laughable, because “hoarding” meant owning a single piece of gold. He was forbidding ownership, not “hoarding,” but as usual this is Newspeak.

Also, it just occurred to me that I was writing on the number 666 on 6/6/16 today.

It’s just weird to those who are unfamiliar with such coincidences.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones