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The slow collapse

Jan 19, 2016

The collapse in the price of oil is in the process of bankrupting many countries and cutting off the main money supply from the Babylonian oligarchs who have ruled most of the world for centuries.

There has been speculation for the past year about whose plan it was to crash the oil price. It does not appear to be the plan of the so-called “elite” that Pastor Lindsey Williams knows, nor would it be in their interest to cut off their own money supply. More recently, reports have circulated that this was planned by Russia and China for the purpose of destroying OPEC (Saudi Arabia in particular) and the western oil companies.

Since few are privileged to be in the inner planning circles, no one seems to know for sure where this plan came from. However, the main question is “who benefits?” The Saudi decision in November 2014 to increase its oil production was a key turning point, for then all oil-producing countries followed the Saudi lead in order to get their fair share of the market. The drop in oil prices only motivated them to sell more to make up the difference.

It was assumed, too, that this was a Saudi plan, designed to hurt Iran when their sanctions would be lifted. With low prices, perhaps they assumed that Iran would be unable to recover from its economic slump after it resumed its sale of oil. However, if that was their plan, it has backfired on them badly, because the Saudi government lost $100 billion last year, and at that rate, they will be bankrupt by 2020. Further, the Saudi stock market is down more than 50% and still crashing.

So either the Saudis are pretty stupid, or blind in their hatred of Iran, or this was not their plan at all. China seems to be the one, along with its Russian ally, wielding the big stick to whack those Mideast governments trying to overthrow Syria and cause mayhem in that part of the world. Now that the Saudis are in deep financial doo-doo, Chinese president Xi Jinping today is visiting with the Saudi king to offer him the “carrot,” or incentive to stop his bad behavior. Essentially, Xi is offering the Saudis benefits in its “New Silk Road” trade initiative, which will be financed by the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank that opened for business this past week end.


“President Xi is set to put forward China's views on and proposals for the Middle East issue during his visit to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran starting on Tuesday, all of which are representative and influential countries in the region and long-time good friends of China.

“Having achieved rapid economic and social development on an independent path with Chinese characteristics and the reform and opening up policy, China has success experiences in peaceful development to share with its Middle East friends.”

Saudi Arabia is becoming unstable, and bankruptcy lies in its future if it remains within a shrinking US hegemony. Will they get a political epiphany and change course? At some point they will be forced to do so. In fact, the recent US-Iran nuclear accord has made the Saudis livid, for Saudi Arabia and Iran are traditional “worst enemies,” due to the Sunni-Shia conflict. And last week, when the Saudis executed a prominent Shia cleric, the tensions have been brought to the boiling point.

It is within this context that the Chinese president comes bearing gifts, not only to Saudi Arabia, but also to Iran. China is probably the only nation today that has a chance of bringing peace to that region.

Meanwhile, Venezuela declared an economic emergency last Friday, January 14. The dramatic drop in the price of oil has brought the country to the brink of insolvency.


France then declared an “economic and social emergency” on Monday, not because they are an oil producer, but because of the bank crisis.


Meanwhile, according to Jack Lew, the Secretary of the US Treasury, in a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan, “Puerto Rico is in the midst of an economic collapse,” and “is already in default.”


Puerto Rico is already in default. It is shifting funds from one creditor to pay another and has
stopped payment altogether on several of its debts. As predicted, creditors are filing lawsuits….

“A large debt payment of $400 million is due on May 1, and a broader set of payments are due at the end of June.

“Puerto Rico has been shut out of the municipal bond market for more than two years and ran out
of the funding sources traditionally used to finance government operations more than six months ago. In response to the crisis...

“The unemployment rate, at over 12 percent, is more than double the U.S. average.

“Nearly 10 percent of the population has left since 2006. In the first six months of 2015, each

week nearly 3,000 Puerto Ricans left the Island in search of better opportunities on the mainland.”

I noticed that President Obama did not mention Puerto Rico in his State of the Union address. But Puerto Rico is important, because it is the headquarters of the IRS. The IRS was never authorized by Congress to operate as a government agency, so it could not be headquartered in one of the states. Puerto Rico is a federal territory, like Washington D.C. itself. All these federal territories, from a legal perspective, form a separate national corporation that has taken control of the 50 states in a secret coup many years ago.

Over the last few years, many states and individuals have begun to show signs of revolt and even secession. This time they are not wanting to secede from the united States, but from the corporate government in Washington D.C. Anger in many places is reaching new levels not seen since the American Civil War. A major crisis is approaching, and I suspect that if the corporate government does not capitulate soon, they will unleash some tribulation on the people.

One way or another, though, Mystery Babylon, with its three heads in three city-states (Vatican, City of London, and Washington D.C.) cannot win this battle. Prophecy is against them. The kings of the east have received the mandate of heaven, and the dominion mandate has been transferred to the saints of the Most High. The overcomers have won their case in the divine court, and the decree has gone forth from heaven. Let us pray that this transfer of authority will not result in a lot of destruction.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones