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Apr 18, 2016

I spent the whole day at the courthouse in Minneapolis and was finally called, as part of a group, to go through the jury selection process. This will continue tomorrow. I am supposed to be available for 2 weeks, so I will be limited in my ability to write any serious weblogs during this time. However, I will keep you posted on developments.

Meanwhile, we have seen two major earthquakes over the past week end in Japan, and a 7.8 richter quake in Ecuador that has killed hundreds. Does this indicate the great shaking has begun, which, in the end, will leave only the Kingdom of God standing? My view is that we would see significant earthquakes, which would be a sign of political/economic earthquakes, such as mentioned in Revelation 16.

On April 19 China will open its new gold fix that is designed to make the London fix more irrelevant. This comes just as Deutsche Bank has admitted to engaging in fraudulent behavior and agreeing to testify against the other big banks who are involved in suppressing the price of gold and silver. This is a big one-two punch that has the potential of wresting control of the world gold price out of Rothschild hands and putting it into the hands of China and Asia in general. Don't underestimate this power shift.

Congress is now getting ready to force the missing 28 pages of the 911 report out into the open. Saudi Arabia knows that this means they will be implicated, and so they are now threatened the US government over it. If these are released, they say, the Saudis will dump $750 billion in US bonds onto the market, essentially destroying the US dollar.


Nations don't just dump dollars. They switch to different types of investments. If the Saudis dump dollars, what would they do with the extra money? Buy gold, perhaps?

President Obama is set to visit Saudi Arabia this week. The shouting might be heard across the waters. If this gets ugly, Saudi Arabia may lose its officially friendly-nation status rather quickly, and may even be labeled as a "terrorist" state. If neither side backs down, watch for potential fireworks before the 4th of July.

The electoral process is also getting rather ugly, after Colorado decided to cancel the votes and hand all their delegates (i.e., themselves as delegates) to Ted Cruz. This has the potential of destroying the Republican party itself and creating a power vacuum for a third party to fill. Also watch for a big win for Bernie in the Democratic primary in New York, which could give Hillary an electric shock treatment. [Nothing said here should be construed in any way as medical or psychological advice.]

Watch for more surprises yet to come. I don't think this election will be "business as usual."

April 22 is Passover on most Jewish calendars, and April 24 is the time of the wave-sheaf offering (i.e., a barley date). These are upcoming watch dates.

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