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2016 Spring Conference in Branson, Missouri

Jan 08, 2016

We will be having a Spring conference in Branson, Missouri on the week end of April 1-3, 2016. Their physical address is: 415 North State Hwy 265.

It will be at the same hotel, the Chateau on the Lake, that our Tabernacles conference was located last October. The arrangements are the same as before, with room rates at $119/night for two adults. Meetings begin Friday morning at 9:30 am, April 1, and will end Sunday evening about 9:00 pm, April 3.

The hotel finally sent us the link to our personal page get these special rates for reservations:


You may notice that if you make reservations online with the special rate, you will be limited to a maximum four days from Thursday check-in until Tuesday check-out. If anyone wants to stay longer or come earlier, you can still get the same special rates, but you will have to do so by telephone by calling:


This is the number for the hotel itself. Ask for the Reservations desk.

So far we have as confirmed speakers: Dr. James Bruggeman, Ronald Oja, Rob Corry, Mark Eaton, and Stephen Jones. Time is also allotted for our Keynote Speaker: the Holy Spirit.

The theme of this conference will be a continuation of the one last October regarding Kingdom government. The Chateau is like a Castle that represents the living quarters for those who are ruling and reigning with Christ in the Age to come.

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