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Prince and the Purple Rain sign

Apr 23, 2016

The Prince of Pop died on Thursday, April 21, 2016, probably of a drug overdose.


It may take a few weeks for the autopsy report to be issued, so meanwhile we will have to wait for their report.

It was reported, however, that he was addicted to Percoset, and a week earlier, he had nearly died of a drug overdose, but was revived. Then, on his return flight to Minneapolis from a concert in Atlanta the plane had to land at Moline, Illinois, where an “unresponsive male” was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Somehow the hospitals are denying that they had anyone come to them by the name of Prince Roger Nelson, so he was probably registered under a pseudonym.

They claimed that he had the flu, but he had canceled two earlier performances on account of unspecified illness. Obviously, he and his associates are trying to cover up something in regard to his health and also the circumstances of his death.

The question I am asked is if his death is a sign of anything?

Yes, it is. We are still investigating this, but first, recall what I wrote two weeks ago here:


A Confirming Dream

Even this morning I received a telephone call from a man who told me of a dream that confirms this. In the dream he looked at the sky while praying, and suddenly purple petals began to rain down upon them out of the clouds. With this came a Scripture verse from Isaiah—something about “hasten.” He could not figure out what verse this was. I told him it was Isaiah 8:1, 3, 4 KJV, where the prophet was to have a son and name him Maher-shalal-hash-baz. The name means “Hasten, spoil, speed, prey.” The NASB translates it in Isaiah 8:1, “Swift is the booty, speedy is the prey.”

One of Prince’s most popular songs was entitled “Purple Rain.” This tells me that the dream above was a reference to Prince’s song, and indirectly to his death, in that rain falls to the ground. It is as if Prince himself was personified in this dream as the petals raining down. Purple, of course, is the color of royalty, as is the name “Prince.”

So what does it mean? Because Isaiah 8:1 was connected to this purple petal rain, it has to do with the meaning of Isaiah’s son, Maher-shalal-hash-baz, “Hasten, spoil, speed, prey.” In the time of the prophet, this prophesied of a coming disaster for the House of Israel. The Assyrians were coming to kill the nation and to take them away into captivity.

Today we are actually at the end of our captivity, so the situation applies a bit differently. Today it is the Babylonians who rule as “princes,” and so the overthrow or downfall of Babylon is being prophesied by the death of Prince. We ourselves are actually being set free, because we are fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah’s other son, Shear-Jashub, “The remnant shall return.”

What is death for the world rulers is resurrection for the people of God.

DELETED: Reference to Prince being a member of Eckankar, whose temple stands next to Prince's estate. Since all public references tell us that he converted to Jehovah's Witnesses in 2001, I am retracting my earlier statement while I investigate this further.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones