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A prophetic dream

Apr 13, 2016

This dream is shared by Brother Vinnie…

Early this past Easter Sunday morning I had what I believe to be a very prophetic dream.  In the dream, former President JFK just rose from the dead and was in the back seat of his old Lincoln, this time with the top on. It was slowly driving towards me and my wife, Joy in my childhood neighborhood of Bethpage.

As the car slowly approached us, Joy and I ran to it and entered into the back seat from opposite sides and sat next to JFK who was in the middle.  Joy collapsed in his lap with tears of joy.  I was full of joy and adoration.  He felt like Jesus in JFK’s body.  It felt like seeing Jesus for the first time after His resurrection.

Then he immediately turned into the singer Seal and the dream was over.


The next day I received an email from a lady who sends out the latest from the dinar, GCR rumor mill and this one had JFK’s picture on it.

The Tuesday after Easter my father in law flew in to visit out of JFK in NY.  He has flown here dozens of times.  But after telling him my dream he showed me a picture he “randomly took” this time of a sign that reads “Airtrain to JFK”.  I thought that was pretty cool.


JFK, as many of you already know, fought the bankers in an attempt to get the U.S to issue its own gold/silver backed currency.  In [Nov. 14] 1963 the Green Hilton Agreement was signed by President JFK and Indonesian President Soerkarno, in Geneva, Switzerland. The potential of this agreement led to Executive Order 11110, which provided the Dept of the U.S. Treasury to issue United States dollars instead of Federal Reserve notes.  The new U.S. dollars would have been gold backed by the agreement vs. our still present fiat back FRNs.  Eight days after the signing of this agreement, President JFK was shot and killed [Nov. 22, 1963].

There is great significance to his being resurrected in my home town of Bethpage, spelled Bethphage in the bible. For a in depth look at the significance of this you can read the whole article here:


Here is part for your consideration:

“The village of Bethphage on the Mount of Olives was a most important religious center for the Judahite authorities in the period of the Messiah and the apostles. It was a walled village which was the only area outside the walls and camp of Jerusalem that was considered by the Sanhedrin (the Supreme Court of the nation) to be an official part of the city of Jerusalem. In this village was one of the two seats of the great Sanhedrin of seventy-one members. The prime seat of the Sanhedrin was in the Temple at the Chamber of Hewn Stones located just to the south and east of the Altar of Burnt Offering. The other was at this walled village of Bethphage located just east of the western summit of the Mount of Olives (a little to the east of the Miphkad Altar where the Red Heifer was burnt to ashes and the Day of Atonement sacrifices were burnt). There were specific decisions of the Sanhedrin that were reserved for determination only at this official seat of the court in Bethphage. Those were decisions affecting what were the limits of the camp of Israel around the city of Jerusalem (and this included where the Red Heifer could be burnt). This also embraced what districts surrounding Jerusalem were to be reckoned as inside the city: This also included what were to be the dimensions of the Temple (whether enlarged or restricted). And this is also where death sentences for rebellious leaders of the nation as shown in Deuteronomy 17:8-13 were validated (Sanhedrin 14a, b; Sotah 44b; 45a).

The reason that these types of decisions were to be made at this special village on the east side of Jerusalem proper is because it was necessary that these decisions be made "at the entrance" to Jerusalem (or if local decisions were made by lesser Sanhedrins associated with the various towns throughout Judaea, they were held in the gates or entrances to the towns). There were biblical reasons for this. Note Proverbs 31:23 which says "Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders." Also: "Execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates" (Zechariah 8:16). In the case of Jerusalem, which was the capital city of the nation, the principal gate to the city was on the eastern side just beyond the camp (that is, "outside the camp"). Thus, the Sanhedrin had the village of Bethphage built just to the east of the city limits of Jerusalem proper. This village of priests was located just to the east of the summit of the Mount of Olives.

Now note this important point. The word "Bethphage" means the "House of Unripe Figs." There were two symbolic reasons for naming this village of priests by this name. As I explained in my book Secrets of Golgotha, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil from which Adam and Eve ate that brought sin into the world was the fig (not the apple). Adam and Eve took leaves from that very tree from which they ate to hide their nakedness from YEHOVAH God. But, with the Sanhedrin, they were supposed to act as YEHOVAH's judges and thereby were to be rendered free of sin in their judgments. This is why they named the village the "House of Unripe Figs" because at this place there were supposed to be "no ripe figs" available to tempt the judges to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

But there was a second reason for naming the village Bethphage. Figs are always unripe at the start of the growing season. This place of Bethphage was the site where the Sanhedrin determined legal measurements for the nation. It was where they set the limits on sacred and secular things (the size of the city, the Temple, the day to start the sacred calendar, when to observe the festival days, starting the census, etc.) This part of the court was located east of Jerusalem and away from the city lights so that the heavens could be observed in starting the new season for the months and years, etc. It was also from Bethphage where fire signals were sent to the Jewish communities outside Jerusalem so that they could determine when to start the festival seasons with those at Jerusalem. In a word, it was from Bethphage where the measurements for the nation were enacted and legalized. It was also the place where the most rebellious of the elders in Israel were sentenced to die. Indeed, after the Messiah was tried by the Sanhedrin at the Chamber of Hewn Stones in the Temple itself, and afterward was taken to Pilate to obtain Roman permission for his death, he was then taken to the Mount of Olives to await the final sentence of the Sanhedrin when they gave their decision for his death at Bethphage on the Mount of Olives. The New Testament says that all the chief priests, scribes and elders of the Judahites witnessed the crucifixion of the Messiah (Matthew 27:41), and in the Talmud it states that all the elders of the Sanhedrin including the High Priest had to make the decision for such things at Bethphage (Sanhedrin 14b).

On a personal note, I [Vinnie] moved from Bethpage (the east gate) and now live in subdivision named Eastgate in Pensacola, FL.

As I said, JFK and Jesus were pretty much one in the same.  So JFK(Jesus) was resurrected in the place of the Jewish, legal, fleshly, religious, political system.  I take this that Jesus has all authority over the authorities that HE has instituted and NOW is the time for the completion of what JFK began.  I do believe our blessing is close at hand.

Also, the gematria for Jesus in the original Greek is 888.  For those who might not be aware, gematria is the study of the original Hebrew and Greek texts as it they relate to numbers.  In those cultures the letters were the numerals so all words have a numerical value.  If you believe the scriptures are divinely inspired, then the numerical values are as well.  As an aside, Jesus happens to be a toll free call!

What makes the JFK/Jesus connection pretty remarkable is that the Warren report, the “truth” about his assassination is 888 pages long.  I did not know that when I had the dream.  My good friend who likes to remain anonymous brought this to my attention.

The fact that JFK turned into the singer Seal, means that God has sealed the deal.  Also, JFK is white and Seal is black.  There is a checkered flag symbolism that our friend has talked about for awhile.  We are at the finish line!  PTL!

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