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Revolution in the Vatican

May 16, 2016

There seems to be a revolution going on in the Vatican, as Pope Francis tries to reform the financial and moral practices of the Cardinals and other top leaders.


Europe’s smallest country - the Vatican, led by the pontiff - is one of the most powerful states on the planet, a moral compass for more than a billion people. However, over the past decades, the Catholic Church has suffered a number of scandals and its congregations are crying out for change. Pope Francis came with the promise of change…. For centuries, the Vatican has been shrouded in mystery, its internal deals secreted behind closed doors. However, one person managed to get through and came back to tell his story. Investigative journalist, author of ‘Merchants in the Temple’, Gianluigi Nuzzi….

GN: The thing is that, in the last few centuries, popes have mostly been involved in pastoral activities - not governing the state. Bergoglio is the first pope who wants to monitor the accounts and books, everyday income and expenditure of the Vatican and the Roman Curia. This is a revolutionary change – in 2013, a special commission on the Vatican’s economic structure - COSEA - began to investigate this. It’s inspecting the Vatican’s finances and running into a lot of problems….

He set universal accounting and bookkeeping criteria for all Vatican institutions. He fired those who had been stealing money, poorly managing the Vatican’s finances, paying 3 or 4 times more for simple repairs and purchases. He is the first pope to attempt this – monitoring all Vatican activities….

GN: During his first year, in 2013-2014, many tried to get in the way of his reforms, refused to submit the information that his investigative commission, COSEA, requested. The Pope is trying to reform the Vatican system. There have been many attempts to stop this revolution, and I think the war between those who want to help the pope in his fight for transparency and against corruption and those who reject the changes, is not yet over. That’s what the conflict is all about. However, I don’t think the pope can lose, because it is not just the pope’s fight, the whole Catholic Church, believers all over the world are also part of this battle….

SS: But in the beginning of the interview you said that two years is not enough to change such a conservative organization like the Vatican. How long will it take to see results?

GN: We are already seeing some results. The pope stripped influential structures of a lot of their power. Now he is working on changing legislation. The Bank’s transactions are becoming a lot more transparent. It’s the same bank that was involved in laundering money from the mafia - from the United States - it used its funds to help fight Communism in Warsaw Pact countries – Poland and Eastern Europe in general.

 Bergoglio changed the situation with the bank, replaced its leadership, put priests like himself who came from Church periphery into power. He changes people, laws, promotes a new mindset. I have no idea how many years it will take but I can tell for sure that his program is revolutionary.

 MY COMMENT: The Vatican is the main fulfillment of the prophetic pattern of the House of Saul, which is now in decline even as the House of David (overcomers) rises (2 Samuel 3:1). The Vatican has been the ultimate source of Western laws ever since the Emperor Justinian established Church Law from 529-534 A.D. The Vatican is also the ultimate source of all corporations and even lays claim to political sovereignty over all nations. So this “reform” by Pope Francis, also being called a “revolution,” is of great prophetic importance, now that we have come to the end of the power of the Little Horn. Transparency is both the goal and the great enemy of the church, because it brings to light all the decisions and policies previously hidden in darkness “behind closed doors.” When the light shines in darkness, what will happen to the Vatican? In my view, it will mark the final collapse of the House of Saul.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones