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Mar 12, 2016

Quote of the day:

“Government is the Entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.”

–Frank Zappa


This quote refers to President Eisenhower’s warning about the rise of the military-industrial complex during his farewell address when he left office on January 17, 1961. Here is a 2-minute U-Tube video of that part of his speech:


There is an open civil war within the ranks of the Republican Party. The Party and its faithful are at war with its own front-running presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and his supporters. The Huffington Post recently reported on a top-level Republican Party meeting on how to stop Donald Trump.

“Billionaires, tech CEOs and top members of the Republican establishment flew to a private island resort off the coast of Georgia this weekend for the American Enterprise Institute's annual World Forum, according to sources familiar with the secretive gathering.

“The main topic at the closed-to-the-press confab? How to stop Republican front-runner Donald Trump.”


It seems to me that political parties ought to reflect and respond to the values of their constituents, rather than to decide how their constituents ought to think. After all, is that not what a Republican form of government is? Their departure from this basic principle of Republican government, for which the party is named, shows that they are proactively trying to manipulate people, rather than being representatives of the people.

In essence, the primaries are emerging as far more than a mere vote for candidates. Every vote for Trump is a no-confidence vote cast against the Republican Party leaders and their “good ol’ boys” system. It is also a no-confidence vote against the mainstream media. The Trump phenomenon is fueled by party members who are either angry, concerned, alarmed, or just plain fed up with the Party’s subservience to the powers that be. They are tired of Party leaders pretending to take a stand on something, only to betray that same cause later. They see the two parties as two ideological branches of the same top industrialists, bankers, and Wall Street controllers.

Donald Trump’s popularity has been fueled by President Obama’s policies that have radically undermined the traditional moral standard regarding marriage, as well as his stated intent to bring huge numbers of Muslim immigrants to America without properly vetting them. Trump has been able to express the concerns of many alarmed Republicans, whereas the Party itself (and its approved candidates) are seen as secretly going along with the program in spite of public statements to the contrary.

More broadly speaking, they are not only upset with its Democratic leadership under Obama, nor are they merely alarmed over the prospect of another eight years under Hillary Clinton. Many—if not most—Trump supporters are casting a no-confidence vote against the US government itself. This borders on a revolution. Polarization has been with us since the Clinton years, but today, immigration is being used to tip the balance toward the Democratic side of the political spectrum.

Though most immigrants—Catholics from Mexico and Central America, and Muslims from the Mideast—do not subscribe to the gay marriage agenda of the Democratic Party, they are primarily concerned about obtaining citizenship and are willing to support the Party in spite of their disagreement with its immoral platform. But there is something down the road that the Party is not considering. Once these immigrants have obtained citizenship, once the immigration war has been won, these same immigrants will then turn to secondary issues—such as abortion and gay marriage. The time may come when the Democratic Party will have its own referendum from dissatisfied party members.

Meanwhile, the headlines are now reporting on the Republican Party and its unprecedented war against its front-runner, Donald Trump. The powers that be (PTB) have pulled out all stops, even getting the Pope to imply that Trump is a non-Christian in order to siphon off his Catholic supporters. Romney was paraded on stage calling Trump a “fraud,” in order to siphon off Trump’s huge support among Mormons. Yet by siding with the Republican and Democratic establishment, they have only exposed themselves as part of the problem.

The mainstream media, which they control, has missed no opportunity to misrepresent Trump. For example, when Trump stated that he would stop Muslim immigrants from entering America “until they (government) got their act together,” the last part of his statement was almost never reported. Trump was commenting on the fact that the government was allowing Muslims into the country with no background checks and was concerned that terrorists were among them. But the media’s deceitful reports make it look like he would ban Muslims altogether.

The media’s deceit, however, is proving to be ineffective at stopping the Trump campaign. That means this campaign is also a referendum against the mainstream media. Trump supporters do not believe what the media says anymore. Such skepticism used to be found among ten percent of the population. In recent years it had moved up to about 30 percent. Now the number is determined by the number of Trump supporters, along with an unknown number of Democrats and Independents. My guess is that the figure is now close to 50 percent.

I mistrust deceitful people. When I see such biased and deceitful reporting, I see it as a clear sign that the Babylonian leaders who rule the world are behind this push to displace people and to bring them to Europe and America. It is not only about immigration. Immigration is the result of the policy to disrupt whole nations in the Mideast and to force people to flee for their lives. This policy started shortly after September 11, 2001 and is described by General Wesley Clark, who was told that the US government had decided to overthrow seven countries in five years.


He put Syria on the list after Iraq. As it turned out, Syria was not the next in line, but it has turned out to be the most important country at the present time. While the media blames Assad and now Putin as well, the real cause of this carnage and the resulting immigration crisis lies at the doorstep of the US government—or really, the rich and powerful men who use the US government as their agent to enforce their will.

It is a well-known propaganda tactic to charge the victim with the crime in order to hide the real culprits. So when the US government hired and supported those trying to overthrow President Assad of Syria, the media faithfully reported that Assad was to blame for all the deaths resulting from their civil war.

The same tactic is being used today against Donald Trump. His Chicago rally was cancelled due to violence caused by his opponents from the establishment, but Trump is being blamed for causing them to be violent!

This reminds me of the Israeli journalist who wept crocodile tears because the Palestinians were causing the Israelis to shoot their children.

Most people are swept along by ideology and fear without understanding how they are being manipulated by people behind the scenes. Manipulation is possible only through ignorance, but plays actively upon men’s fear or their hatred.

We should view this election in geopolitical terms, rather than thinking of this as purely a matter of American politics. This is part of the war between Babylon and the Kings of the East. The Babylonians who rule the West want to keep all of their vassal kings and political leaders subservient to them. Anyone who steps out of line loses their financial support. If necessary, they are killed. Trump does not need their money, and he is clearly an independent thinker. This makes him dangerous, as he is challenging what Frank Baum called “the wicked witch of the West.” (The Wizard of Oz)

There has been some prophecy about an assassination coming. It is vague, but it makes me wonder if Trump is in danger. Certainly, other politicians have been assassinated for going against the establishment, such as President John Kennedy and Pope John Paul I. The world is full of ruthless men who are willing to kill in order to maintain their grip on power. They kill because they have the power, money, and technology to get away with murder.

So be watchful.

[Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as an endorsement of any political candidate. It is only an attempt to report on the Entertainment provided by the military-industrial complex.]

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