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While we were gone

Mar 05, 2016

I have had visitors at the office every day this week since returning from the trip to New Zealand and Australia. For this reason, I have not been able to work on a trip report yet. I hope to get it finished next week.

Meanwhile, I have managed to post a few newsworthy items. Much has happened in the past month both on the news and on the home front. The moment we left town (February 8), the local group came under intense spiritual attack. One dead, one dying, and another who had a close call. (Darla’s father’s passing on the night of February 7 was unrelated to this attack. The death occurred in Madison, Wisconsin, where the Dalai Lama is scheduled to speak next.)

In late January the Dalai Lama came to Minnesota to get medical treatment at the Mayo Clinic. He addressed a crowd at the Minneapolis Convention Center on February 21.


It seems that his presence conflicts with us. We encountered him in July 2011 when he attempted to set up a portal in Washington D.C. to bring in 722 “gods” with the purpose of controlling the US government.


See also the follow up reports.



This prayer campaign was called “Angel of the Waters prayer campaign.” I wrote more about it here:



Report from The Netherlands in regard to the prayer campaign:


Connections to the Open Door ministry:


The alternate target: Norway massacre.


In the wake of that prayer campaign in 2011, I did some follow up weblogs giving 14 lessons on spiritual things and spiritual warfare that you may want to review:



This is a lot of reading, but it forms some background to the recent attacks against us. As always, we appreciate your prayer support, because we understand its value.



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