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The Role of the Russian Orthodox Church

Mar 14, 2016

On February 12, 2016 the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church met with Pope Francis for the first time in 962 years. What is the significance of this meeting? Here is an article that sheds some light on it.


The meeting between the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill and the head of the Roman Catholic Church received mixed reactions in the world. The meeting became a hope for some and a terrible omen signaling the collapse of religions for others. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in the middle. Pravda.Ru sat down for an interview to discuss the significance of the meeting with Orthodox publicist Victor Saulkin, a member of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society….

In the interview, Patriarch Kirill said:

"I was worried about the meeting. This is definitely not the event of the millennium, as some people said. The meeting in Havana should come along with other events that have been taking place in the world. We see the West dragging Russia into the war, while the unipolar world is falling apart. The collapse of the unipolar world system started several years ago, Some time in 2007, when Vladimir Putin stated that the system, in which the wolf eats the lamb just because he is strong, could not exist.

"Now we can see that Russia is the main obstacle for the unipolar world. Zbigniew Brzezinski said after the break-up of the Soviet Union that there was the most important player left – Orthodoxy. Orthodoxy is a spiritual alternative to this global world order. When they say that our country had no ideology for 25 years, this is not true to fact. We could see the Western ideology being implanted in Russia – the Golden Calf ideology. Orthodoxy and even secularized Western Christianity do not tolerate this ideology. 

"During the times of the Soviet Union, many in the country thought that every person in the Christian West had a gospel on their bedside table. Afterwards, it became clear that it was the Soviet Union that was protecting the world from the Golden Calf ideology. When the Soviet empire collapsed, the West assumed that Russia was dead. The country was dismembered, the defense industry and the army was destroyed. That was the time when liberal Satanism triumphed in the West.”

Kirill is reminding us that when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, a “unipolar world system” began, where the US government was the sole “superpower” in the world. Brzezinski’s policy then called for a way to maintain this sole-superpower position as the basis of American Empire. The problem with this is that the West was ruled by “Golden Calf ideology,” which Kirill equates to “liberal Satanism.”

"In Catholic Italy, a court decided to take crucifixes out from schools. This is beyond understanding. In France, millions of people took to the streets to protest against gay marriage, but no one listened to them. The West is moving towards liberal Satanism. When we talk about the Islamic extremism of ISIL, we need to understand who created ISIL and what for…."

We wish that the article would say more on this point about “who created ISIL,” but it was not included—or perhaps edited out of the original version. The interviewer then asks:

“The world has come to the point when one needs to stand up against attempts to de-christianize and de-humanize this world. One needs a dialogue to struggle against all this evil. Do you think it was the central leitmotif of the meeting?"

Kirill answered:

"Our Holy Patriarch does not come first in church remembrance - the Ecumenical Patriarch comes first, but this is an anachronism. So-called Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, who has only two or three churches in Istanbul, is known as a servant of the CIA. He was dubbed as the Patriarch of Istanbul. And then it suddenly turned out that Moscow is the center of Ecumenical Orthodoxy

"Incidentally, shortly after the victory in the Great Patriotic War, in 1948, a Pan-Orthodox Conference was held in Moscow, and the significance of that council was even bigger than the one that is currently taking place on Crete. Moscow acts as the Third Rome now, and our holy patriarch reaches out a helping hand to the declining Western Christian civilization.

In other words, the head of Orthodoxy is supposed to be Patriarch Bartholomew of Istanbul (formerly known as Constantinople, or New Rome). However, when it became clear that he was merely “a servant of the CIA,” most of the Orthodox churches turned away from him and formed their own denominations. The largest of these is the Russian Orthodox Church, and so the successor of New Rome (Constantinople) is now Moscow—the “Third Rome.”

"In the West, it is believed that God judges people by their money, but this civilization is vanishing in front of our very eyes, and all Western Christians understand this. White America is dying. Western Christian civilization in Europe is in agony. Millions of refugees from Islamic countries will destroy the old world. They will change the composition of the population, build the caliphate and destroy the Western Christian civilization

"It started during the times of the French Revolution, when churches were being destroyed, when Christian France was the target. Old Catholics believe that Cardinal Lefebvre had every reason to say that the Catholic Church betrayed Christ at the Second Vatican Council, and we can see many examples to that now."

Russian President Putin is a member of the Russian Orthodox Church and has formed some sort of alliance with them. The Church sets the tone for Russian culture today, while Putin establishes political policy. In a way, this is not much different from the Roman government at Constantinople, where the emperors became the enforcers of Church law in 535-536 A.D. under the Emperor Justinian.

As such, Putin is the “defender of Christians,” who are being martyred and persecuted by Islamists such as ISIS (or ISIL), even while the West turns a blind eye.


Benjamin Fulford, who writes from Japan as a spokesman for the White Dragon Society, said this about the meeting between Francis and Kirill (February 8, 2016):

“The first meeting between the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Pope in 1000 years is aimed at cementing an alliance against the Satan worshipping Khazarian mob, Russian and Pentagon sources say. This is important because forensic research by this writer has shown the Pentagon ultimately reports to the Roman Empire (as publicly headed by the Pope) and the power behind Russian President Vladimir Putin is the Russian Orthodox Church. “Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church agrees to meet the Pope in Cuba on Feb 12 as East-West unite to fight [the Khazarian mafia],” was how a Pentagon official described the planned meeting. Rockefeller stooge Henry Kissinger was “forced to accept a multipolar world and declare Russia not a threat but essential partner,” the official continued.”

Fulford wrote again in an article dated March 15, 2016,

Meanwhile in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, the head of NATO forces, was fired last week “for being Strangelove [a proponent of nuclear Armageddon] and too close to neocon Victoria Nuland,” Pentagon sources say. In other words, Breedlove was not going along with the new Pentagon Russian alliance that was cemented at the historical first in 962 year meeting between the Pope and the Russian Patriarch on February 12th. Breedlove’s replacement, General Curtis Scaparrotti, is expected to have a less confrontational attitude towards Russia, the sources say. The change in management at NATO is likely to have a major impact on the Khazarian mafia trouble making in the Ukraine and in Europe.

He is saying that the neocons in the Pentagon were defeated by the so-called “white hats” when a Pentagon-Russian alliance was “cemented” at the meeting between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill. The two religious leaders are the spiritual forces behind East and West. This meeting, then, is of historic significance. Though the coming Kingdom of Christ will be of a Tabernacles character, this meeting—like all recent events—is a stepping stone in the overthrow of Mystery Babylon that prepares the world for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

The biggest event of all, I believe, will be when God moves by His Spirit to present Himself in His saints, so that the world can truly see the nature of Christ manifested in the world.

Patience. It will come.

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