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Saudi woes may change the world

May 18, 2016

The slump in the price of oil this past year is hitting the Saudis quite hard. First, Moody’s cut the credit rating for Saudi Arabia. Now the Saudis are considering offering contractors IOU’s to pay bills on building projects.

Saudi Arabia is considering using IOUs to pay outstanding bills with contractors and conserve cash, according to people briefed on the discussions.


Tuesday the US Senate passed a bill allowing victims of 911 to sue other countries. This is widely seen as holding Saudi Arabia liable. An article says,

The U.S. Senate passed legislation yesterday that will allow Sept. 11 victims and their families to sue other countries for their role in the attacks. The move comes a day after the Treasury Department disclosed the size of Saudi Arabia's holdings of U.S. debt. The oil-rich Gulf kingdom has previously threatened to sell $750 billion of dollar-denominated assets should the bill become law, and while it has passed the senate, it is still strongly opposed by President Obama.


Meanwhile, we have been hearing of the rift between the US and Saudi Arabia over their policies regarding Syria. The Saudis are angry with President Obama for not following through on his promise to overthrow Syrian president Assad. The US induced the Saudis to fund the so-called “rebels” in Syria, putting them on the hook, but then Obama backed down in the face of the Russian push-back.

Benjamin Fulford (May 16, 2016 blog) is telling us:

The Saudis, fearing serious penalties for their role in 911 and for financing so-called Islamic terrorism, are rushing to China in hope of finding a new big brother to protect them. That is why the Saudis have offered to sell the Saudi state oil company to the Chinese. They would rather sell it to the Chinese than have it confiscated by the Americans. That is also why the Gulf petro-monarchies have said they will side with China against the US in any dispute over South China Sea islands.


Fulford also refers to this news article from Sputnik News, showing how the Saudis are willing to back China’s claim on the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea.


If Saudi Arabia moves into China’s orbit (hegemony), it will mark a major shift in geopolitics and a major loss for the US Empire. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is reportedly holding $750 billion worth of US assets, which they have threatened to dump if the US allows them to be sued over their role in the Twin Towers demolition in 2001.


(This $750 billion includes real estate and other assets, because the Saudis hold only $117 billion in US Treasuries.)

The Saudi government ran a deficit of more than $100 billion last year, so their threats of dumping US assets may soon become a necessity anyway, regardless of what the Senate and House does in allowing US citizens to sue other countries for 911. They can’t just hand out IOU’s forever.

As the US government continues to create hard feelings among the nations under its control, the need to generate fear and mayhem has increased in order to maintain control. Fulford gives Brazil, Venezuela, and South Africa as examples of destruction by US covert action. All the nations have their own corrupt officials, so it is easy to cause revolutions simply by exposing the corruption. In fact, corruption has been used by the Intelligence community to blackmail national leaders into submission. Essentially, these leaders are turned into agents and put on the payroll in exchange for hiding their past and present sins.

The US has turned from being the best loved nation after World War II to the most feared nation today. Now with the rise of China and its Russian ally, the nations are re-aligning themselves one by one, for they see that within a few decades, the US will no longer have sufficient power to rule the world either militarily or economically.

As I see it, the only real solution to the world problem will be a sovereign intervention by God Himself in the great end-time outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I believe that, as with Israel at the Red Sea, God is making the situation hopeless in order to cause people to appeal to Him as their last resort. When this occurs, alliances between nations will become irrelevant, and all the plans of men will sent to the scrap heap of history. There is a new day dawning that only a few see coming.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones