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Passover Conference Report

Apr 06, 2016

Our conferences seem to get better each time we have one. Perhaps this is due to a fading memory of the previous one. However, I prefer to think of these conferences as another page of an interesting novel in the History of the Kingdom. Each page is important as the story builds to its climax.

I did not give a conference theme to any of the speakers, and I certainly did not tell them what topic to cover. Nonetheless, it was clear that each was led by the Spirit, because they all contributed to the overall revelation of the hour.

The messages are now posted on U-Tube. You can view them by going to our website and clicking on the gold banner on the front page. Scroll down to the speaker of your choice and click on it.


Last year we discovered how we could save quite a bit of money by using U-Tube, instead of other internet services which charge by the hour to live stream the conference. Unfortunately, since this is a new system for us, the technical crew had to work through some problems. But now that we are more familiar with the way it works, things should go smoothly from now on.

The Prophetic Purpose of the Conference

Recall that in October of 2014 we arrived at the point in history where the transfer of authority from the beast systems to the saints of the Most High finally arrived. It was the moment when the “seven times” of judgment ended since the days when God gave the authority to the king of Babylon in 607 B.C. Jeremiah 27:6 mentions this.

Take note that God had already given Nebuchadnezzar this Heavenly Mandate, even before he conquered Jerusalem. In fact, it was because of this Mandate that he was allowed to conquer Jerusalem three years later in 604 B.C.

The law says that divine judgment of this kind was to last “seven times” (Leviticus 26:18, 21, 24, etc). The law is somewhat obscure, for it seems to suggest intensity rather than a given amount of time itself. However, later Daniel 7:25 defines a “time” as a period of time, and Revelation 13 interprets the 3½ “times” as being “forty-two months” (or 1,260 “days”).

In the law, the beast governments were to be given a full “seven times,” though Daniel and Revelation only speak of half that amount. The actual events of history show that the beast systems have ruled for the full “seven times” (2,520 “days” or YEARS), ending in 2014.

Of course, one has to account for the century of Judean independence from 163-63 B.C. when the Hasmonean priest-kings ruled Jerusalem and Judea, and the beast nations were deprived of their contracted right to rule.

So the 2,520 years began in 607-604 B.C. and are ending in 2014-2017 A.D.

Furthermore, the final phase of the beast nations, known as the “little horn” (Daniel 7:8, 21, 22), rose up in 529-534 A.D. when the Christian Emperor Justinian changed the calendar and the laws of the Empire, as prophesied in Daniel 7:25. It is of interest that from 534-2014 is 1,480 years. The number 1480 is the numeric value of “Christ” in Greek, and it is also the number of Passovers from Israel’s first Passover in Egypt to the fulfillment of that feast when Jesus died on the cross.

So in 2014 at the feast of Tabernacles conference in Minneapolis, we declared the legal end of beast rule and the transfer of the authority to the saints of the Most High, as prophesied in Daniel 7:22. We suspect that we will see a three-year transition period, even as King Nebuchadnezzar also took three years to actually take possession of Jerusalem (607-604 B.C.). We do not yet know exactly what will transpire toward the end of 2017, but we are being watchful.

At last year’s Passover conference in April 2015, we began to share teachings about Kingdom Government and to lay foundations for the basic structure of such government through the revelation of the tribes of Israel.

Then at the Tabernacles conference in October of 2015, held at the Chateau on the Lake in Branson, we issued a decree from the Throne Room that the fathers and children should be restored. This reflected the passage from Malachi 4:5, 6, which was the calling given to “Elijah.” We took note that John the Baptist was the “Elijah” of Christ’s first coming, while Elisha was the second half (double portion) of the Elijah mantle.

At the same time, we must also “remember the law of Moses My servant” (Malachi 4:4), because the restoration ministry of Elijah and Elisha cannot be accomplished without remembering and understanding the law of God. Jesus came the first time as a type of Moses (Acts 3:20, 21, 22,23) to lead us out of the House of Bondage at Passover. But in His second coming, Jesus is taking the role of Joshua, who completed the call of Moses. Joshua (Yeshua) was an Ephraimite, who carried the double portion of the Birthright (Genesis 48:17-22; 1 Chronicles 5:1, 2).

In our time it takes the double portion to complete the work that lies ahead.

That brings us to the Passover conference last week, which was our second conference in Branson. This time we decreed that the Bondwoman and her son should be “cast out” according to the Scriptures in Genesis 21:10 and Galatians 4:30. In other words, it is now decided by the divine court that the children of the flesh, who have been contending for the birthright, are not inheritors in the biblical sense, nor are they to be given the scepter to rule in the Kingdom.

This decree has far-reaching implications, because there are many fleshly contenders for the throne who are not called nor qualified to rule. Islamic Arabs will not take the kingdom, though they believe that their religion will conquer the earth. The earthly Jerusalem will not be the capital of the Kingdom of Christ, as the Jews and carnally minded Christians believe. As we have often shown from Galatians 4:25, 26, Jerusalem is Hagar, not Sarah, and her “children” are not qualified to rule.

Likewise, those who maintain an Old Covenant perspective of the divine law are children of the flesh. If they were allowed to rule in the Age to come, the Kingdom of Christ would soon become a tyranny and be no better than what we have seen in past centuries, both in biblical Israel and in the Church. We look for better things than what was seen in the past.

The Pattern of 1998

On April 2, 3 of 1998, eight men and women gathered in Spokane, Washington for a “Symposium.” This was the word given to Sunny Day Roberts, who then invited a few to participate in this prophetic meeting. A Symposium is defined as an assembly off writers to discuss a topic. On January 12, 1998 this word was given to her:

“Know that your concern to do only My will in these matters has come up before Me, and I shall answer thee. Yea, enter into My Throne Room as I accelerate the pace of My Kingdom coming to earth. Much of the activity which you have seen in the Spirit shall now come to pass, and you will recognize the significance of all that I am doing. We shall be in direct communication and association as My decrees and declarations are issued forth from My Throne Room.”

In February, Ron received a word from the Lord: “There’s going to be a spoken word coming forth from Spokane soon.”

On March 10, 1998 Sunny Day received a further word:

“Out of the mouths of My Scribes and Servants shall issue forth a decree; a declaration which shall be a sending forth of My light and life within My chosen vessels to carry the Everlasting Gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth. My transforming power will negate any forces coming against My chosen and elect, and many signs shall follow. This is an assembly of My firstborn…”

As the revelation progressed, Sunny Day received this on March 26, 1998:

The Heavenly Court will be in session next week, and as one of My judges, you will take your seat of authority at the Symposium.”

Four men and four women gathered at this “Heavenly Court” on April 2, 3 in 1998. We now know it as a Divine Council (Hebrew: sowd). After discussing the things of God for two days and coming to the place where we knew that we had the mind of God, a woman named Faith Williams (from Canada) suddenly burst forth in prophecy:

“For the day of the Lord is at hand; yea, the day of the Lord is at hand. Oh, servants of the living God, know thou this, that the day of the Lord is at hand. Yea, it is before thy very feet and before thy face, and even this day thou hast not come here by choice, saith the Lord. For I have drawn thee, yea, I have drawn thee by My Spirit to a holy convocation. For here I shall humble thee, and make thee small even in thine own eyes, that I might exalt thee in due season. For it is the hour of the work of the living God.

“And thou shalt go forth from this place, and nothing—nothing—shall be the same. And the natural man shall say to thee, ‘But what was accomplished by the Lord in this place?’ And in this time thou canst not know the fullness of what I do bring forth in thy midst, for thou shalt go forth from this place, and My word shall begin to run, because of this time that I have drawn thee to me.

“Thus saith the Lord, It is not a prophetic word as thou has known it, but it is the declaration of the Most High God. For He doth announce before the face and in the ears of this people that which He is about to do. And this cometh forth from the Lord of Hosts, and it is wondrous and shall be greatly wondered at by the people of God.”

This word caught us all by surprise, but fortunately, I had my recorder running, so I was able to transcribe it later word for word.

The question is (as “the natural man” would put it): “What was accomplished by the Lord in this place?” The natural man does not understand the things of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 2:14). It takes “hearing” to have faith (Romans 10:17), and hearing is always followed by action. In this case, we heard the word and were drawn to the Symposium (Council), and in discussing the revelation and purpose for the gathering, we understood that we were to decree that the bondwoman and her son be cast out.

At the same time, we knew that this was ultimately for the good of the son of the bondwoman. As long as the child of the flesh was contending for the birthright, the divine plan was in limbo until this issue could be settled. Isaac’s calling was to be a type of Christ, a lamb offered on Mount Moriah (Genesis 22:2). It was only after the issue was settled in Abraham’s day (Genesis 21:10, 14) that Isaac could be taken to Moriah.

By the same token, Jesus was pronounced to be the Son of God at His baptism (Matthew 3:17) before He could go to the cross. This was not only a positive pronouncement of who He was and is, but it was also a decree that others were NOT qualified to be the Lamb of God. The Ishmael company (Jews, whose mother was Hagar, the Old Jerusalem) had a different calling—to crucify Him. Even as Ishmael persecuted Isaac (Genesis 21:9; Galatians 4:29), so also did the religious leaders of Jerusalem persecute Jesus and His followers (both the Amnos and the arnion).

What few truly understand is that casting out the bondwoman and her son was an act of divine mercy upon Hagar and Ishmael and upon all flesh. There would have been no salvation for them apart from the Lamb of God being chosen to die for them. No doubt when Hagar and Ishmael were cast out, they felt rejection, not only from Abraham, but also from God. Their feeling of rejection, however, was due to their lack of understanding of the divine plan.

They did not realize that if Ishmael somehow had won the battle and had been the one offered on Mount Moriah (as the Koran claims), we would yet be in our sins. Perhaps Caiaphas would have been crucified, rather than Jesus. His death would have been just another death as with all flesh. Nothing great would have been accomplished.

The law in Exodus 13:13 tells us that firstborn donkeys have to be redeemed with lambs. When the angel appeared to Hagar in Genesis 16:7, he told her in Genesis 16:12, “he will be a wild donkey of a man.” So Ishmael was a wild donkey in this biblical allegory. Isaac was the lamb; Ishmael was the donkey. Donkeys do not redeem lambs. Lambs redeem donkeys.

Islam knows nothing of the sacrificial aspect of Christ’s death on the cross. Islam honors Jesus as a teacher and prophet, and even makes Him the right-hand man of their own founding prophet, but Islam has no revelation of the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. Only Jesus could fulfill that role, and because He did, all Ishmaelites (physical and spiritual) will benefit in the end. That knowledge has the power to overcome Hagar’s feeling of rejection and the bitterness that they and Islam itself manifests in their attempt to establish their kingdom by violence and force.

Of course, Islam is not the only fleshly religion. Ishmael is a biblical metaphor (or allegory) of all children of the flesh. Paul includes Judaism in this category in Galatians 4, telling us that Hagar is the earthly Jerusalem and Ishmael is her children. I include most of the Church as well, which has a long record of carnality and a history of violence.

Since the 1800’s Evangelical and Pentecostal Christianity has emerged as a new manifestation of Hagar and Ishmael, for a new doctrine has arisen, teaching that the earthly Jerusalem will again be established as the capital of Christ’s Kingdom and that Jesus will rule from that city. Such a doctrine affirms Hagar and her son as being the true inheritors, whereas Paul says clearly that it is only the children of the heavenly Jerusalem who will inherit the Kingdom. He includes himself, when he says in Galatians 4:31,

31 So then, brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman, but of the free woman.

This was our revelation and understanding in April 1998 when we were led to decree (i.e., to give voice to God’s decree as a double witness on earth) that the bondwoman and her son were to be cast out.

A week later, I went to Hagerstown, Maryland to speak at a conference hosted by Stone Kingdom Ministries. There another eight people (four men and four women) gathered in a room to cast out the bondwoman and her son a second time on April 12, 1998. What were the odds of this being done at Hagar’s Town? How appropriate!

The same day, the Master’s Golf Tournament was won by Mark O’Meara. This was an interesting sign confirming our decree, because O’Meara means “son of mirth,” or “son of laughter.” Isaac means laughter (Genesis 18:12). In other words, Isaac won the court case, and we all rejoiced.

Eighteen years after 1998 brings us to 2016. We were unable to secure the conference room in Branson at the normal Passover time (April 22-24), so we settled for April 1-3, not realizing that we were scheduling the conference on the 18th anniversary of the decree in 1998. It was not until a week before the conference that this connection was shown to me by Mike and Kathy, who had come to Minneapolis to attend a memorial service.

It then became clear that it was important to our heavenly Father that we should make the same decree again. The number 18 is the biblical number of captivity or bondage. So it applies specifically to Hagar, the bondwoman. I expect that we will be led to make a further decree on April 12 as well, since this will be the 18th anniversary of the decree in Hagerstown, Maryland.

April 12, 2016 is the end of our second 76-day cycle of cleansing. Recall that these two cycles began on November 13, 2015 with the Paris attacks. The first cycle ended January 27, 2016, and the second will end on April 12. On a side note, recall that Hwy. 76 runs through the city of Branson. We took note of this last October at our Tabernacles conference in Branson. In a way, our second conference in Branson suggests a second 76-day time of cleansing and links April 3 to April 12 as well.

There is a considerable amount of history behind the date of April 12 that we have observed over the years. If we see anything happen on April 12 this year, we will see how it relates to casting out the bondwoman and her son.

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