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Cleansing the temple in 2016

Jan 18, 2016

The year 2006 was a foundational year for the present year, 2016. The connection between dates ten years apart are established by what we call “the Hezekiah Factor,” which was first revealed on October 2, 1994. In Hezekiah’s day the sun’s shadow turned back ten steps on the great sun dial that King Ahaz had built in Jerusalem. This prophesied of the year 1996, when God turned back the clock ten years to 1986 in order to make the Jubilee decree coincide with the 120th Jubilee from Adam. Isaiah had done a similar thing in 2 Kings 20 in order to coincide his prophetic events with the 14th Jubilee from the year Israel crossed the Jordan River.

For this reason, we have often taken note of ten-year connections, and this year is no exception.

March 15, 2006 was 2,520 years since the second temple had been completed (Ezra 6:15). I believe that this anniversary was also the point where the third temple was complete, at least in a prophetic sense. While many were (and are still) expecting to see a physical temple built in Jerusalem, God has been building a house for Himself out of living stones (1 Peter 2:5), built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ as the chief corner stone (Ephesians 2:20).

Will the Jews build a temple on the old temple mount at some point in the near future? I do not know, but if so it would trigger the final events leading to the destruction of Jerusalem. Their first animal sacrifice on that mount would signal their final rejection of the true Lamb of God, opening the door to the final destruction that was prophesied often in Scripture.

The Church Delivered and Cleansed

On March 15, 2006 I was called to minister deliverance and cleansing to Lori, who was a type of the temple of God that had been defiled. Nearly two years previous to this, in June of 2004, I had met her for the first time when she walked into my office and told me the story of her life. She had been raised in a Masonic home, where her father was a 32nd degree Mason, and her mother was high up in Eastern Star. (Her father wrote the sermons for the United Methodist Church here in Minnesota.) They had dedicated her to Satan at the age of five, according to Masonic rituals. She had been demonic most of her life, and no one seemed to be able to help her.

In praying about it, we discerned that she was possessed by Baphomet, the god of Freemasonry. So I cast it out of her in the name of Jesus, and she was set free. This was in June 2004. Lori attended our Denver Tabernacles conference in 2005, which I mentioned in chapter 43 of The Wars of the Lord.

However, her deliverance was not completed until nearly two years later on March 15, 2006. On that day I received a call from her caregiver, asking if I could come to the apartment and pray for Lori again. I came immediately and found her fully manifesting another evil spirit. After discerning that it was the spirit of bitterness, I cast it out of her. Immediately, she came again into her right mind and for the first time recognized me. Up to that point in time, she refused to acknowledge my presence and talked only with her caregiver.

Once delivered and cleansed, she got up and hugged all who were present in her usual bubbly way.

Because this cleansing had occurred on the 2,520th anniversary of the completion of the second temple (515 B.C.), I knew that she was a sign of the church, God’s new temple, which had been defiled by a root of bitterness and possessed by Baphomet. Most churches today have been infiltrated and taken over by the god of Freemasonry, which is a secret religion that pretends to be Christian when in the presence of Christians. Yet in their “Lodges” they have all taken oaths to unknown leaders who (at the top) are sworn servants to their god, Baphomet.

One cannot serve two masters, Jesus said. One cannot pay lip service to Jesus, while paying tribute (“dues”) to the Lodge. Most politicians today, most judges, and a host of “Christian” ministers today are paying tribute to these demonic Lodges. They are the main workers who maintain the power of Mystery Babylon today.

So when Lori was delivered on the 2,520th anniversary of the second temple, the important period of “seven times” prophesied in the law and in the prophets, I knew that this bore witness to the cleansing of the church and, ultimately, the world. The Church is in dire need of cleansing and deliverance, even as the temple in Jesus’ day needed to be cleansed. Jesus cast out the moneychangers (bankers) on two occasions to cleanse the temple.

We are now coming up on the tenth anniversary of this cleansing sign (March 15, 2006 to March 15, 2016).

Another possible date is February 13, 2016, because this is “the third day of the month Adar” on the Hebrew calendar this year, which matches the date given in Ezra 6:15. Also, because this is a “reset” year, there is a 13th month added to the current year, known as Adar II, or “second Adar.” The 3rd day of Adar II is March 13, 2016. We have, then, three possible dates to watch in connection to the second temple.

Perhaps we will see the moneychangers run out of the temple on a greater scale.

Babylon Is Fallen, Is Fallen

Our Jubilee prayer campaign began in November of 1993 and ended on October 7, 2006. It ended with a gathering in Babylon, New York, where the word was spoken: “It is done” (Revelation 16:17). The day before this gathering, the movie, Babel, opened in the theaters, starring Brad Pitt. We held our Tabernacles conference the following week in nearby Reading, PA.

