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Putin steals the war, then the peace

Mar 16, 2016

Here is an article quoting a British MP calling for a new and revised British position on relations with Russia. In last night’s BBC news, the reporter said, “What a difference six months makes.” He commented that six months ago when Russia announced it was sending troops to Syria, the Western leaders blasted Putin’s decision. Soon they were making alliances with Russia in the Syrian battlefield, and now they grudgingly admit that he was right after all.

Not only did Putin steal the war out from under US leadership, but it then stole the peace from them as well. The US is left on the sidelines hoping for a few scraps from the spoils of war. In effect, Putin says, "Step aside and let me show you how it should be done."


British Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski says he hopes Russia’s actions in Syria and the results its operation has achieved will become “a catalyst for reassessment of how NATO and the West can effectively engage with Russia”.

“I think our own government here in the UK and many commentators have to catch up with the new position that Russia has taken internationally. Russia has decided to take this risk by intervening in the conflict in Syria. And it would appear it has really paid off. Russian activity in Syria has been a catalyst for bringing about a cessation to the appalling tragedy that has unfold itself in that country over the last five years. The sooner my government starts to realize that we have to work constructively with Russia and other permanent members of the UN Security Council to work collaboratively together to take on ISIS and other trouble spots around the world, the better.”

It appears that Russia not only won the war in Syria, but has now decided to win the peace as well. Both ends of this took the West by surprise. Perhaps they were surprised because they did not really have a proper profile of Russian President Putin. They need to fire their profilers and hire more competent ones.

Unless, of course, they knew all along but were lying to us. In which case, the government ought to be fired.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones