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Resurrection and Ascension in 2016

Jan 16, 2016

In the current cycle (from November 12/13 to January 27), we have been watching specific dates that have been important in past years when this particular cycle manifested itself. The main years to watch are 1981-82, 1982-83, and 1985-86, but also certain events in 1994 and 1995.

Once we begin a divine recycle program, it is always certain that the cycle will continue to its end and that the background themes will play out in different forms. Overall, the primary theme of this cycle is death and resurrection, as seen in the pattern of my own life.

From Death to Resurrection

When I first experienced this cycle, beginning in 1981, it was a time of death for me. The downward spiral began November 12 with the start of a prayer campaign by the Net of Prayer, which lasted 76 days until January 27, 1982. Though I was unaware (at the time) of that prayer campaign, it affected me personally, taking me out of the ministry and destroying everything that I had built. Resigning from the ministry on December 4/5, 1981 at Las Cruces was my crucifixion and the end of my world as I knew it, but in the midst of it, I said, “I will rise again.”

It took a year to be raised from the dead when the same time cycle manifested itself again. The difference between the two years was that the first had about 5 major dates marking the downward spiral into death, while in the following year the same dates marked the upward spiral of resurrection. This was my first personal experience with time cycles and how God uses them as patterns to reveal His plans.

The Second Pattern (1985-1986)

When this same cycle re-ran in 1985-1986, once I understood the new players and the new issues involved, it became easy to predict what would happen next and how it would happen.

For instance, on December 1, 1985 I knew that the pastor of the church I was attending in Arkansas was going to resign and leave the church on December 30. A group of us prayed about it and received confirmation of this. A skeptical friend, Bob—who was prominent in the world of Pentecost—questioned me thoroughly about this, intending to poke fun at me when the event did not occur. But it did occur. His jaw dropped, and he looked at me with eyes as wide as saucers when the pastor walked out and slammed the door on the night of December 30. Bob was sitting next to the door and was positioned to see everything from the best seat in the house.

A few days later, Bob came to my office and asked in a jovial tone, “Well, Mr. Jones, what’s going to happen next?” Before I could even think, I said, “The pastor is going to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit on January 27, and it will be administered by Pastor Joe M.”

I did not know this until Bob asked, and I blurted it out before I had time to hedge. Bob was shocked and said, “No way! Not in a million years!” I shrugged and said, “Well, we’ll see.”

Well, it happened again just as I had said. I told the story in my book, The Wars of the Lord, chapter 4. The final end of the story concludes in chapter 49.

The point is that Pastor Thomas had entered the same cycle of death and resurrection that I had experienced a few years earlier. The difference is that he was playing the role of King Saul, and I was not, so even though our experiences were similar, they had very different endings. His resurrection experience came when he finally accepted the baptism of the Holy Spirit on January 27, 1986. Three years earlier, it had been the final date of my own resurrection cycle in 1983.

When we understand how a cycle is replaying, it can be easy to see what is coming, even if we do not know the precise manner of its manifestation. Right now we are replaying the same cycle and have been since the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015. This cycle has surfaced in partial ways many times over the years, almost as if to give us some supplemental information. Events occur on a few of the key dates, but not all of them.

History of January 17

A case in point is the date of January 17, which has often been a key watch date. This date first appeared in 1983 when I joined the Net of Prayer during my resurrection process. It was through the Net of Prayer that I began to learn about spiritual warfare and intercession, and my training extended until my resignation in October 1989. Soon after my resignation, God began to move me back into full-time ministry work.

On January 17, 1994 Los Angeles was struck by a 6.6 Richter earthquake. At the time, I thought it odd that this quake came a year early, for I was expecting to see a sign of the downfall of Mystery Babylon 414 days after the end of our Jubilee prayer campaign. (Nov. 29, 1993 plus 414 days brings us to January 17, 1995—not 1994.)

Well, a year later, on January 17, 1995 the city of Kobe, Japan was struck with a 6.8 Richter quake. Kobe means “God’s Door,” and it has the same meaning as Bab-ili (called “Babylon” in Scripture). The sign of Babylon’s fall came, then, on January 17, 1995. This story is told in The Wars of the Lord, chapter 12.

This brings us up to date, because tomorrow is January 17 once again. Considering that this date in 1983 was part of my resurrection cycle, I believe that it will be good for God’s Kingdom and will be an answer to prayer. However, it is likely that it will not be so good to Babylon’s kingdom.

Yesterday the Dow fell 390 points, closing below 16,000 for the first time in quite a while. The market is now down 2500 points since its high point. Markets around the world have had their worst January start ever, and some banks and hedge funds are now telling their customers to sell. More would say so publicly, except that they do not want to go against the smiley faced government-sponsored “talking heads” on the financial news stations.

So I wonder what will happen to the markets on Monday, January 18. Meanwhile, too, Goldman Sachs was fined yesterday $5 billion. Goldman Sachs has long been playing its role as a sign of the “head of gold” (i.e., Babylon) on the image. In Daniel 2:38 the prophet tells the king of Babylon, “You are the head of gold.”

When this cycle has showed itself in past years, it has often skipped certain key dates. Partial patterns are common. However, this time I have been observing events on all the major watch dates, and even on most of the many minor watch dates. I do not recall ever seeing such a complete manifestation of this cycle since it was established by the pattern-setting years in 1981-82 and in 1982-83.

For this reason, I have little doubt that something will occur tomorrow, whether it makes the world news or remains hidden for a time. The original pattern date was in 1983 when I joined the Net of Prayer. That certainly did not make the news. But in 1994 and 1995 the quakes were seen on national television. So it can go either way—or both ways at the same time.

I am just saying to be watchful, and if something visible occurs, you will have a good chance of understanding its significance by knowing the background of our January 17 watch date.

Even so, keep in mind that the climax of this cycle does not occur until January 27, which is ten days later.

History of January 22/23

The only other major watch date left in this cycle is January 22/23. In 1983 this was when we physically moved to Batesville, Arkansas to begin a new life after being in limbo for more than a year. In fact, it was precisely 414 days from my crucifixion and resignation in Las Cruces (Dec. 4/5, 1981) until we came out of the tomb and moved to Batesville (Jan. 22/23, 1983).

So January 22/23, 1983 was a major step toward my resurrection many years ago, and it set a pattern for years to come. In 1985 it was marked by a prayer campaign called “The Lord’s Doing,” which is a reference to Psalm 118:22, 23. It prophesied of Christ as “the stone which the builders rejected” which was to become “the chief corner stone.” In my own experience, being crucified in Las Cruces was God’s way of making me play the role of Christ (as a member of His Body). My “death” lasted 414 days until January 22/23, 1983, when I was raised again.

This was the fourth of five steps up as I came out of the grave. So next week end will be another time to watch in the progression of this time cycle ending January 27.

History of January 27-30

In 1982 this three-day period was a time of celebration for winning the original prayer campaign in the Net of Prayer. Of course, I was yet unaware of the Net of Prayer, but that prayer campaign changed my life. It does not take conscious awareness to make someone a participant in a prayer campaign. In fact, most people are caught up in heavenly battles without realizing it, and they usually have little understanding as to why they are having troubles in their lives. Looking back to those days, I certainly wish someone had told me what was going on, as it would have made life more bearable in that year of death (1982).

But I suppose that is part of such a death experience. You come to the place where you cry out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” while at the same time refusing the opium (“gall”) that might help to deaden the pain. Lack of understanding is part of dying when God is working to destroy your soul life so that you might be raised up as a new creation. I know that my own experience at that time changed me, and I came out of it as a different person.

After moving to Batesville on January 22/23, I flew to El Paso on January 27, 1983 and drove to Las Cruces to pick up our household belongings that had been in storage for more than a year. I then drove a U-Haul truck, arriving home on the night of January 30. With the move complete, I could then begin to think in terms of the new life that had begun.

Every story, of course, has both a prequel and a sequel. No story is complete by itself. Every story has a context. When I returned to Batesville, I went on a fast to know God’s will for my life. The first thing He revealed was that I was to return to Las Cruces and to Phoenix, Arizona to make amends and attempt to reconcile with those who had destroyed my old life and ministry.

As it turned out, I was instructed to go on a 30-day reconciliation trip from March 10 to April 9, 1983, not realizing the significance of God’s timing. In every 414-day cycle of Cursed Time, to come out of it requires a 76-day cycle of cleansing to bring us to 490 (“Blessed Time”). Recall that my move to Batesville came 414 days after my resignation from the church in Las Cruces. Hence, January 22/23 was the end of 414 days and the start of 76 days to April 8/9.

Once this time of cleansing was complete, then I was able to begin my new life. Of course, my 12-year training period had just gotten started, so although I was able to teach in a small church in Batesville, pastored by Red Thomas, God did not allow me to return to full-time ministry work until November of 1993.

My New Man is now 33 Years Old

I “died” in 1981-82 and was raised from the dead a year later as a New Creation in the cycle ending January 27. From January 27, 1983 to January 27, 2016 is 33 years. Jesus was 30-33 years old when He ministered on earth, culminating with His death, resurrection and ascension.

I first took note of this in November of 2012, when I realized that the real “I” was 30 years old. It brought me back to the events that brought me to birth, and I knew that this was to culminate in 2016 when I was 33. Well, we are now there, and we are indeed seeing events (both personal and international) that confirm my view over three years ago. Thankfully, the dominant theme has been resurrection, although there is always a death theme that plays as background music.

More than that, the theme is now ascension. I have been through death and resurrection already. I now see us playing out the ascension theme. I do not mean literally ascending, any more than I literally died or was raised literally from the dead. I see ascension in the light of Jesus’ pattern, where He ascended to the throne (authority), so that He could do His real work of making intercession for us as High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek.

How might this apply to me and to us in general? I do not know precisely, because up to now we have not experienced such a position except piecemeal. We have heard a lot of prophecy and have received many promises of God, but such things usually come with veils that hide the specifics. Nonetheless, we have been given enough revelation to give us Faith and to inspire us with Hope, as we learn greater depths of Love.

Those who oppose us are the ones God has raised up to teach us Love, so we thank God for them as well. I believe we now stand at the brink of great change once again. Let this be an encouragement to all of you.

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