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The political landscape

Mar 04, 2016

The presidential race seems unusually rancorous these days. I am starting to believe that Donald Trump really is independent from the control of those who own Washington D.C. as well as the two major political parties. I do not endorse political candidates, of course, but I don’t mind sharing my observations of the process.

For Mitt Romney to come out and blast a fellow Republican violates the eleventh commandment of former president Reagan: “Thou shalt not criticize a fellow Republican.”


And for the Republican establishment to suggest that it would support Hillary Clinton if Trump gets the nomination of its own party is probably unprecedented in American politics.

Romney’s attack comes on the heels of the pope’s recent anti-Trump rhetoric. Hollywood has also gotten into the act. Even Miley Cyrus is promising to leave the country if Trump is elected. That alone might win Trump a lot of votes.


This conflict between Republicans and the leaders of the party will end in one of two ways. Either the current party leadership will be thrown out by the Republicans in an internal party revolution, or at least half the Republicans will form a third party led by Trump. The fallout from this power struggle should be seen next year after the elections.

Whatever happens, it is clear that a new party ideology is forming, which is the natural outcome of the polarization that started 50 years ago with the secularization of America. The change from a Christian Republic to a Secular Democracy really started in the 1930’s under Roosevelt, but the Christians did little or nothing about it until it was well entrenched. World War 2 was largely to blame for Christian compliance to this secularization, because Christians supported Roosevelt in his war effort.

It was not until prayer was removed from the school system in 1962 that a few began to wake up to the new reality. Then the legalization of abortion in 1973 sounded the alarm on a massive scale, and the bi-centennial in 1976 brought many to an awareness that their country no longer recognized God (“the Creator”) as it was in Declaration of Independence.

Protests were made, but by this time it was too little too late. Christians voted for Reagan in 1980, hoping that he would turn it around. All that really happened was the empowerment of the neocons.

The movement had its intellectual roots in the Jewish monthly review magazine Commentary, published by the American Jewish Committee. They spoke out against the New Left, and in that way helped define the movement. C. Bradley Thompson, a professor at Clemson University, claims that most influential neoconservatives refer explicitly to the theoretical ideas in the philosophy of Leo Strauss (1899–1973), though in doing so they may draw upon meaning that Strauss himself did not endorse.


Neoconservatists essentially espoused the Jewish doctrine of war that the Republican party has now adopted fully. It was designed to transform America into the main defender and champion of the Israeli state. Neocon power peaked during the Bush-Clinton-Bush era. But then many Americans tired of the Bush open-ended war policy, which allowed Obama to gain the presidency with his promise of ending war, closing Guantanamo, and bringing home the troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Changes in party control, however, only change the policies from one form of madness to another. We go from endless to wars to endless whores. Under Republicans we get war; under Democrats we see the destruction of marriage and the family unit.

Now, after eight years of Democratic Party rule under President Obama, the Gay-Lesbian movement has been entrenched, and America has achieved its status as Sodom, as prophesied in Isaiah 1:10. The next battles—when Americans are corrupted sufficiently—will be to legalize pedophilia and bestiality, all in the name of human rights. Such moral corruption is already rampant among politicians on both sides of the Atlantic, and these are the ones entrusted with lawmaking. At the moment, they must depend upon their control of the news media to hide their actions, and they long for the day when their present criminal activity is legalized.

Such is the job of the Democratic Party, of course. The Republican Party’s purpose is to make war on Russia and China in order to prevent the collapse of the American Empire. The powers that be probably think Americans need an interim Republican presidency to “keep America strong” and to consolidate the gay agenda before taking degradation to new levels.

I don’t have much confidence that Donald Trump is the man to stop the trend, but he is certainly garnering support from the dissatisfied and disaffected Christian conservatives. The polarization has now reached unprecedented levels, and many western and southern states are seriously considering splitting from the Union. Years ago the states were divided between North and South. Now they are divided East and West.

As for the coming election, the way things are progressing, I am not convinced that there will even be an election. The FBI might indict Hillary Clinton for any number of crimes, especially the email scandal. With thousands of classified emails on her server, this has proven to be a major issue. But politicians do illegal things all the time without being charged. This time, however, the FBI appears to be pursuing the case, so perhaps something may come of it.

The latest is that a key Clinton staffer has been promised immunity in exchange for her testimony. This has the potential of unhinging Clinton’s run for office.



SORRY! That article was created and posted by Nick Contompasis, but he made a mistake! That crash was of former Chesapeake CEO Aubrey McClendon, one day after he was indicted. NOT of Brian Pagliano, the guy who set up Hillary's email and is willing to testify.


Breaking (as of Thursday, March 3) - Hillary's computer expert, that was just given immunity by Congress in her email scandal, was just found burned beyond recognition after his SUV hit a bridge abutment head on.

A Clinton indictment could change the political landscape this year and put Bernie Sanders back on track as the Democratic candidate. A Trump-Sanders competition would be interesting, to say the least! It would probably be billed as the election of the extremists (right and left), and leave the “middle” open for dark horse candidates like Joe Biden or Mitt Romney.

My understanding is that God is probably working behind the scenes to make Americans sick of the entire political process in order to prepare their hearts for the Kingdom. In the battle of Gideon, the bad guys fight among themselves, allowing just 300 to win against all odds. Of course, it will take a major outpouring of the Holy Spirit at a strategic moment to change the course of history and to save the world from self-destruction.

I believe that this is on God’s agenda. What we are seeing now in degenerative politics is designed to expose the hearts of men and their beast nations so that the people will want righteous government. The Open Door prophecies should be seen in that light.



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