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Baltic Dry index down again

Jan 30, 2016

The Baltic Dry Index measures shipping taking place by sea. A few weeks ago google earth maps showed not one ship at sea. At the present time, very little shipping is taking place for some reason. The BDI is down to 317. I recall that just a couple months ago it had hit new lows just over 400. So world trade seems to be shutting down, probably due to currency values that are changing.


There is also a report from someone who attended a Home Depot business meeting, where they admitted that their new policy involved carrying less materials in stock. It appears that shortages are coming soon.


I was in a Home Depot meeting today 1-26-16. They were talking about how they will be streamlining product that will be coming in. Also beyond that, they said that upper shelves will start to become empty. They said that with quicker turn around on product coming in. That they would not have to keep as much stock as normal. Most took what was said and did not question anything.

“I knew right then what was being said. Understanding what our country was facing in economics among other things. And talking to others, we all agreed that shortages were coming. We have talked about these things coming. I now believe we could be facing this soon.”

Of course, this is just one report from one company. Yet it is troubling, because much of our manufacturing has been shipped overseas. If shipping is down, then we could have shortages of anything manufactured overseas. Here is another report of low inventory in some major retail stores.


There are some serious economic problems in the world, which at some point will break the back of Mystery Babylon and bring about the rise of the Kingdom of God. A field report from Bob, who lives near Washington D.C., shows that Snowstorm Jonas was 4 days long. He was snowed in at the office for 4 days, so he related it to Lazarus. Both Jonah and Lazarus had death and resurrection experiences. Babylon is dying; the Kingdom is being raised up.

All is well.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones