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Brexit and watch dates

Jun 24, 2016

The year 2001 was a year of great spiritual warfare. It began with the wars to overthrow the golden calves (February and March), after which time God granted America a divorce from those golden calves. Then we were led to hold a more positive prayer campaign called “We Accept Your New Covenant Marriage Proposal.” This was done June 19-22, 2001. During the campaign, on June 21, we were even given a diamond ring in the heavens, in the form of a solar eclipse. Here is a photo of it from a news account:


This marriage proposal was designed to bring the nation into a proper relationship with Christ. Of course, this was just a betrothal, not the actual marriage. In biblical style, the parent/guardian of the bride, known as the “avenger of blood,” or more accurately, the “kinsman redeemer,” represented the bride in this marriage negotiation and proposal. In the prayer campaign, the negotiations ended at noon on June 22, 2001, and was sealed by the dowry, given (or promised) by the Father of the Groom.

We have long understood that such spiritual events are seldom fulfilled immediately. In the case of Abraham, we find that God essentially proposed marriage to him, promising to honor the bride, give her many children, and protect her from harm or from curses (Genesis 12:1-3). The actual marriage took place 430 years later under Moses at Mount Sinai.

Since the start of this year, we have been on alert to watch the 15-year Hezekiah Extension cycle from 2001-2016. More broadly, we have been watching the 15-year cycle that began with the seven bowls that were poured out between October 22, 2000 and October 7, 2006. It is highly probable that we will see the seven bowls of water and wine take effect from Tabernacles of 2015 to Tabernacles of 2021.

Overthrowing the Tower of Babel

Hence, it is no coincidence that we are now studying the book of Revelation during this time, and that we came to the first bowl of water/wine on June 23, 2016, the day of the Brexit vote. This appears to be divine judgment (“wine”) poured out upon Babylon as a first step in a series of judgments. The Eurozone is a picture of Babylon by their own admission. Here is their logo of an unfinished Tower with the motto: Europe: Many Tongues, One Voice.


Reuters News calls it “Europe’s Tower of Babel.”


In 2013 the Huffington Post called it “a leaning Tower of Babel.”


See also: Financial Tower of Babel: Roots of Crisis.

http://robindcmatthews.com/pubdocs/documents/1/original_THE FINANCIAL TOWER OF BABLE ROOTS OF CRISIS-1.pdf

Hence, the EU is one of the most prominent manifestations of Babylon in the world today. This is why the Brexit is so significant. With the UK voting to leave the European Tower of Babel, we are seeing a repeat of Genesis 11:8,

8 So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of the whole earth; and they stopped building the city.

God has again confounded the work of completing the construction of Babylon. The unfinished Tower on their logo was truthful, for their consolidation of power will not be complete before God intervenes and scatters them.

All of the news media has claimed that a UK Brexit would threaten to unravel the entire Eurozone, which is already under pressure from the near bankruptcy of the nations of southern Europe: Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Italy. The huge immigration problem has put pressure on the northern European nations as well. With the UK getting ready to exit, other nations now feel encouraged to bring their own exit to a vote.

The Rain

I have been showing the connection between the bowls of wine and water. The wine symbolizes divine judgment, while the water offering represents the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It is interesting, then, that on the day of the Brexit vote, there was heavy rain that may have influenced the outcome of this vote.


LONDON — It's voting day, and once again, the Brits are talking about the weather — this time for a reason. After all, it may just be the weather that decides the future of Britain's relationship with the European Union.

It would be difficult to prove one way or another if the rain made a difference, but at the very least, it suggests the combination of water and wine.

Market Turmoil

As soon as news agencies began to project a “leave” vote, the markets began to tumble, and many shut down altogether when their “down” limits were reached. About $2 Trillion was wiped off the value of stocks worldwide. The pound plunged about 10% from $1.50 to $1.35. Deutsche Bank lost 20% of its stock value and immediately fired 3,000 employees. (This may be the final blow to the bank. We should know by mid-July when their derivative bets are settled.)

The Dow closed down 610 points today, but this may change if the Exchange Stabilization Fund, created years ago to buy up stocks to protect from market plunges, does what it was created to do. Gold and silver are up sharply as might be expected. Gold is now back over $1300/oz, and silver is heading toward $18/oz. However, these prices still reflect the demand for paper, rather than for real metal, so I don’t know how “real” this is.

The price manipulators have virtually unlimited funds to short the markets and drive the price to whatever level they wish. The real test will come when the first corporate silver user is unable to obtain the real metal, and one of its futures contracts defaults. That will be the point when everything will shift, and the silver market will be exposed with silver shortages (at current low prices). Only when the prices rise will people then be willing to sell their real metal.

The “Adjustment in Chronology” Revelation

On June 23, 2001 we received revelation about an “adjustment in chronology” from June 19 to 23. I no longer recall who received this revelation, but I wrote it down in my record book and noted that it meant that June 19 was actually June 23 in some spiritual way. Having had no further insight as to what this meant at the time, I forgot about it until last week when I began to refresh my memory about the events of 2001.

At first I had thought that June 19-22 would be the important dates in 2016, as they were in 2001. However, with the Brexit vote set for June 23, it seemed that we had to make a four-day adjustment this year: June 23-26. We should know for sure by Monday, once we can assess if anything significant happened on Sunday, June 26. If this is tied closely to the betrothal in 2001, then it seems that we ought to see the Father’s dowry at this time as well.

Back in 2001 we understood the dowry in terms of silver, since the normal price of a dowry was 50 shekels of silver (payment for 100 days of common labor from sunup to sundown). Now, 15 years later, the situation has changed, although it may still be significant that the price of metals is up sharply today after the Brexit vote. But because we are still in the middle of this, there is little point in speculating.

The bride in this case is represented by her guardians, the overcomers, who represent her in the negotiations at the time of the marriage proposal. Will the dowry be given on June 26? Or will this merely be the date of the agreement, so that the actual payment can be made at a later time?

Right now we just witnessing what some commentators are calling a “divorce.” Perhaps this is the European version of what we obtained for America on March 24, 2001, when we divorced the golden calves that Jeroboam had set up in Israel thousands of years ago.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones