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Arkansas Flu Epidemic II

Jun 28, 2016

Remember back in the 1990’s when so many people died of the Arkansas flu?

http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Arkansas flu&defid=2483676

The disease seemed to strike anyone who had any knowledge of criminal activity that Bill Clinton had done. The only proven vaccine is ignorance. Or, if you prefer, just take the blue pill. Larry Nichols, a former Green Beret and professional assassin, claims to be one of the Clintons’ hit men, hired to kill people who opposed them. (Larry Nichols is mentioned in Bill Clinton’s memoirs.)


If you want to listen to his actual interview where he openly admits to killing people, go to the radio link and fast forward it to the 1 hr 10 min mark.

The same disease seems to have struck again, this time with someone who was scheduled to testify against in a bribery case involving the Clinton Foundation. The FBI are currently investigating this. However, one of the key witnesses just died under mysterious circumstances, much like the dozens of cases in the 1990’s.


A major bribery scandal was threatening to engulf both Hillary and Bill Clinton — but now the untimely and highly unusual death of a key witness may keep that from happening.

John Ashe, former president of the United Nations General Assembly and former ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean, was found dead in his home in Dobbs Ferry, New York, last week shortly before he was expected to give testimony in a massive corruption case surrounding a longtime pal of the Clintons. The case is currently in the pre-trial phase.

Ashe was initially reported dead of a heart attack.

Later reports confirmed that his throat was crushed by a barbell in what’s being called an exercise accident.

Ashe was accused of accepting more than $1 million in bribes from several people, including $500,000 from Ng Lap Seng – a shady Chinese billionaire known as “Mr. Wu” who had deep ties to the Clinton Administration and is in jail awaiting trial in the case.

We lived in Arkansas during Bill Clinton’s second term as governor in the early 1980’s. Everyone in our fellowship was aware at the time of his illegal and often ruthless activities, in spite of his personable demeanor. We even knew where the illegal drug drops took place, that were coming in from Columbia, but since the local police were part of the operation, we could do nothing about it. This story is far bigger than most people want to believe, or that can even comprehend.

It will be interesting to see if the FBI succeeds in indicting Hillary Clinton. The indictment is currently being blocked by the Obama administration’s Department of Justice, but the FBI seems determined to proceed anyway. This could prove to be interesting.

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