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Temple of Baal arch plans scrapped

Apr 11, 2016

The day after our decree, news came out that plans to construct the arch from the temple of Baal in Palmyra were scrapped. In fact, it seems that all of the monuments to Baal that were to be erected in 1000 locations worldwide have been canceled.


The Temple of Baal is NOT coming to Times Square in New York City next month.  This is great news, and it represents an incredible victory for Christians in the United States…. The only arch that will be going up will be in Trafalgar Square [in London], and it won’t be the one from the Temple of Baal.  Instead, the Institute for Digital Archaeology has changed plans and will be putting up a reproduction of the Arch of Triumph which the Romans originally built in Palmyra and that has nothing to do with Baal.  So why has there been such a dramatic change in plans?

For the moment, let us celebrate this victory over the Temple of Baal.

The Arch of Triumph being placed in Trafalgar Square seems to represent a great Victory for praying Christians. Good job!

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones