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Going to Branson

Mar 27, 2016

Monday morning we will be leaving home and traveling to Branson, MO for the conference next week end.

I do not expect to write any weblogs while we are gone, unless something dramatic takes place that should be reported.

Yesterday, our heavenly Father finally showed me the significance of this conference, so I know what I will share. Key dates are April 3 and 12. The key pattern being repeated is from the same dates in 1998. This was an 18-year cycle for the bondwoman and her son. 18 is the number of bondage. We seem to have reached the end/culmination of that cycle. You can get a preview by readingĀ Wars of the Lord, chapter 20, or for a more detailed report, see the TLD letter for April 17, 1998.

Continue to pray for us.

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