The purpose of the prayer campaign was to take Babylon to the divine court and lodge a complaint that it had reached the end of its time, but had failed to fulfill the obligation that came with their God-given authority. You see, God had given King Nebuchadnezzar the authority that should have remained with the seed of David, the kings of Judah, but they had rebelled against God (Jeremiah 27:6). So God gave the dominion mandate to other nations, beginning with Babylon, and their mandate was to last 2,520 years, or “seven times.”

We actually won our court case against Babylon on November 29, 1993, but since Babylon did not submit to the divine ruling, we engaged in spiritual warfare to enforce that ruling. The warfare lasted 13 years, patterned after the Battle of Jericho, where Israel marched around the city 13 times. Hence, we expected to see the fall of Babylon (like Jericho) after the conclusion of the warfare—within the year after October 7, 2006.

If you watch the movie, The Great Short, which is playing in theaters today, it tells the story of how Babylon fell in 2007-2008. Unfortunately, the movie is full of bad language, but it is realistic. If you can get past the foul language, they tell how the mortgage market crashed in the second quarter of 2007.

The main characters in the story, who saw the collapse coming in late 2006, made it clear that the entire government was based on fraud. They also showed how Goldman Sachs and other banks finally came to realize that the mortgage collapse was coming, but instead of taking their losses, they sold their worthless mortgages to others while the ratings companies fraudulently refused to reduce their ratings down from Triple A.

This was why Goldman Sachs was just fined $5 billion a few days ago. Other banks, such as JP Morgan Chase, were fined in previous years. But no one went to jail, and none of the “too big to fail” banks were broken up into smaller “not too big to fail” banks. The fines, of course, covered only a small fraction of the profits that they made. Because crime obviously pays, they have continued the same things that caused the market collapse in 2007-2008.

In Revelation 18:2 KJV, we read, “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen.” This implies that Babylon falls twice. We have seen the first collapse in 2007-2008. Babylon is now building toward its second and final collapse. We are already seeing signs of this since the first of the year, and many economists and financial experts are getting nervous. The big banks have lost $130 billion in the past two weeks.


Middle East stock markets are crashing, led by Saudi Arabia, since they are depending upon a high price of oil for their economies:


Only Iran’s stock market is going up. Sanctions on Iran have now ended as of January 16. They are now poised to start exporting oil to customers around the world, adding to the glut of oil that is already on the market. The price of oil is now expected to drop to $20 or, as some say, to $10/barrel. OPEC is now virtually defunct in the geopolitical world.

Because oil took the place of gold in 1973 to back the dollar (“petro-dollar”), the collapse in the oil price will also see the demise of Big Oil as power brokers of Babylon. Oil companies and banks will fall together.

Next October we will arrive at the ten-year anniversary of the decree in Babylon, New York (2006-2016). In mid-2017 we will reach the ten-year anniversary of the actual collapse of the mortgage backed securities. In September 2018 we reach the ten-year anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers and AIG (which had insured those worthless mortgages).

I do not know WHEN exactly Babylon will fall the second time, but I do believe that it will happen within the next few years. These ten-year anniversaries should give us some guidelines to watch.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

As of January 16, 2016, the AIIB is now officially open for business, financing infrastructure throughout Asia. The big celebration was held in Beijing over the past week end.


“China on Saturday officially launched the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) which is seen as an emerging rival to powerful Western-led financial institutions such as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

“The AIIB – that had been formally established on last December - was launched in a lavish ceremony led by China’s Chinese President Xi Jinping…. 

“Despite opposition from Washington, many US allies including Australia, Britain, German, Italy, the Philippines and South Korea have agreed to join the AIIB in recognition of China's growing economic clout.”

This is a major geopolitical event, because it marks a major shift in financial power from the IMF to the AIIB. This is why the US government has opposed its creation, using every available tactic known to man—all to no avail. There are even reports now that Japan has secretly signed on to the AIIB and will announce it shortly. If so, it will leave the US government on a lonely, isolated hill licking its wounds as its empire unwinds.

Watch Dates

Every year at this time we watch January 14-16, because it is a type of Passover on our modern calendar. It is our first month, and the 14th day was when the lambs were to be killed. The 15th was the Passover Day itself, wherein Jesus was in the tomb. The 16th was resurrection day at the time of the wave-sheaf offering.

January 17 is the date associated with my joining the Net of Prayer in 1983. It is based on different events and is associated with both resurrection and ascension as per Revelation 4:1. Yet because January 17 comes on the heels of January 14-16, the dates tend to coincide or merge when we see the events in the world on those dates.

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